The Black Eyed Ghost Boy – Part 1

This is the story of a dream that I keep having every night, they are not the same, but the same thing happens every night, a black-eyed ghost boy kills someone I love. These dreams started when I was 13 and I am now 17.

The first dream I thought nothing of as it was a bad dream to me, little did I know, the dreams were going to happen every night.

The first dream I had went a little like this; I was walking into school on a rainy day, I didn’t have a coat on as it wasn’t raining at first, it was sunny, then all of a sudden it started raining so I decided to run the rest of the way to school, on my way I ran past a puddle in the road and a car drove past and splashed me so I cried, I walked the rest of the way to school and when I got there, my teacher was there, to protect his identity I’m going to call him, Mr. J. Any way, when I got to school Mr. J was waiting for me and he saw that I was soaked all the way through so he said,

“How about you go and have a nice hot shower and put your P.E kit on and I’ll put your uniform in the tumble dryer so it can be dried ready for this afternoon?”

“OK. I’ll do that,” I sniffled.

I then went to find a towel and some new underwear so I can have a shower. When I found a towel and some underwear I went and had a shower. When I got into the shower I had a wash and warmed up, I decided that I would sit in the shower for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes I looked on my shoulder and saw red so I looked up and saw red water or blood coming out of the shower head so I got out of the shower and got dressed. When I looked in the mirror to do my hair I saw someone behind me, leaning against the wall, he had pure black eyes, pure white skin, pure black hair and a knife in his hand that he was playing with so I turned around but he was gone but when I looked back at the mirror he was stood right behind Me and breathing on my neck so screamed and ran out of the changing room and ran straight into Mr. J so he said,

“What happened? Why did you scream?”

“There was someone stood behind me. They had a knife in their hand.”

“Don’t be silly, I haven’t let anyone go near the changing rooms as I knew you had gotten in the shower,” he said. “Where is your stuff?” he added.

“Still in the changing room,” I cried.

“Ok, I’ll go and get it for you and put your wet clothes into the tumble dryer so you can wear them this afternoon,” he smiled.

“Thank you,” I smiled wearily.

Then Mr. J went and got my stuff and came back out with all my stuff and handed me my school bag and said,

“Here you go. I’m going to put your clothes in the tumble dryer whilst you head to your lesson. I’ll be there soon to check on you, ok?”

“Ok,” I said in a sort of stuttering.

When I got to my lesson the teacher taking my lesson said,

“Why are you late and why are you not wearing your uniform?”

“C-c-can you w-wait for, Mr. J, to g-g-get an answer p-p-please?” I stuttered.

“Ok,” Miss. G smiled. “Take a seat in your usual spot,” she added, pointing to my seat.

“Ok,” I said in a sort of whisper but loud enough for Miss. G to hear.

“Hey, Miss. G, could I talk to you please?” Mr. J said a few minutes after I got to class.

“Ok,” she answered.

“I just wanted to let you know that the reason why, LT, is late to lesson is because she got here late and she was soaked so I told her to have a hot shower to warm up and I also told her to put her P.E kit on so I could put her uniform in the tumble dryer so that can be dried ready for her to wear this afternoon,”

“Ok, that’s kind of you,” she smiled.

“Could I talk to, LT, please?” he asked.

“Sure, I’ll go get her for you,” she smiled.

“Sorry to disturb you, LT, but, Mr. J, wants to talk to you,” Miss. G said when she came back into the classroom.

“Ok,” I smiled.

When I got outside, Mr. J said,

“I have rung your aunt and told her that you got in late and that you had a hot shower as you were cold and wet and that I have put your clothes in the dryer ready for this afternoon,”

“Ok, Mr. J,” I smiled. “Are we still having our game time at break and the end of the day?” I added.

“Of course we are,” he smiled.

“Yay, I brought in my favourite game to show you. You’re going to love it,” I smiled.

“Ok, we can play it later in your break and possibly at the end of the day, or we can play your game at break time and my game at the end of the day,” he smiled.

“What game have you got?” I asked.

“Dungeons and Dragons,” he smiled.

“Awesome. I’ve got a scrabble game with, Harry Potter, on it,” I smiled.

“Cool. We can play that at break time and then at the end of the day we can play dungeons and dragons,” he smiled.

“Yeah,” I giggled.

“Ok, you go back into the lesson and at break time I will come and find you so we can play your game, we get extra break as you don’t have to go to assembly,” he smiled.

