Do you hear that? The sweet succulent sound of silence. A sound most people welcome with open arms, a sound that often lulls us to sleep. I know what you’re thinking, how can silence be scary? Most of you will probably move on to a new story, one that may chill you to the bones, one that will have you peeking over your shoulder and leaving your lights on. I assure you however silence can be just as frightening as any monster in the closet or murderous demons. It gives you the illusion that you are alone, or perhaps not.

You still don’t understand how silence can strike fear into the very souls of many? Let me give you a scenario. Let’s say you’re walking home, it’s getting dark everyone is going to sleep. Noises slowly die out as silence sweeps in, shrouding you like fog around mountains after a heavy storm. At first you think nothing of it, but then the density of it pounds on your eardrums, you start to feel alone. That is the first stage.

Next you feel like someone or something is following you. Was that a twig snapping? A rustling of leaves? No it’s just your imagination. You try reasoning with yourself. How can you hear noises if it’s quiet? It must be in your head, but yet you can’t shake the sneaking suspicion that you’re being followed.

Paranoia, that’s the next stage. You keep looking around you, your pace quickens, you jump at a moving shadow. For some this is where the fear stops, but for those unfortunate souls that reach the final stage, let’s just say they’re not the same after that.

The final stage you ask? Insanity. The signs begin subtle then slowly grow. It begins with insomnia, and sometimes ends with death. You begin hearing noises that aren’t there, whispers in the dark. There in the silence your imagination can continue to manifest, driving you into utter madness. Silence best friend to darkness, together they enter your field of consciousness snickering as they distort reality until it’s a jumbled mess of illusions and possibilities rotting your mind until the only thing you know is fear.