Killer Instinct Chapter 1

Running. Running as if the end is chasing me. The end of my life nearing with every ground pounding footstep heading in my direction.

Streams of sweat racing down the side of my face as I push forward to outrun the beast behind me. I could hear the rain splattering onto the ground like tiny water balloons hitting a wall surface. My jeans ripped and indulged in dirt along with my barely closed coat making every bone in my body shake until no feeling. BAM. I ran straight into a wall. Not a wall but a cliff face with no way around. No where to hide. The beasts pitter-patter footsteps  slow as they near knowing my location. I don’t dare turn around. Because I would be faced with fear itself…

I gasp for air as I sit up. Darting my head around my bedroom looking for the beast. Another nightmare.’ Just a dream,’ I think to myself as I slowly realise where I am ‘not just a dream, the same dream I’ve been having for the past 3 months’ I rest at the side of my bed and check my digital clock. 5:12am , I have an hour before my alarm goes off. I might as well get ready , I’m up now aren’t I.

My petite feet touch the ice cold floor boards once I stand up. We didn’t have much money, it was only me and my dad after all. He wasn’t the best dad but, well nobody’s perfect are they? And he is still my dad , nothing will change that. I could here his roaring snores through the wall, he was drunk again, better make this quick. I tip toe towards my broken chest if drawers to grab my favourite tank top, hoody and jeans, once I’m fully dressed I sprint past my father’s room and into the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face and brush my naturally straight hazel hair. I quickly grab my school backpack and jump over the stair bannister to land perfectly at the bottom, with a smile on my face I begin to stroll towards the door until I hear… “where do you think your going?”

A low masculine voice asks me from behind. I turn on my heel to face him, my father. “To school” I reply timidly as he inches ever so slowly towards me until he is right in front of me. “Not yet your not” he said slowly whilst gradually raising his voice. He grips my shoulder and throws me into the wall. I wince at the pain on my shoulder, waiting for the following as he comes closer and places his large left hand on my neck and lifts me off the ground. His other hand was occupied with an empty beer bottle. I try pulling his hand away but he just spins around and throws me into a vase on the table behind him. My back now in pain he grunts “clean up your mess you filthy animal” he walks away into the living area leaving me in a pile of broken glass. I try to pick my self up but get cuts in my hands whilst trying. ‘It’s not his fault’ I say to myself  ‘he is still greaving from my mother’ but that happened 16 years ago. I clean up the broken glass and head up stairs. There is now bruising on my neck. I cover it up with make-up that I stole from my English teacher. Once I’m done I hop out of my bedroom window, there was a climbable tree at the other side so I found my way to the ground safely.


Authors note: hey guys! I just found this site so I don’t know what viewers expect from me but oh well, I thought that I should make my own creepy pasta but It will be a full on story and I will update if you like it, even if I get 1 comment saying update it or that you like it then I will 

If you want this story updated then tell me I’m not a mind reader though that would be cool anyway bye!



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