“Awesome,” I beamed.

“Ok, you go back into your lesson now,” he said, opening the door for me.

“See you later,” I smiled.

“See you later,” he smiled.

When I got back into the class, everyone was sat around the tables in the middle of the room reading so I joined them and sat next to my friend and my other friend, well, we were friends until we had an argument over something stupid that she got annoyed with me for, I’m not going to use their real names to protect their identities so I am going to call them Lucy, she is the one who was annoyed with me for doing something small, and Pheoby, anyway, I sat next to Pheoby and I turned to her and said,

“What are we reading?”

“We are reading a book called fly away home,” she smiled, letting me share her book with her.

“Ok, what’s it about?” I asked.

“I don’t really know as we have only just started to read it,” she said apologetically.

“Oh, ok,” I said. “Thanks anyway,” I added.

“No problem,” she smiled.

“So, LT, I’m assuming, Pheoby, has told you what we are reading and let you share her book with her,” Miss. G smiled.

“Yes, she has,” I smiled.

“Well then, let’s continue reading a bit more and then we will do the work, LT, you don’t have to do this on your own, I will help you so you don’t get confused. After you guys have finished, we will put the film on and you can watch it and answer 2 questions in full sentences on the sheet I give you then you will be done for today’s lesson,” she smiled.

“Can I read now Please?” Lucy asked.

“Of course you can, Lucy,” she smiled.

Lucy then started to read and when Mrs. G said that was enough now Lucy stopped and Mrs. G said,

“Ok, now can we get the tables back to normal and then I will hand out the sheets and a pen for you all.”

After we got all the tables back I went to sit in my seat but Lucy was sat in it so I said,

“Mrs. G, Lucy, is sitting in my seat.”

“Lucy, can you move please so, LT, can sit in her seat please,” Mrs. G said.

“But you said we can sit anywhere today,” Lucy argued.

“I did, you’re right, but I also said not to sit in, LT’S, seat as that is where she always sits and no one ever sits there, even when she isn’t here or she gets here late, so please may you move so, LT, can have her seat back,” she said.

“I’m not moving, LT, can sit somewhere else as you said we can sit anywhere we want,” she argued again.

“Ok, I’m going to give you a warning now, Lucy, and if you haven’t moved in the next five minutes I will go through the card system with you. In the meantime, LT, can you sit over here and if, Lucy, decides that she is going to move, you can sit in your seat. For now I’m not giving her any work to do as she is doing the wrong thing,” Mrs. G said pointing to an empty seat motioning for me to sit in it.

“Ok, Mrs. G,” I smiled.

“Good girl, LT,” she smiled.

I then walked over to the seat Miss. G told me to sit and sat down.

A minute later, the film was put on and I sat with my head down and went into a world of my own, then I heard a noise, I lifted my head up, and there, stood in front of me, was the boy from the bathroom. I looked around and everyone was dead, I screamed, but nothing came out, I was trapped in a silent scream, then the boy pulled a bloody knife from behind him and a head, the head of Mr. J, making me cry, I kept trying to scream but nothing happened. I then closed my eyes and told myself it was all a dream, then I opened my eyes, and he was gone, I was lying on the floor in a pool of sweat, I sat up and looked around as everyone had crowded around me, everyone but Lucy as she was nowhere to be seen, and in my seat that Lucy was in moments before, was the boy, throwing something in the air then catching it, I looked, and saw that it was a heart, I didn’t know whose heart it was until I remembered the dream, the boy was holding Mr. J’s heart. I remembered that the boy had cut Mr. J’s head off in my dream, I put my hand down and was met by something cold, I looked down and saw a bloody knife, it was the knife the boy used in my dream, the one he was also holding in the bathroom. I picked it up, not realising if I did, the people in the room would then see it.

“LT, where did you get that knife?” Miss. G said.

“I don’t know, it was on the floor in front of me,” I said.

“Where did it come from?” Miss. G said.

“I don’t know, I told you this already, I don’t know where it came from,” I cried. “I just picked up from in front of me,” I added, still crying.

“Hand it over then please,” Miss. G said.

“I can’t do that,” I said, realising what would happen if I handed it over.

“LT, please hand it over,” Miss. G said, putting her hand out.

“I can’t, if I could, I would, but I can’t,” I cried.

End of part 1