I Have a Demon

She’s not a pest, well to me she’s not. My mother has gone through great lengths to get rid of it and my father kinda gave up after realizing how harmless she is. I’ve known her ever since I was five years old. I practically grew up with her presence.

I only see her through the hours of three to five AM. Pretty cliche huh? I asked her why that is and she shrugged. Sometimes we run into each other in the kitchen or bathroom. When I was younger she’d stay in the bathroom with me as I bathed. My father only hangs with her when he’s drunk. They laugh too much, her laugh is absolutely terrifying but my dad found a friend so it’s  all good. My mother has never actually seen her, just mainly hear about her. She was pretty pissed when the milk went missing and blamed it on me, just to find out Shalkra drank it (our demon’s name). That’s another bond her and my father have, they love almond milk.

Shalkra is pretty chill. I’m surprised how lucky we got with that Ouija board. She’s still scary though. Her skin is pure darkness, she has no mouth and her eyes are pure silver. How does she laugh? I have no freaking clue man. But her body is pretty thicc. Me being the small, skinny, pale, white chick I am admires her. Her horns are always glossed, as if she preps for each visit. Wait… I think she does have a mouth, she literally just threatened my doggo. She has a long tongue… geez. She doesn’t talk with her mouth. It’s like her vibes hit you.

Around the age of 14 she was gone. My mother, after constantly mopping the floor with holy water, had got the best recommended priest to bless the house. She came back when I turned 16. My father and I practically tackled het. She gave a creepy but clearly heart warming smile with her ferocious, sharp teeth. Then she sat us down.

“You know why I’m truly here right?”

My father and I look at each other. Her voice… so deep, so unruly… I can’t explain it. We sat in silence.

“Your mother took something away from me. All I needed was an invitation from you Marianna. The Ouija thing, absolutely perfect so I won’t take you. And you John, your drunken jokes and spectacular milk and cheese yogurt pops are delicious, you also have been spared.”

Me and my father were both thinking it, what did my mother steal?

She stood up once my mother walked in to join us. My mother’s eyes were in complete shock. Shalkra nodded and held out her claws. My mother took off her necklace full of ashes. Tears dropped.

“Don’t cry now, you didn’t cry when you took this from us did you?” She left.

I couldn’t have been more confused. Who’s ashes? Who’s demon is she? Was this her plan? Is my mother… what… how? Who is even ‘us’??? Who’s ashes?

All I know is that my mom knew Shalkra and apparently stole something from her original summoners. I’ll ask Shalkra when she comes back.