Six Days Later

I’m a sixteen year old boy my name is Donald but my friends call me Patrice. I was sixteen at the time and my sister invited me to my sister’s fifteenth birthday party I didn’t want to be around all her friends but I went. It was very hot on that hot day in September and she was turning fifteen.

My mom had me set up the party. It was behind the house by the pool I put up stramers and I decorated the tables and other work. I thought, “Shouldn’t somebody else be doing this but I ended up being the one to do it because I am always do everything in the house.

I realized while setting up for the party that I had to take a s**t so I went into the bathroom and what I saw sent goosebumps down my spine. On the mirror written in a red liquid was, “Don’t defecate in the pool.” I started shaking I touched the liquid to see if it was and it was blood. I wiped it off on toilet paper and ran out of the bathroom so fast I forgot to s**t.

Later I was setting up for the party and when I was done setting up for the party. They came around 1300 and the sun was high in the sky.

It was my sister Annie her friends Lola Shay Tina Madison, Teresa and Amanda. I was sixteen and most of them were fifteen so it wasn’t exactly weird that I thought they were pretty but it was still weird because they were my little sister’s friends and so they felt like little sisters to me kinda.

My mom and dad were there but they wanted to be good parents; not weird parents so they didn’t stay around to long so my sisters friends and Annie could hang out without feeling watched. I don’t know why I always have to stay for my sister’s birthday parties. I’m the only guy at the party and it’s always awkward.

Lola is gorgeous. She has blonde hair and green eyes and she’s so nice. I always get tingly when I’m around Lola so seeing her at a pool party was NOT good. Shay is also hot Tina is okay and Madison isn’t ugly but she wears a nightbrace to sleep so I don’t want to mess with that. Teresa is my age she failed a grade and I remember when she was in my class up until sixth grade the year she failed. We don’t really talk anymore.

So my sister started playing her teen girl music and I hate it!! I hate that girly s**t. I walked over and started playing 6ix9ine she said “NO YOU LITTLE S**T!”

I frowned and turned it back to her Britney b***h fit music. Lola was laughing and Tina trying to. I felt like I shouldn’t be at the party so I tried to leave but Anny sighed, “Horace where are you going.”

“I don’t feel welcome here.”

“I invited you stupid of course you’re welcome here.

She got out of the water and hugged me. Lola looked jealous. She jumped back in the water yelling “Cannonball!” she soaked her friends.

“Cannonball!” I screamed I ran at the water I jumped into the water OH no! My knee hit Madison in the face and she went under. I dived to the bottom of the pool and pulled her out the ambulances were coming Tina called the ambulances when I hit her the ambulances arrived and I gave Madison to the EMPs. They said she was lucky to be alive.

Now there was a scary feeling around the pool.

I knew Annie was blaming me I felt so bad I just wanted to have fun like everybody else.

I said “Im going over here.”

I walked into the deep end of the pool. It was so much colder over here. Now that all the excitement had faded I remembered I had to take a s**t. OH NOOOOO!!!

I could feel my bowels quaking. I grabbed my stomach but I wasn’t taking a left down that street. I knew it was too late. Then it all flashed back in my head “Don’t defecate in the pool,” “Don’t defecate in the pool,” “Don’t defecate in the pool!!”

I tried but no dice. Now to make things even worse Lola was coming over to me. I s**t in the water and dove away. It wasn’t too watery I thought it would sink. I tried to get back but Lola cornered me.

Why have you been ignoring me, Grant?

I didn’t mean too…

Now I was getting excited. Lola smiled. Do you miss me?

I didn’t know what she meant because she hadn’t been gone.

I miss you all the time! I lied.


I felt a cold, withering, lifeless, sordid, moldy, ghoulish, blue hand stroke my ankle. My whole stomach froze like the Frozen Chosin. I looked down but saw nothing.

Are you okay Tom?

I’m fine Lola! Hahahahahaa!

She smiled again. She was about to say something spicy but she screamed. She shot under the water and disappeared.

I walked over to the group none of them noticed. I knew I couldn’t say anything or they’d think I killed her.

“Annie we need to talk.”


We walked out of the water and I told Annie all about the mirror, Lola, and the s**t in the pool. She didn’t believe any of it. I didn’t know how to get her to believe me. She told me that I was probably just mad because the Rangers lost last night and I was taking it out on her. She told me I should just lay down and not bother her. She stormed off and I frowned.

I went upstairs and layed in my bed. Something was off. I could tell that something was wrong. Something just felt incorrect. I started stretching and that’s when I heard Anny scream. I ran out the door and saw being dragged under the pool by a sordid, chilling, disquieting, morbid, outlandish fish. I screamed and ran over I said it was my fault! drown me in the pool!

