Slenderman Syndrome

There is a new mental disorder phenomenon called the Slenderman syndrome. I am sure you have heard about the stabbing of a girl who was done to her, by her two other female friends who were doing it for Slenderman. Those two girls were suffering from Slenderman syndrome, this new syndrome is still in the shadows though and many specialists and experts in the fields of psychology have not accepted it.

Slenderman which was born in the internet sub culture called creepypasta and it is a well-known popular creature. Slenderman is known to be tall and wearing a suit and has no facial features. Also by me just telling you about Slenderman, you yourself are now in trouble to be a victim of Slenderman’s terror, he is known to viciously stalk his victims and then abduct them.

I am working at a top-secret mental facility where we have ten people infected with Slenderman syndrome. All ten were obsessed with creepypasta and especially the creepypasta character Slenderman. All they ever talk about, cry about and laugh as well as smile about is for Slenderman.

All ten patients feel that Slenderman is constantly following them and there have been many occasions where they actually thought they had been abducted by Slenderman. Literally, what happens when they officially feel that they have been kidnapped by Slenderman is when they start screaming first and then wailing in their cells and then they start to have spasms on the ground. The spasms end and after a whole day of just being silent after the spasms have ended, they restart once again thinking Slenderman is following them.

In this secret mental facility we now have to have height prejudice, only people under 5’11 can work here. There have been cases in the past where tall colleagues were attacked by one of the patients and that they actually thought that the tall colleagues were actually Slenderman, because Slenderman is known to be tall.

We have also been advised to always keep a smile in front of our faces in front of the patients because if we had a blank expressionless face, the patients could think that you are Slenderman. Believe me, to always keep a smile in front of these patients is hard, to always listen to their ramblings about Slenderman is also even more hard work. They also draw Slenderman on a constant basis, I also have mixed feelings about creepypasta stories. I mean Slenderman came from the creepypasta world and I don’t know whether to blame some responsibility on the creepypasta community.

We once did an experiment and we got a creepypasta narrator into our facility. This creepypasta narrator did some creepypasta narrations about Slenderman, now those of you who listen to creepypasta stories, you should know that all narrations are done in the first person. So when we showed one of our patients one the narrators Slenderman’s videos, the patient didn’t believe that the narrator existed or that it was possible for the narrator to be in front of him. The reason for this is because in the narration he was kidnapped by Slenderman, well that’s what happened in the fictional story and the patient fully believed it.

The patient though went from disbelief to paranoia towards the creepypasta narrator. The patient became more aggressive towards the narrator as he thought the creepypasta narrator was working with Slenderman and was sent by Slenderman to abduct him. The experiment ended before anything violent erupted.

I live alone in my flat and I have been experiencing vivid dreams about Slenderman. Sometimes all I could hear in my mind are the words Slenderman over and over again. When I am bored and in my own world I sometimes unknowingly draw Slenderman. I have not told this to anyone apart from my manager and I have been experiencing immense paranoia that someone or something is following me.

I have soldiered on though and I have notice something else about myself, I seem to enjoy listening to the ramblings of Slenderman by the patients. The weirdest of all though occurred in the break room where the workers could relax and be themselves. So obviously from smiling all day, blank tired faces is all you could see. I swear to you though when I was looking into their blank tired faces, it went blank like Slenderman’s face and I wiped my eyes and it went back to normal.

Then another incident happened which I cannot remember, is when I called my mother and I swore to you that I was speaking to her about general things like my work place and paying bills. She says though all I could speak about was Slenderman and she doesn’t know what Slenderman is.

I am experiencing everything that comes under Slenderman syndrome. Maybe I caught it from the patients and recently though my manager had been missing from work. He hasn’t been turning up for work and his family are worried for him. I do remember him coming to my flat as I expressed to him what I was dealing with symptoms from Slenderman’s syndrome and we are both friends outside of work as well, its how I got this job. He said he will come down to my flat and we will both have a private chat about everything I have been experiencing.

Today though after a full week of my managers and also friends disappearance, when I was in my flat, I decided to try and call him. I heard his phone buzzing under my bed, I found his dead body and a knife in his gut. There was blood writing on his chest which said, “Please Slenderman accept me.”

After what I had found all I could think about was if Slenderman was pleased with me and I then put the dead body back under my bed.

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