My First

Beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous! She was wonderful. This is a good day indeed. Never before have I seen such beauty. Not a single flower I’ve delivered and certainly never to whom I’ve delivered to. She had such grace and elegance and all I got was a mere glimpse. I need more. I need to see more. I need to make another delivery it seems. How rude interrupting me, but a job is a job.

I pull up to a drab brown house, but it has a nice crimson, shingled roof. I make my up the walk and push the door bell. I always find the bouquet is way prettier than the recipient. A thankless job, truly, she opens the door and what a sight to behold. Another unworthy woman receiving a gift that far exceeds her own looks; I mean her stringy, blond hair, her nose is too pointed, and a smile as fake as my greeting.
“For a special lady,” I say forcing my own smile, showing off my stained teeth. I hand her the exquisite bouquet, sad to see it go.

“Thank you,” she says. I give her a quick nod in return and stroll back to the van. Once I’m in the van I muse to myself, “Yeah, for an especially repulsive lady.” I come up with the best jokes sometimes, but my boss advises to keep them to myself. Just one more wretch, like… like her. Where was I before being interrupted, oh yeah I was recalling the beauty I saw earlier today exiting the shop. She was magnificent. I started my gaze with her pure white shoes, not a single scuff on them. Next my eyes transcended up her slender legs, then over her simple sky-blue dress, to her lustrous black hair that shined. I doubt her hair shines like my dark locks; her shine probably came from cleaning while mine is more, natural. I was utterly stunned then with a flick of that voluptuous hair she was gone. Such a shame, I never got to say hello. I probably won’t see her again.

Another boring day at Peggy’s Bouquets, I haven’t made a single delivery. This leaves me doing the petty chores like sweeping the floor or watering the flowers. At least it smells nice. All these flowers producing a variety of fragrances; they all mix together to make such lovely aromas. Much more lovely than… her. I shudder. The scents are refreshing, like stepping out onto a spring time meadow. The boss on the other hand isn’t so great. She is always too perky and cheery it makes me sick. She is only hiding her ugliness. I get the urge to shove one of these flowers down her throat and watch her choke. Maybe a daisy, I don’t really care for those. This is just one of many ways I imagine stripping away that mocking smile, and doing away with her “oh so happy” attitude. It is all a lie. It’s vile, nasty, and so ugly.

Ding. Is that the store bell? Oh great a customer has entered, probably another rotten frump. Wait, I see a young gentleman. He looks as clueless as the other chumps who walk in trying to pick out the right flowers for their gal or mother. I cringe thinking the ugly word. Oh, here she comes to the rescue. I guess I could help him out, but I’m not really in the helping mood. The boss is giving him one of the standard pre-made bouquets. Oh and he approves like his judgment matters. I hope I get to deliver them, nope this gentleman thinks he is good enough for the job. He has no idea the skill it takes to make those unsightly trollops feel like they’re pretty enough to receive one of nature’s finest gifts. For a flower stands out amongst nature. A soothing fragrance, bright pedals forming all sorts of wonderous shapes. The real beauty in the world, a real comfort. He’s out the door, and I’m stuck here broom in hand.

Ding. Now who? I look up from watering the tulips. Oh my, it’s her, the angel. I can practically see her wings all feathery, white, pure, and shining. A cool glow is radiating off her pale skin. She is sporting a lovely scarlet dress. I get chills. Her hair is like a dark curtain shrouding her face from me. I must see her face. I didn’t get a chance to see last time. I walk cautiously to the flower row across from the register counter where she hovers. I stand a row over from her. So close and yet so far. I tip the now empty watering can to look busy. I glance at her only to see her gorgeous silky hair still blocking my view. Dang, this is maddening. I have to see her face. I need to see. Maybe I should go over and brush her hair out of the way, tuck it behind her ear. No! Not good enough, but I take a tiny step toward her. Then she looks my way. Oh my, what a beautiful face. It could have been sculpted and only by the best. Her eyes, her piercing greens draw me in. She is smiling. Smiling at me? She has to be. She is so lovely. I blink and she is leaving. What happened? I see the boss standing by, maybe they exchanged words. She is gone again.
This is torture. Weeks have passed since her last visit. She’s filled my thoughts, dreams, and fantasies. I never felt this way before. Each delivery has become suspenseful as I hope it will be her, the angel answering the door. So far I haven’t had any luck. I’ve started picturing her over the whittled weeds I’m actually delivering to. I’ve been trying to make the perfect bouquet for her, but no assortment of flowers are good enough. I have tried forty-three times and not a single one comes close. I need to see her again. Shoot, the boss is talking to me.

