I remember that time I used to say that I loved wolves. I remember that day when I said I first loved Creepypastas. I remember that time when I became both. You’re probably confused, by now. Sit back, relax, and I’ll explain.

The day I became severely depressed and tried to overdose on pills in the middle of my birthday sorta, might of terrified my parents. Yes, I know, I should’ve come up with a better way to cope with my problems, but you ain’t the right person to judge me.

Anyways, after that whole thing, my parents decided to take me camping in a nearby forest. It was peculiar, considering it had tall trees, dark areas but at the same time, having multiple campgrounds and so many tourists. I didn’t think any of it, when we first got there. We set up our campsite and I decided to wander around for a bit. It was very beautiful, the campground we chose. We had set up near a little barbeque area with a few other families and it was near a river where I mostly saw wolf pups play around with the mother watching carefully.

“Loving the view, sis?” my brother, Ash, asked from afar.

“Yeah… although…” I trailed off.

My brother shrugged it off, as I always trail off whenever I have bad feelings. He thinks I’m overreacting, most of the time. I clutched my art bag, heading into the forest, just a few minutes away from our campsite. I sat down on a log and opened up my bag, grabbing my sketchbook and placing it on my lap. I brought out a sketch pencil and opened my sketchbook to a clean page. I began drawing Laughing Jack, my favorite Creepypasta of all time. He was so creepy, so mysterious… and so relatable. He was left, forgotten and driven to madness. I was pretty much similar, except I’ve never actually killed anyone in my life.

During my “me” time, I heard a faint chuckle. I scanned the area. No one but me was around. Then, I heard “Pop Goes The Weasel” playing a few yards behind me, growing louder and louder as it gets closer.

“Nope, I’m out,” I silently said to myself, closing my bag, gathering my things and getting up to walk away. Before I walked off, I shouted, “Whatever sick joke you guys are playing, it’s not funny!”

I thought that it was the kids from the Sanchez family, considering they also loved Creepypasta.

Not even a few seconds after I shouted that, I bumped into a man. I glared at the man but my glare turned into a petrified look, when I saw who it was. He was recognizable by his black and white clothing and his sharp nose.

“Leaving so soon~?” he hissed, snaking his arms around me.

“U-um, I-I,” I couldn’t find the right words without thinking about getting killed. I’m f*****g DEAD.

He chuckled darkly and moved my hair out of my face. He said, “Such a pretty young girl. Tell me, how old are you?”

“S-sixteen, sir,” I told him, reaching into my back pocket.

“So young and so alone~. How would you like some candy?”

He held out two Jolly Ranchers but they were a different color. Sort of gray with a tint of blue. I knew he poisoned them.

“No, thank you.”

His grin turned into a snarl, shoving the candies in my face.

“Eat them,” he growled.

“Eat my a*s, imposter!”

I pulled out my pepper spray, uncapped it and maced him in the eyes. He cried out, collapsing on his knees and rubbing his eyes. I booked it, heading back to my campsite, with the Laughing Jack guy shouting that he would get me no matter what. I made a leap of faith and collapsed into my campsite, breathing heavily and tears running down my face.

“What the f**k, Jazmine, are you okay?!” yelled my brother, running towards me.

“Y-yeah, I-I’m fine, bro,” I answered, my voice cracking.

He helped me to my feet but my knees felt like jelly. My brother, Ash, noticed my tear-stained face and immediately looked into the forest.

“Did someone scare you? Was it those damned Sanchez kids?! I’ll f*****g KILL them!”

“No, no, no! I-I just had a breakdown from hearing things in there… please keep me away from inside there, Ash, please…”

He seemed confused but nodded and helped me walk to my tent. That’s what scared me the most. We each had our own tent and I never liked sleeping alone without a hint of light. We had nothing as a light source for when we go to sleep. He was going to come… he was going to get me…

At least, that’s what I thought for the next week. The past week has been nothing but normal. It didn’t shake off my fears of being found by Jack but it did calm me down a bit. Being with my family, being together… it’s been a long time ever since that’s happened.

Our family’s last activity for the trip was a Night Hike. When they revealed the news, it sent a chill down my spine. Of all times, why did it have to be at night?! … I didn’t protest, in fear of my family thinking I’m crazy and ruining the trip. I can’t say, do, or act like something that might ruin this trip for my parents.

On the time of our hike, I had taken my art bag, my phone, headphones, stuff that I usually bring. I was wearing a long sleeved black t-shirt, ripped gray jeans and brown boots and I had my headphones on, listening to my Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen playlist. Maybe hiking with my family will take my mind off things… Yeah, no chance. As we were hiking, I heard a faint chuckle. I gulped and tried to stay close to my family, softly singing.

“Okay, time for a water break,” said my father, setting down his backpack.

