The characters in this story aren’t real but one thing was real. The one thing that is real is the file smile.jpg. The file is something that can be sent or appear in your email. This story is based of of this urban legend of one of the creepypasta’s. This story is based off of the character smile dog.

Smile dog is in the smile.jpg file. The picture is of a weird looking dog that appears to be smiling. The picture will give you strange nightmares. The nightmares will be of this dog. After three days you get the picture it will change to a more demonic creature.

The nightmares will get worse every night. They get more terrifying than you think. The demonic creature will haunt you until you send the file to another sad helpless victim. Or until you go crazy and commit suicide. This story is about a man named Charles and the most treacherous day of his life was when he received a file named smile.jpg…



Charles was a lonely man he lived in a small house in Ohio. He worked a small job as a cashier at Kroger. He only had a few friends he usually saw them at work or when they hit the bars. Charles friends were Robert and Terry. Charles wasn’t really to much of a drinker but he occasionally popped back a few beers.

But one day Terry didn’t show up at work for the past five days. Then their was a story on the news that a local man committed suicide. His name was Terry Wallters. Charles fell into a deep depression and he started not seeing Robert at work. Charles began to worry until four days later when he got an e-mail.

The email read “Hey Charles I know you haven’t seen me at work but I thought you should see this”. What Charles saw was something that sent a chill down his spine. It was a picture of a dog except it had weird creepy smile and wide eyes. He saved this email on his hard drive.It was nine o’clock and decided to go to bed.


Charles had a strange dream that night. He was awoken in a strange house. The Windows were blackened out. He saw a long hallway with a door at the end.

Charles didn’t know where he was but he started walking down the hallway. He looked back he thought he should find an exit. Then he heard a sound it was coming closer. Charles ran down the hallway but the door was locked.

He heard the sound coming closer. Nowhere to go he was staring down the hallway as the the sound was getting closer. Then he saw the dog that creepy dog with a smile. He stood in terror the dog charged at him ful force. Nowhere to go Charles prepared for impact then he woke up.


Charles thought it was nothing. He got ready for work when he heard a noise from his bedroom. He walked in and saw that his computer was on the ground. Charles picked it up and saw that the computer was on. Charles opened it to see the picture of that dog  he saw in his dream.

Charles heard a crash in the kitchen. He went to investigate and saw the kitchen torn up. Charles then heard a growl right behind him. Charles spun around so fast he fell. Their was nothing there.

Charles didn’t go to work that day. He and Robert kept emailing each other. “Robert has anything…. strange been happening to you”. “No why are you asking”. “Some strange things have been happening lately”. “I hope it’s just nothing Robert”. “Its late I should go to bed”.


Charles didn’t sleep till 11:28 P.M. Charles woke up in the house again. He saw that long hallway. Then he heard a deep voice say. “YOU CAN’T ESCAPE”. Charles ran  down the hallway but this time he opened the door.

The room had a mirror one large bed and a dresser. He shut the door and locked it. He heard that same growl again. Charles looked around to find anything useful he found a crawl space behind the dresser.

Charles pushed the dresser as hard as he could. He crawled inside the space when he heard the door bust open. He crawled as fast as he could and he came to a boarded up area blocking his path.

He heard a noise getting closer. He tried busting down the boards. The noise was getting louder. Charles rapidly slammed full force on the boards. The noise stopped Charles froze in horror. Then the dog came out of the shadows it let out a low raspy laugh then Charles woke up.


Charles woke up to a noise. Which was his computer turning on by itself. Charles opened the file expecting the same creepy picture. But instead it was different. It was a picture of a demonic creature smiling. It was bigger and gory like all the skin of the regular dog was peeled off.

Charles was even more terrified from this picture. He heard a low raspy laugh behind him. Charles froze he heard a voice behind him. It said ” YOU CAN’T “. Charles heard a loud noise from the living room. He rushed out to find the entire living room destroyed.

The tv was on the ground shattered into pieces. The book case was thrown across the room pieces of wood were all around the room. The table was shattered everywhere. Charles was shocked to see the living room the main thing that shocked him was the writing on the wall.

It said ” YOU CAN’T ” Charles was petrified he slowly backed towards his phone. He dialed 911 ” D##M no reception “. He then heard a deep voice say ” PHONE PROBLEMS I SEE “. Charles never left the house he stayed there being tournamented by that creature. Charles didn’t sleep till 2:30 then drifted off to sleep.


Charles didn’t wake up in the house he woke up in a boarded up room. Their was a door across the room and behind him was a boarded off hole. Then he realized he was behind the boarded up area. Charles heard a voice say ” OPEN THE DOOR “.

Charles hesitated for a second. Then the voice said ” DISCOVER THE TRUTH BEHIND TERRY ‘S DEATH “. Charles thought how does this thing know who Terry is. Charles slowly walked towards the door he thought if this was a death trap but Charles slowly opened the door into a house.

