Jimmy Lawrence Had A Teddy Bear

Jimmy Lawrence had a teddy bear. He got it one Christmas morning, when the light shone through the little crack in his window. It shone upon something fuzzy, brown, and with a red ribbon around the neck. There on a little white chair, sat a bear. His name was Mr. Icky. Jimmy called him this because of the nightmares he’d have. Every nightmare, Mr. Icky would brutally kill all the monsters; ripping out their throats, or tearing them into little pieces. Jimmy didn’t know at all why he had such horrible nightmares. Sometimes after a nightmare, he’d wake up to find himself in a different place in his room, or in a completely different room.

Jimmy’s mother, Lindsey Lawrence, worried about her son. She didn’t have any idea what to do. Finally, she took him to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist didn’t know what was wrong either. He just said, “I believe there is nothing wrong with Jimmy, you can take him home.”

Lindsey mumbled to herself as they drove home. Jimmy was in the back holding onto Mr. Icky. When Jimmy and his mother arrived at home they were greeted by a dog, jet black with brown paws. Jimmy hopped out to go and greet this dog. It growled and Jimmy backed up. The dog lunged forward and attacked Mr. Icky. Before Lindsey could stop the rabid dog, it tore off an arm and an eye. It was fixable so Lindsey took it inside and stitched him up. Lindsey couldn’t fix his eye, but Jimmy didn’t mind. He put a small, black, piece of tape over it.  Lindsey and Jimmy’s’ father looked at the bear in disgust.

A few weeks after Christmas, Lindsey announced she was having a baby girl. This came as a shock to both the boys. Jimmy wanted to give his new sister a gift. He decided to give her Mr. Icky. When Lindsey found out, she thought it was a bad idea. The bear was atrocious; it wasn’t fit at all to give a new born baby. Of course she didn’t tell Jimmy. It would possibly break his little heart.

Jimmy stopped having the nightmares. He was happy; everything went smooth, until the baby was born. The nightmares came back. This time, the baby was in them. Mr. Icky wasn’t very nice to her. He’d pinch her, drag her around, and hurt her. Jimmy tried to stop Mr. Icky, but he’d wake up every time he got too close. It’s now September. Today, Jimmy starts 1st grade. His first day was grand. He met new people and made friends with the teacher. He didn’t think anything could ruin it. Night fall came; he got his pajamas on and jumped in bed. This time he didn’t bring Mr. Icky. Mr. Icky was mad. So mad that in Jimmy’s dreams, it was his turn to die.

Jimmy’s dream was sweet at first; he was playing with his baby sister in the living room on the rug. She giggled whenever jimmy made a funny face, but then, Mr. Icky appeared. He started at the edge of the end table, slowly getting closer. Mr. Icky was now between Jimmy and his sister. Their smiles were wiped clean off their faces at the sight of him. Jimmy wanted to pick up Mr. Icky and throw him against a wall, but his limbs were heavy, they wouldn’t budge. His heart began racing, and his sister began crying. Mr. Icky’s head turned towards Jimmy, tilted to the right, and smiled. The lights went out and Jimmy woke with a jolt as the feeling of a knife was jabbed into his abdomen. He began gasping for air, shakily walking out of bed, trying to get to the door. Jimmy grasped the handle of his door only to find that it was locked from the outside. He leaned his head against the wall and turned to see Mr. Icky standing…he isn’t a bear anymore. Mr. Icky is a grown man with a grotesque face; a knife in his hand and a smile only the devil could love. Jimmy was losing consciousness. His breathing became slower and the room was dimmer. The last sight jimmy saw was Mr. Icky standing with a bloodied knife in his left hand.

  • Konner

    It was a little cliched and the ending was… Weird… And the random skips weren’t my favorite but it did make it seem as if it was a campfire tale and I like that. I give you 3 stars :3

  • Sharen

    I really like the simplicity in the way it’s written. But the ending didn’t really seem to fit the rest of it; it was kind of random that the bear suddenly transformed into a man which takes away from the scariest of it all.

  • Simon

    Gee, the mother must be freaking terrible at sewing if she and her husband are that disgusted by the teddybear.