You were starting your graveyard shift in the hospital just the way you usually do. Wearing the clean, white, uniform you prepared last night and assisting the nurses with their usual work.

Patients strolling around the hall were one of the usual happenings in the hospital so you didn’t seem to mind the man with bizzare clothes slowly walking towards your room. You thought it was nothing until the nurses ran out for an emergency.

You were left behind to guard the baggages of the nurses and now, you became conscious of the man who seems not to be a patient of the hospital walking towards you. You tried to tell the man he was going to the wrong room but his gaze was fixed upon you.

“Slit your throat,” he said, as he draw a cutting knife.

You stepped back, taken by surprise with this weird event.

“Slit your throat,” the man said again, his voice hinted impatience.

“Sir, you need to get back to the waiting room,” you shout in panic as you try to run to the door.

The man stopped you and now that you were closer, you saw his eyes were just empty sockets. His cheeks were peeled and his lips were fixed with a smile.

“Sir, please! Let me pass!” you shouted as this strange man was slowly walking closer to you.

He reached for your hand and you squirmed.

He handed out the knife and said, “Now put on a big smile.”

You trembled as you held the knife a question echoed in your thought.

“What did he mean by ‘put on a smile’?” you asked to yourself when an idea you to you. You thought of stabbing the man and running out the hall. While thinking of the plan, the man slowly raised his head.

“Put on a big smile!” He shouted as he pointed towards his neck which was covered in blood.

“Smile like me.” The man demanded. He tried to grab you by the hand but you stabbed him in his temple and kicked him out of the way.

You immediately asked for help as you ran through the bizarre empty hall. One nurse came running towards you with a worried face, clearly wondering why you were in distress.

“There’s this peculiar man-” you gasped for air while still in shock of what happened. “He has a knife. We have to call the police.”

The nurse stood up and immediately grabbed the phone. As she dialed the number, her head turned 180 degrees and asked you what the man looked like with a smile on her face. You freaked out and ran towards the other end of the hall and shouted for help. But as soon as you were heading towards the other end, the nurse frantically laughed and you saw the man from earlier at the other end. Your legs wobbled but you stayed on your feet and convinced yourself to run out the hospital.

As you were running, a couple of cars passed by but they didn’t stop at the sight of you. You swerved in the road right in front of a car to make it stop but it hit you instead, knocking you unconscious.

As soon as you stirred, you were back in the hospital and everyone was looking at you with baffled expressions. White lights flashed your eyes and face masks covered half your vision. You proceeded to ask the doctor what happened and they told you everything is going to be fine, especially now that you’ll be having a permanent smile.

As soon as you heard what the doctor said, you tried to get out of the bed but the nurses held you down and the doctor removed his face mask, to reveal the man from earlier only this time, with a more wicked smile than before. You felt the knife dug deep in your neck and you grabbed the arms of the nurses as you drown in your own blood. You struggled to kick the doctor and you thrashed but eventually, your eyes rolled and you feel the knife slitting your throat.

  • Paulina

    I feel as if this were rushed, the concept is really great but the reeult felt off… Maybe a good twist at the end would help?

    • Eridanus

      It was indeed. Sorry about that. I don’t really write horror stories but thanks for the tip.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Intriguing that you wrote a second person story. Those aren’t common at all. Not bad.

    • Eridanus

      Thanks. I actually wrote this for a friend who gets scared easily hence, the point of view.

  • Ess.Tennant

    This reads like someone is awful at giving directions, even if they have the instructions in front of them. No emotional reactions, nothing that makes the reader feel anything exciting. Thennnnnn thaaaat ending…??

    • Eridanus

      Sorry about that. I’ll try to put more reactions in there next time. Thanks for the tip.

  • TheDomFather

    Mire less rushed out yourself in your readers shoes what will make their blood run cold id of ended it with As the doctors covered you, you could hear a single phrase… smile big.