Charles walked into the home the house looked familiar. The voice said ” REMEMBER THIS PLACE. CHARLES “. How does this thing know my name Charles thought. Charles looked around he tried to notice anything familiar. He saw the smooth wooden table the photos on the walls and the neat furniture.

“Wait this…this is Terry ‘s house”. “ITS BEFORE HE COMMITTED SUICIDE “. Charles then saw Terry run the stairs Charles followed him to see him shut and lock the door. He started typing on his computer. Charles only saw a few words and then heard  the door bang and he woke up.


Charles woke up to see the file open on his computer. The picture of the dog or whatever it was. It was looking right at him. Charles looked around to see if anything was there. Charles saw nothing then got a phone call from Robert.

“Hey Charles I haven’t seen you in four days”. “I was wondering if your okay”. “No I’ve been seeing and hearing things lately”. “I’m starting to think I’m going insane”. “I don’t think your insane…”.

“I’m surprised you  don’t think I’m crazy”. “Charles Don’t let your guard down”. :LOGED OUT:.


Charles woke up in Terry ‘s house. Charles saw that Terry had a shotgun on the bed. The voice said “JUST WACH”. Terry was writing on his computer. “I can’t deal with this anymore”. Charles kept hearing banging on the door. Charles could tell Terry had an expression of terror on his face.

“This demon or creature wants me to send the file”. Terry looked like he was thinking about something. The banging on the door grew louder. It was trying to terrify him. Terry put his hands on his face then one minute later he stared blankly then started typing.

“That’s why I’m sending this file to Robert”. Charles was shocked he didn’t know Robert had the file before him. The banging got so much louder to where the door started coming off it’s hinges. Terry sent the file to Robert then he picked up the shotgun then bang then Charles woke up.

It was 2:30 am Charles heard a noise. He was thrown off his bed. Shards of his bed were lying around the room. Charles heard the voice “YOU CAN’T ESCAPE”. Charles heard crackling. The house was on fire. Charles ran he went outside got in the car and drove away.


Charles stayed in a hotel that night. His house was burned to the ground. Charles went to breakfast that morning he sat at a table. In the window Charles saw something in the window that shocked him. He saw the creature smiling at him through the window.

Charles froze he thought he got away from the creature. Charles didn’t know what to do he just stared at the thing. He heard it say “YOU CAN’T ESCAPE”. Charles got up and ran back to his room he shut the door and locked it he just sat in the corner afraid.

Charles didn’t do much the rest of the day. He sat there scared he didn’t know what to do he kept hearing the voice. It said “YOU CAN’T ESCAPE YOUR FATE”. And it said “SAVE YOURSELF SHARE THE FILE”. Charles sat in his room till night.


Charles stayed awake as long as he could. He stayed up till 1:30 then the voice said “NOW DRIFT OFF TO SLEEP”. Charles fell asleep fast he did everything he could to keep himself from falling asleep Charles tried to stop himself from falling asleep but he fell asleep within seconds.

Charles woke up in a dark room he saw a bunch of covered up furniture. He heard a slow raspy laugh. Charles turned in the direction of the laugh to see the creature staring at him with its wide eyes. He saw the creature walk towards Charles.

Charles froze the creature said “SAVE YOURSELF AND SEND THE FILE TO ROBERT OR SUFFER”. Charles couldn’t send the file to Robert. Even though Robert is the one who sent him the file he couldn’t send it to him. Robert’s already been through this h### before. “I’m not sending it”. “YOUR COMMAND” BANG.

Charles woke up to see the door coming off it’s hinges. Charles panicked he knew there were three ways out. One he could send it to Robert. Two he could do nothing and be killed. Or three take the easy way out. The gun sitting on his bed Charles picked it up BANG…


Robert was sitting on his computer tired and restless. He heard the creature bang on the bedroom door with one option in mind. Robert clicked on the file and pressed the send button. He took one deep breath and sent the file that’s when Charles received the file.

Police inspected Charles house or what remains. They were trying to find any evidence pointing to arson. Police found nothing but a hard drive. The police put the hard drive in an enclosed bag they scanned through the hard drive to only find the sent file.

This story is false but the file is. The file may not exist at all but nobody knows for certainly. But there might be this creature or demon lurking out there haunting anyone who owns the file. The main question’s are is it real and who has it now.

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    “But one day Terry didn’t show up at work for the past five days”
    This is very poorly written. This sentence is one of many pieces I found to irritate my inner grammar Nazi.

    • OfficialMacklimore

      That annoyed me too, but I guess English isn’t the authors first language so it doesn’t really matter

      • Sarita Tinsley King

        True but there are plenty of people willing to translate and make necessary editions to stories.