Have you ever heard a story called slender man? Well do you know how he became slender man.

The Sad Boy

In the school of Vinedale 1902. one boy named Luke Marfedet Has recently had hard times Hes parents died in a car crash, and so he has to live at this school. On his first day he didn’t talk to anyone didn’t look at anyone even if someone pinched him he wouldn’t respond.
This went on for days,weeks and even Months! But there is one thing he didn’t ignore. His stuffed animal dog Maxy. People say that luke thought it was the only person left he could trust. Other people say it was a voodoo doll which I don’t belive. But what i do belive is that after the car crash he went crazy and that was the only thing that survived the crash. It was the only thing he could remember his parents by. He was facing depression at its greatest form. And scariest form of all time.

Chapter 2
The visions

After a doctors eye check up they figured out that luke was not seeing what we see at all but we don’t know people say he was color blind. Witch I don’t think that. What I think she really saw was a demonic ghost and Maxy was the ghost, it was never really clear. But when luke got there every morning the find more and more blood trails and signs. Many rumours came out only one of them was about luke. Everyone at the school was scared of luke, everyone there wonder about him.

Chapter 3

One morning many kids including luke was gone nowhere to be seen so this called out the police and the FBI. What they found was a few drawings which made no sence for the police or FBI. But they decided to look in the woods. Some of the children were found but were… dead. Night came they decided to put up a fence so no-one escapes.

Chapter 4

One night on a cliff someone found luke but it wasnt just luke it was the ghost
People watch the paranormal right in front of their eyes but then the ghost went inside luke and luke started to turn into a beast like a werewolf in a full moon. More and more he changed untill he was slenderboy people was frighted and slenderboy looked at them they all died slenderboy came running out of the woods people tried to kill him but it was no use they were already dead.
Slenderboy ran into the school killing everyone on his way. The swat team came but that didn’t matter nothing was going to stop him now. Then he started growing taller and taller. Then he vanished no-one saw him he went into the woods

Chapter 6
The End For that story

You think there’s an end to that not even close if you haven’t heard of slenderman than that’s just the beginning, for now FIN