…perfect. I sit down on a rock and drink some water from my bottle, next to my brother. I set it down, afterwards but it tips over and rolls away. I get up, still listening to my music. See, my music was loud so… I didn’t even hear when my family started walking off, them thinking that I had gone ahead back to the campsite. I chased my bottle, until I finally grabbed it from the dirt and looked around for my family. I was alone.

“M-mom? Dad? Ash?!” I shouted, tears forming in my eyes.

I heard it again. That. Damned. Music.

“Please, no… Not again…” I whimpered, shaking violently.

A pair of arms wrapped around my waist, gently stroking my sides. I shivered, ready to fight whoever had me. When he spoke, I froze.

“Well, well, well~. All alone, again? Did Mommy and Daddy leave their little girl all by herself like they did on her tenth birthday~?” he hissed.

“LEAVE ME ALONE,” I shouted, elbowing him in the face.

That did nothing. He just laughed. That damned laugh that I thought was adorable was terrifying me so badly to the point where I thought it would kill me. He grabbed my chin and turned my head so that I was facing him. He had the face of a psychopath ready to pounce. Already in his grip, I struggled. He chuckled, darkly and tightened his grip on my hip. I struggled, hit and shouted, until-

“I know you want to be one of us, Sketch,” he laughed.

That freaked me the HELL out… Sketch was the name of my own Creepypasta. My own character that didn’t exist in real life…

“S-Sketch?! I’m not-”

“Not yet,” he whispered.

F**K TO THE NO! Tears rushed down my cheeks, as he threw me over his shoulder and started running deeper into the forest. I screamed, kicked and tried to get out his grip. It was no use. He would only laugh, taunt and tease me as the forest got darker and isolated. I shut my eyes, holding my breath, accepting the fact that I was being taken somewhere to be killed…

Did this really make any difference, I thought. I wanted to die, anyways. I wanted to disappear from this world, to never have to wake up another day and feel like horseshit. To never have to fake a smile, a laugh, or act like I was okay. I wasn’t okay… If Jack wanted to kill me…

He just better make it quick.

After a few more minutes of him running, he stopped and I heard a door open. I shut my eyes, as he entered a house and whimpered. He stopped in his tracks, set me down, turned me around but covered my eyes. I found this odd. It was as if he were hiding something for me. He let out a tiny laugh and played with my eyelashes.


“Follow me,” he said, guiding me to another room, apparently. He uncovered my eyes, locked the door and looked at me. He stifled a laugh, as he saw my pale face.

“What the f**k are you planning, you psycho?!” I demanded, turning to him.

The room was filled with blood, surgery tools, a strap table, and sleeping gas/pills. I grabbed him by the collar, shocking him for a minute. My eyes were bloodshot and my face was in a snarl.

“Listen, you sorry excuse of a court jester, you better take me back to my family or-”

“We’re your family now, sweetie,” a child’s voice interrupted.

I let go of Jack and turned around. I couldn’t believe it…

“Strap her to the table,” said Jeff.

Laughing Jack hoisted me onto the table, strapped my limbs down and I screamed bloody murder. Jeff covered his left ear and immediately attached one of the sleeping gas masks to me, causing me to lose consciousness in a short time. The last words I heard were:

“Goodnight, my wolf”

When I came to, I wasn’t dead. My limbs were free and there was no blood on my clothes. Just tears on my shirt. Confused, I sat up on the table. I looked around but felt something on my head twitch. I felt through my head area and felt something soft and furry. I got up and looked around for a mirror. Spotting one in the corner, I approached it and examined my reflection. My face went pale and my heart sank.

I was a f*****g furry. I had wolf ears, a wolf tail, claws and my eye was scarred, as if someone had clawed my eye. My teeth had two fangs on each row and I noticed that my eye had a tint of yellow. When I got my voice back from shock, I let out a bloodcurdling scream and rushed out of the room, only to bump into a familiar Zelda character.

“Whoa there, newbie!” he laughed, helping me up. “Almost gave me a fright there.”

“B-Ben?” I managed to say.

“So, you’re awake,” a familiar voice chuckled.

“YOU,” I shouted, turning around and glaring.

“Me,” Laughing Jack said, mockingly and smirking.

“What the f**k did you do to me?! What the f**k am I?! Why did you have to bring me here?!”

“Such a curious little wolf~. I didn’t think a new Creepypasta would be so talkative. Don’t worry, I don’t mind, sweetheart~.”

“……slow the f**k down, I’m a WHAT?”

“A Creepypasta,” a deep voice echoed. “Like you’ve always wanted.”

The Slenderman, of course. He loomed over me like a f*****g tower and pat my head. I looked behind him. The whole family… There was no escape. There was no way to get home… I was one of them… There was no fighting it… I mumbled something only I heard.

“Looks like a curse from a black rose.”

  • Forceablegravy

    This strangely sounds like you designed the character off of my best friend, however her creepypastad character she made is called Ampoena and isn’t a furry. I know the possibility is zero you did and really based it off yourself but damn that is creepy. Awesome story btw! Good job!!