Visitor 03

She was right, my grandmother. Things, wouldn’t have gotte, easier. And who would’ve known, that babies and infants could hold so many voices…apparently just like dolls, babies and infants can capture souls and hold them captive. The creepiest thing I ever had happen to me, my mom was, taking a nap and asked me to watch Sylas for an hour or two while she took a nap. I was now twelve so I agreed. Sylas had turned two; we were both in the living room, mom was in her room down the hall. We lived in a small two bedroom apartment, so it was a little cramped. At least for me. So, we were sitting there, he wanted to watch Barny, and I reluctantly agreed. I sat there, letting him watch his dumb show, I had a, Stephen King book in my lap and I was reading. My eyes, began to get tited, and dry. As I reach up to rub my eyes, my brother made, a very strange cry. It caused me to drop my book and stare. He was looking at me. His eyes wide, dead, and his mouth opened wide. He started to chuckle.

“Were gonna get you, were gonna find you.” he sang, I sighed and rubbed my eyes.

“Not funny Sylas. Drop it.” he knew what I could do, he knew my curse and he made fun of me before. As I got up to turn Barney off, he reached out grasped my leg and pulled. I fell and hit the carpet hard. When I looked back at him, his bright green eyes, turned gray. At,the corners of his mouth, were crusted over, and starting to turn.

“Found you.” he growled. I sat up, grasped his face and stared into his eyes.

“Who are you, and why are you in my little brother?” I could hear my grandmother scolding me, for challenging the spirit that had chose to reside within my brother.

“Child I have been in your brother since he was born. His body was perfect.” I started to shake my head.

“No, hes too young. Get out.” I ordered, and once again. That laughter.

“I’m going to get you. You’re gojnv to die little starlight.” the hairs, stood up, and I felt the fear, the same fear I had felt the very first time I had saw that little boy spirit.

“You promised, we could be friends forever Stella. What happened to forever?!” my brothers,voice turned into a shrill shriek. I had covered his mouth, and turned. Trying to be sure, he didn’t wake, my mother. If mother knew…

I shook my head, I refused to allow her to know…this was my,problem…

The window pane started to shake. The glass,began to crack.

“You’re making,me angry Stella. Why don’t we play a little game?” my brothers eyes were,becoming bloodshot. I watched as blood pooled and began to leak from the corners. His iris completely grey, and the whites of his eyes red. I sat back, and allowed him to talk.

“What would it take, to get you to leave?” I asked. I watched my brother tilt his head and smile.

“Leave? Why would I? Is it because of the old hag in the other room? If I take care of her, would we be together forever?” he asked me. I started to shake my head.

“No. This isn’t your home. This isn’t your body. Leave.” I was doing what my grandmother told me to do. Strong assertive voice. Don’t allow it to win.

My brother laughed.

“I like it here…I think I’m going to stay…” Sylas’s voice took a deep turn. When I watched him turn from me. To the television. I watched the channels surf, turn to static, and the lights start to flicker. I watched his hands contract, make a fist and relax.

“Old hag will pay. Old hag will pay. Mommy’s gonna die. Mommy’s going to die. Her ghost is going to fall out. Ill be holding the knife.” he was just singing jt, and I was watching. His nose started to bleed; cold fingertips ran against the back of my neck, up to the back of my head, a fist full of my hair was grasped, and my face was forced down to the carpeted floor. My nose crumped underneath the force. I grunted, and tried, to force my head back. The hand was too strong forcing my face to be rubbed against the carpet till my cheeks were red and raw. By that time, I had tears running down my face while hoping my mother would get up.

I had no such luck. The force kept holding me down, my brother staring at the static. Once I tried reaching out to him, and he moved away from me, hissing like a cat, I dug my nails into the carpet hard enough to crack and pull them from the nail bed. They too started bleeding.

“You’re gonna die. You’re gonna die.” my brother was,looking at me again with that large grin, red tears slipping down his cheeks. His mouth, looked swollen lips cut up and bleeding. I grasped the floor with open palms and pushed up as hard as I could. And I struck my brother with an open palm slap. At that moment the world seemed to stop. His eyes at once returned normal, and he opened his mouth and screamed.

“HIS GHOST FELL OUT SISSY! THE MAN ABOVE US! THE ONE WHO HATED ME AS A BABY HE WANTS, TO KILL ME!” I looked at the television, which had long since went black. The elderly man stood behind me, his bald head, long ears bloody hands, and broken teeth. His eyes were white, for he was blind. He had wrinkles, covering his body. And he wore, the same clothing he was hurried in. He stared at me, with such hatred within his eyes, as I held my little brother. I stared back he opened his mouth, and screamed. The windows shattered, as the television screen cracked. My brother too screamed into my chest. I had closed my eyes. And begged. Pleaded for anyone to hear me, to cast this spirit out of my home and away from my brother. Within all this comotion, my mother stood there. Her mouth agape. As if she too, had seen a ghost.