“Ron,” says Peggy.

“Yes,” I say.

“Are you feeling okay?”

“Just fine boss,” I reply.

“Ron, you don’t have to call me that. You know you can call me Peggy,” she says with a sigh. “You seem distant lately or more than usual. Is something wrong?”

“Well, I guess my mind has been a little preoccupied.” When did she become all snoopy?

“Any problems?” Peggy asks.

“Nope, no problems. I just get captivated by all the beauty I see in the store. All the different flowers. The lush green walls and of course you, creating such a warm, welcoming atmosphere.”

“Oh, okay, as long as you’re all right,” she said, her cheeks reddening like a camellia.

“Yep. Everything is good.”

“By the way an order came in,” Peggy says. I can’t help but think how it’s such a shame how fragile flowers are and I make my leave.

I am glad to be back on the road. I couldn’t stand seeing the boss blush, what a sap. The store does look great, but that is it, just the store. I’m driving through a nice neighborhood: gates of iron, walls of stone, yards are a mile long as the houses are tall and everything is spotless. A fancy mansion is my stop, and there is a white picket fence behind it. I push the doorbell. My hopes are up again. A soft breeze carries a hum from beyond the fence. Before I can take a look-see, a very well dressed and trimmed old chap greets me.

“Evening sir,” he says.

“Right. Uh, here are the flowers,” I say holding out the bouquet to him. Disappointment greets me again.

“Thank you sir,” he says as he takes the bouquet. He slips away shutting the door, practically slamming it. What a waste. I’m ready to return to the van when my ears prick up to that humming again. I have to see who’s beyond the white picket fence. I stride over to the fence. Oh my, oh my, my wish has been granted. I spot my bright marigold. The angel is there in all her glorious beauty crouched down tending to some flowers in her garden. She is wearing a yellow summer dress and her face is covered by one of those brimmed gardening hats. This must be fate. My heart feels like it is revving up for a race. A race to what? I need to do something, say anything. I-I should introduce myself. Okay you can do this; it is just chit-chat that’s all. Just take a deep breath and-

“Hello,” I say. She doesn’t stir from her task, must not have heard me. “Hello.” Oh, she is getting up. “I’m Ron Wilster. I’m the guy who delivered-” She is walking to house. She just ignored me and passed me by. What is wrong with her? There has to be something wrong for her to blow me off like that, to act like I don’t exist. Does the angel think she is too good for me? Maybe not, maybe the problem lies with me. Maybe I’m not good enough. This entire time mom was right? It always comes back to her, the wretch. She was always praising me on how worthless I am. How I’m not good enough for anyone. Spewing ugly lies at me. No! Mom was wrong! She is wrong! She let her ugliness show, but the angel smiled at me. My angel smiled at me.

I need her, my angel. After yesterday’s fiasco, I thought of a brilliant plan. I have been waiting all day to execute. An idyllic night for the two of us. I have to meet her and properly introduce myself. Yeah, introduce myself, that’s all. She probably didn’t hear me last time, but tonight she will notice me. My angel is too beautiful to be left alone; no one else sees how she shines. Her wings are for my eyes only. I am the one who sees just how special she is. I truly see her beauty like a blooming larkspur. I glance at the clock radio which reads 11:43 p.m., that’s late enough. No more waiting, I have to do this. I jump out of the van and nearly sprint up to the house. The lights are all off, except the moon and stars. What a romantic atmosphere. I try the front door but it’s locked. That isn’t good. Why would she lock it? Oh well, guess I’m going through a window. An easy fix, hhmm, the window is stuck. I jimmy it open using my knife. I’m in.

This place probably looks amazing, but the true beauty awaits upward. I tip toe up the stairs. There are a lot of doors but which one has my angel. I will have to open them all. Fourth time is the charm and the door doesn’t even creak, a well kept home she has here. Moonlight filters through a window across from her bed. I’m so anxious I about bump into small table by her bedside. On the table I see a picture of her standing in front of her garden. She is smiling at me. I’ll take it so I have something to remember her by. My eyes creep over to her, Oh my, there she is asleep breathing ever so softly. My heart is revving up again. She will be my first, the first angel to fall. I lean over her, she really is pretty. My knife is drawn. I have to see those wonderful eyes one more time. I lean closer.

“Hope you loved the flowers my darling angel,” I say. Her eyes flutter open. Terrific. I plunge my knife into her neck. So exhilarating! So lovely! Her wings shining bright. Trembling, I lie down next to my darling.

  • Tabetha Dyer

    Good read

  • Tristan Seaburg-Sweat

    Damn that was good I knew something twisted was coming at the end