Arbatian Mental Institution 2 Ch.5 New Company

Diane sits in silence with Lenny, for days Lenny’s barely spoken a word to anyone, still blaming himself for the recent unavoidable deaths. Diane’s usual beautiful eyes, seemed to have lost their wonder as she looked at his scruffy face. He hadn’t touched a razor or taken care of himself, his shirt normally ironed, was wrinkled with stains, along with the absence of the razor it would seem deodorant had been lost as well.

“Lenny,” she begins to say, but then chooses not to finish her sentence. Nothing she could say would make him feel better, nothing has so far. Like clockwork he would come in and do checks, roam the halls without talking, and then sit in silence until it was time to go.

Nurse Penny leaned back in a chair, her lips curling at the corners “I don’t know why you’re so upset, Jillian was a pain in my a*s, hope the b***h suffered.” She lights a cigarette and blows grey clouds past the fluorescent lighting above her desk. Lenny clenches his fist, feeling pain and tingling in his palm, he gets up and leaves without saying anything. Diane follows his lead staying silent as well.

Kelly sits in her lumpy bed with a leg propped up, a dull ache grips her knee traveling down her leg. She carefully lifts the gauze to get a glance at her raw knee, a sour sweet smell escapes as she puts it back turning away, the thought of it being infected scares her partially, the other part fills with fear of why she hasn’t heard the doll.

Quietly a squeaky giggling emerges from underneath her bed, a mellow laugh of a child’s innocence, slowly forming into a deep raspy growl. Kelly corners herself and lets out a loud scream. The door flings open after keys are jingled for a moment, Melanie stands in the doorway with her eyes narrowed “What the f**k is wrong with you huh?”

“It’s under my bed!” Kelly yells, her voice distraught and weak with sorrow.

Melanie huffs and drops to her knees, she pulls out a porcelain clown doll before looking at her “You’re scared of this?”

“Get that away from me!” she spouts.

Melanie looks at the doll and back to her “This scare you kid? It’s just a f*****g doll calm down.”

She throws it back against the concrete wall, it makes a loud thud before colliding to the floor. Melanie looks at Kelly with a stern expression “I’m sick of you screaming at night, I’m trying to get stuff done, but can’t with you having nightmares and expecting me to do something about it. I’m not your mom, now shut up and lay down already.”

In the background the doll sits up without making a sound, slamming its hand on the floor it begins expanding immensely. The palms spread out while the body swells into a behemoth stature, teeth slithering into sharp fangs, its glossy eyes melting into a deep red, conjuring a deep breath.

Kelly backs against the cold wall shuddering in fear, confused Melanie turns around.

The orange wiry hair flicks like fire, its red and white painted face morphing into a demonic stare with dark creases, the black and blue outfit splitting apart from the accelerated growth of the body, it hovers over Melanie with extended claws, saliva dripping into heavy globs on the floor.

Melanie’s quivering hand drops the night stick and she takes a step back with her right leg, her left leg locked in fear. The clown roars before grabbing Melanie, Kelly hops up and jumps to the door. She manages to barely make it out slamming the door shut, it rams against her back in rapid hard blows, a roar finds its way down the hallway before swallowing up into a childs giggle again. A puddle of hot blood touches her fingers before pooling into a wide stain underneath her. A gargle mixed with a choking sound is heard from the other side, with a light wheezing afterwards. Shorter and shorter they get until there’s nothing but uncomfortable silence.

Kelly was blamed for Melanie’s death, although they couldn’t understand how a child could tear a grown woman apart the way she was, it was as if someone stuck her into a meat grinder. Still, she was thrown into Wing E. The entrance had been cleared since they still needed a place for clients who acted out. Kelly is shoved into a confined room, her elbow banging against the wall, she hits the floor whimpering.

She wonders of how she’ll make it in there, in isolation you’re not fed, there’s no sink or toilet, and the only thing with you is a flimsy hospital mattress. She rolls over onto the bed and begins to cry louder.

“It’s gonna be okay kid, no need to cry.”

She perks her head up looking around “Who said that?”

A noise is heard from the wall next to her bed, a crack in-between two blocks create a narrow path to the other room, again a voice whispers from behind it “Names Cole, it’s gonna be okay. What’s your name?”

“M- my name’s Kelly. Hey I recognize your voice, you’re the one who killed that guard.”

Sighing he replies “Wasn’t me who did that, I tried to control it. I’m cursed, I promise kid I wouldn’t hurt anyone on purpose.”

“You’re cursed? What you mean?”

“Means when the moon hangs high, I turn into a monster.”

Kelly pauses for a minute “You mean you’re a werewolf.”

At the front of the building Mrs.Cranston lazily flips through a magazine when the door opens up. A large man steps in, his body covered in tattoos and various scars, his ankles chained to match his cuffed wrists, behind him three guards e****t him in.

“What in the hell?”

One of the guards look over at Mrs.Cranston “It’s Christian McCord. Don’t get too close.”

Lenny steps out through double doors making his way to the front when he’s stopped, just ahead a man towers over him. A grin slides across his leather skin, exposing gapped teeth he whispers “My my that’s a pretty lady you got there. Wouldn’t mind having that for dinner.”

Lenny turns around to see Diane with a disgusted look on her face, he whips back around “Don’t talk about her like that!”

A guard elbows Cristian yelling “Shut your mouth and move along!”

Christian grunts and bends down for a second, straightening back up he walks past Lenny and whispers to Diane “I’ll be tasting you soon.”

“What the f**k did you say!” Lenny grips his night stick before a guard grabs his arm shaking his head.

“Lenny don’t, this is Christian McCord.”


“This is the guy that’s been running rampant across the state committing those murders, trust me you don’t wanna know what he’s capable of, he’s extremely dangerous. Watch yourself around him.”

Lenny makes eye contact with him as Christian smiles devilishly, winking one eye before going into the dining room.

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