You know the saying that parents say “the house is just settling” as an excuse to pass off the strange noises that you hear in the middle of the night? My parents would use that saying very often because I would hear noises very frequently outside my door. Eerie noises would emit from my door as if someone was knocking, knocking urgently, as if they wanted to get in.

I’m going to attend middle school the year after next year. I’m kind of worried. I heard that they give out more homework in middle school. I had to move due to my dad’s new job. That’s why I’m going to a new school. Because my dad lost his old job we couldn’t afford a big expensive house so the only thing they could afford was this small rustic house. I’m not going to lie it’s actually a pretty nice house.

After unpacking all of our bags and settling down we finally got to sleep in our new house. I wake up the next morning to the first day of school. Mom told me that school would eventually hold on to my routine and as a way of saying my life would fly by as school would fly by and before I knew what it would be summer vacation. She was right before I knew it, it was summer vacation.

The summer was pretty boring, I only made a couple of friends and unfortunately we weren’t able to afford all the extravagant summer trips that we usually take annually. Some of my friends actually went to those extravagant trips at their families so all I really had to hang out with was my sister. When my sister isn’t partying she’s in her room. Sometimes whenever I get to see her, I would be able to talk to her about what we should do and that we should do something. She always give me the response that she’s busy or that she doesn’t feel well. Lately I’ve been getting the excuse that she doesn’t feel well days on end.

Last night I heard a sound coming from my closet. It was just a small thud I thought of box maybe fell over. After the thud in my closet a there was a knock on my door. I told them that they could come in and but the door didn’t budge. I said come in once again even louder this time but nothing happened. I’ve been got up out of my bed and then went to the door to investigate. I opened the door and saw that nobody was there I looked around the hall all there was darkness, except for two yellow eyes piercing at me from the distance as if there’s someone standing in front of my sister’s bedroom door staring at me. I was extremely freaked out but I also thought that my sister had a friend over for a sleepover and then every time I thought about the possibility of my sister having a sleepover I come back to the question why didn’t her “friend” go back in my sister’s room? Why was that person just standing there?

The next morning I brought up the anonymous pair of eyes to my mom during breakfast. My mom was going to come up with some weird excuse to as if I didn’t see anything, but my dad interrupted her by talking about the history of the house. My dad said that the reason why the house was so cheap it’s because it’s very old and there was a lot of reworking to be done. He said at the house dated all the way back to the 18th century. That’s all he knew, that’s all that was on the website, he said.

I was in luck because our new internet router was supposed to come in today so I was able to get on the internet and look up the address to see any information on the house that we are at the currently living in. I went online and looked up her address. I did a lot of research, about a week’s worth of research, and I uncovered a lot of things that I wish I never knew. What was worse about it, looking up the house, was that I was in the exact house that I’m reading. I am learning about the people that died in the house that I’m sleeping in. I am learning about the lady who killed her baby in my closet 100 years ago with a butter knife. I’m learning about the man who hung himself in the hallway. The story goes there was a couple that used to live in this house a long time ago, these two people were crazy religious. They believe that Satan was in their house and they would do anything to remove such a spirit from their home. They believe that as a way of doing God a favor they could give birth to a baby claim that it is Satan and then deliver a sacrifice. They would think that the demon that was living in the house and would pray on young children so they used the baby as a trap, and then kill off the life force thus, killing the demonic presence inside.

The fact that I can see my closet door from my bed prevents me from sleeping. I can’t believe that something like that happened at this house. What I’m trying to figure out is whose eyes did I see last night? I read that you can’t really use that method of killing off an evil spirit by sacrifice all that really does is make the spirit stronger. Other articles say that they were both murdered but I don’t believe it, it was suicide. If a possession can transfer from person to person then that must meant that the demonic presence went from the baby to either the husband or the wife living in the house at that time. I already read an article that the man hung himself in the hallway so what would I assume would be that wife killed herself as well because there isn’t any documented proof that the wife actually killed anyone except for the baby.

I have this weird feeling that maybe the demonic president influence the man into doing that to himself. So what happened to the woman? I was too disturbed, I had enough I’m not looking up anymore info. It was a long night I couldn’t go to sleep. The next night I fell asleep due to my lack of sleep the night before. All the noise has stopped occurring and I just let all that stuff go I don’t really believe it. I try not to believe it and I prefer not to think about it. I couldn’t help myself but look up more information about the house. I looked up more information about demonic possessions and found out that the spirits of people who died in this house and possibly other homes would stay in the house that they died in. Those eyes that I saw that day are the eyes of the man that hung himself in the hallway, the spirits who delivered that sacrifice are still here and I’m the only one that knows about that. Which makes me a threat, if I said anything to anyone it could increase the chances of a baptism or demonic removal from the house. I start middle school next year. I’m just grateful that none of us have been possessed by any of those demonic spirits, yet.

  • Love2Bscared

    Great story! I just have one question. Is the fact that he said that his sister keeps saying that she doesn’t feel well and has been saying it more often supposed to have the reader think that she is probably becoming, or is possibly already, possessed by the demons???
    Again, great story!