Jeff the Killer V.S Ari Asylum


Emily was walking home, she knew that she was in trouble when she got home because , she was two hours late, why did she go to that party. She shouldn’t have drunk any liquor,  her dad would be able to smell it on her clothes and he was going to kill hererThen she heard a voice that startled her, say “Hey you, you come here i need your help.”

“Huh, yeah sure watch ya need?” she asked quickly.

“Not to be bored.” the voice said as his face appeared, a tiny whimper escaped from her lips, there was cuts in many spots and his left eye was missing and replaced with blood that seemed to be dried.

There was a flash of light that drawled her attention from his face only to be utterly shocked with fear, as multiple kitchen knifes lunged deep in this boy’s body.
He grabbed knife from his body and ripped it straight out without any hesitation, then in a blink of an eye he swung his knife in Emily’s windpipe.

She struggled to scream from the intense pain, but not a single whimper came from her mouth her eyes blurred  then her body fell and the world went black.

(Switch to Jeff the Killer.)

Jeff walked from the gas station drinking his third six pack of beer, he steps began to become unbalanced and the world started to spin.” F**k. This going to give me a f*****g head ache.” he said.

As he walked down the road his blurry eyes came across a red puddle, he followed the trail to a girl’s body just laying there, at first he thought it was the beer f*****g with his eyes and mind, but as he came closer that lust for bloodshed came.

He knew somebody killed this girl and it wasn’t suicide , either or she was dead, but he wasn’t the cause of her death.

This pissed Jeff off ” So someone thinks they could kill here while I’m here, well their wrong.”

Jeff followed the slight trail of blood that was being washed a way now since the rain just started in this part of the town.

Jeff wonder why the police hasn’t shown, he knew usually that they arrived almost as soon as a body is dropped, at the gas station Jeff remembered the workers talking. They seemed to mention a boy that killed every police officer in the station. No matter Jeff wanted to kill and this boy seemed to put up a challenge.

(Switch to Ari Asylum.)

Ari knew that no police would dare face him. So he was having fun pretending to be hurt or something to lure people closer to him. But he was getting bored, no one was fighting back.

“Ari you are being followed by an boy with an smile.” the voice in his head warned him.

“So a smile wont change how boring this is going to be.”Ari answered.

“This boy is a killer as you are, I fear you wont be able to kill him.” he replied.

“Well then this sounds like fun.” Ari said with glee. “High five!”

“We can’t high five, I’m a voice in your head, dumb a*s.”

“Shut up. I forgot.”Ari snapped back.”You know you don’t have to be a D**k.”

(Switched to a boy who witnessed the girls death, named Jeremy Moncton.)

My mother had to hold my mouth shut at the sight of a blonde hair boy cutting up the girl who lives on this street.

“There is nothing we can do.” My mother said as if we were helpless.

“Yes there is.” I say running out the house, as I grab the gun we keep next to the front door, I chase the boys trail as quietly as possible. When I finally have the blonde boy in sight.

He was just sitting there at an house that is abandoned and broke down, as if he was waiting on something or someone, he seemed to be arguing with himself. I hid behind a fallen tree where I can see him without being caught.

Then a man in a white hood walked up to Ari, I couldn’t see his face at first, until he removed his hood, his face was pure white with a terrifying smile. I remember his name from the news channel, it was Jeff.

He didn’t look to happy with Ari even with a hideous smile on his face, as they stared at each emotionless, as tension floated in the air. “Who do you think you are? Ive fought demons, monsters, a tall man in the woods and surrived, and yo think you going to walk away alive? F**k no.” Jeff spoke to Ari.

“Well that’s quite the record but…f**k you, try and to kill me.” ari says back.

Jeff rushed towards Ari, and swung his knife, instantly Ari’s knife blocked for defense as the blades connect a loud screech and sparks ignited. Their blades repeatedly reflected each others attacks.

Jeremy could tell Jeff outnumber Ari in strength, but Ari always seem to two steps ahead of Jeff. Ari sliced with a lot of force, which broke Jeff’s knife. Ari immediately quit slicing and reached to his gut and yanked a long sharp kitchen knife, where Jeff glanced to see multiple knifes in Ari’s body. “What the f**k are you?” Jeff angrily asked Ari “It doesn’t matter your going to die.” Ari threw Jeff the knife, Jeff was confused, “Wouldn’t be much a fight if you didn’t have a weapon?” Ari said, as soon as Jeff caught the knife, bright headlights shined and blinded both killers.

Then thunder was all around lights that turned into shots that were fired from all direction.

Jeff quickly jumped out of the bullets zone, as Ari stood and take all shots. Ari still stood up as he dashes  towards the light as Jeff prepares to attack Ari, but ari was busy slices through multiple state officers. The bullets from the officers hit a gas line and the whole neighbor hood lit into flames, as the explosion kept growing it looked as it was the whole neighborhood exploding. Jeff was sent 30 yards from where he stood as Ari took the blast. Jeremy wasn’t able to get away, the explosion blew the tree on to his legs, he screamed from the intense pain and heat his voice was drowning from his own blood. He fell unconscious.

Switch to Jeff.

Jeff was able to stand barley, Ari was out cold as part of a pipe from the gas lines impaled his chest. Jeff limped into a house a few blocks from the battle ground, and drinks the rest of his beer with a tired but huge smile on his face (well bigger than usual ).

Switch to Ari.

Ari came back to conscious to see flames and a pipe through his chest “Well ive been penetrated!” Ari says laughing , he pulled it out forcefully and seen a young boy lying face down as the fallen tree led on his legs. The boy looked up blood was poring from his mouth his eye barley open he started to cried he knew he is about to die. Ari quickly cut his neck and slowly walks down the road whistling a happy tune. “Well either I win or its a tie.”

“Well, you didn’t win or lose so a draw.” The voice said.

“I know I just said that now who is the dumass.” Ari says back “Whatever, on to the next victum.”

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    Ari the Jeff: Attack of the Clones
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