They were all gone Anny Lola Shay Tina Madison and Teresa. I ran upstairs and started cutting myself it was all my fault. I cut all over I started bleeding 2 much and I really thought this would be it.

“Why’d ya do it, Kevin?”

I shaked and looked all around but saw no one.

“Why’d ya do it, Austin?”

“Who are you?!?!?!”

“I told you not to defecate In ThE pOoL!!!”



It’s been six years since I last saw Anthony. That last thing I remember is him telling me he s**t in the pool after he was told not to. I seem to remember his whole family going missing after that. I thought it couldn’t be real or possible that all that had happened.

Until I went in his house.

It was mostly the same as the last time id been there six years ago there was a kitchen two bathrooms one with a bath and one without a dining room a living room a garage three bedrooms and a sofa. But now it looked six years older.

Something told me I shouldn’t be here.

I ignored it.

I had to know what happened to Timmy. He was my best friend. I wandered the house looking for clues. I ended up in the laundry room. Here I found his old unwashed laundry.

“He never did like to wash his clothes.” I chuckled. Then I started crying. I cried for what felt like eleven minutes but then I sobered up. I had a job I needed to do.

I went to the pool.

There he was. He looked just like Tommy, but he was six years older. He had purple skin and blue skin and red eyes with greenish skin. He was rocking back and forth in a pool rocking chair that floated on the water.

“Josh…” I whispered, meeting his red eyes.

“What do you want from me, Chris?”

“What did you do to them… What happened to you…”

“You need to leave here!!!!”


My head flew off the pillow. It was all a dream. I went to school that day and the school felt so empty without Horace around. We used to walk the walk the halls together like real og’s. When I left school I saw the spot where he used to park. There were flowers all over the parking spot and hearts with his name on it and all kinds of treats.

I started crying again.

It’s okay my girlfriend told me she kissed me all over my body should we really do this here in the practicing lot Delilah? Yes baby we kissed all over each other than I went home. I got home and when I got home I went to my room. I was still determined to figure out what happened to him even if it was six years later. I was awake until 3 AM reading up on pool monsters but I couldn’t find anything that sounded like the creature that had taken my best friend away.

At last I unearthed a startlingly relevant article detailing the existence of a symbiotic organism that preyed upon human beings, being alerted to their presence through the stench of saturated f***l matter. It was a syzygy, a portentous amalgamation of woman and fish. Its initial half was a woman of obsidian black skin, adorned with garish, exotic jewelry. She scraped her counsel onto mirrors with the blood of exsanguinated infants, and, subsequently, employed reverse psychology to deceive victims into defecating into bodies of water. Lying in wait beneath the surface was an abysmal fish with gnarled jaws and a gaping, serrated maw. Its olfactory senses were fine-tuned to detect human waste. All along its scaly epidermis were ductile phalanges that whisked around precariously, scanning for a target. Though it inevitably alerted its prey to its presence by stroking their bodies, this was its only way of locating them, as it was void of all other senses omitting smell, which could only detect intensely offending odors. Upon discovery of a meal, it would then thrash vehemently and yank its victim to the bottom of the aqueous body, in which it ultimately consumed them, albeit not completely. It would atrophy all but the bones of its prey, leaving them for the woman, who devoured them herself or crafted them into arcane jewelry.

They were called “Fishla.” Fishla was too powerful to kill with anything so i knew I could never avenge my friend Rodney I would have to do the impossible. I would have to bring him back to life so that he never died.

The only way to do this was time travel.

The next day at school I found Harold the kid that talked about time travel all the time. I asked him how was doing (I didn’t care) and he told me fine. He said he had to get to lunch but I knew he was lying because it was only 9 o’clock. He asked me how I knew he was lying and I said “Haha!” and pointed at my watch. He was sweating and asked me what I wanted. I said he needed to take me back in time.

It worked and when I went back to the party I tackled Romeo when he was in the bathroom and told him not to s**t in the pool! He never shat in the pool and Lola never died now were all twenty eight except Lola who is twentyseven and they have a kid named Sinclair. They never died at the hands of Fishla but sometimes I go back to that pool and I still wonder.

Was that dream of Ryan by the pool actually real?

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    I… Uh… Don’t even know what to say about this one…

  • Lance Tackett

    Interesting but I must of missed why he was called so many different names. Got confusing towards the end. Definitely interesting and original though.

  • Lily

    What did I just read? U sure took your time to write this. Not gonna lie, made me laugh. 😂

  • Advice from a pizza

    There’s quite a bit of redundancy in the beginning. The “don’t defecate in the pool” message was quite comical and even more so when he was telling himself “oh noooooo!” when the event was actually about to happen. In fact, when anyone uses “nooooo” or “ahhhh” it really pulls the reader out of the story. Simply state the word was shouted.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    I’m actually the writer of this story it was a trollpasta lol