I’m Sorry – Part 2

Author’s Note: Hey everyone! Thanks for reading the second part of my series. It’s been a while (I’m sorry! No pun intended) but here’s part two! If you enjoy it rate it, if not still rate! Thanks again.

08/05/2001 08:21
Hey baby!
I just wanted to let you know that we got in about half an hour ago.
God I wish you could have came with us.
My mom really wanted to meet you….
Anyway! The weather is supposed to get bad here tonight but we should be fine.
The generator is fully charged just in case
OK OK, I’ll stop talking your ear off.
I’ll call you tomorrow
Love you!

08/06/2001 13:30
Huh, guess you’re busy.
Anyway, the little one wouldn’t stop crying all night.
You know how he is with thunder, but it was even worse last night.
Like, you don’t understand. He would not stop crying.
He wasn’t just crying, it was more like screaming.
Never has he been that upset about anything, you know that.
We both didn’t fall asleep until around 4 a.m.
I don’t know, it may just be because we are somewhere new…
I just hope tonight is a little bit better.
For both of our sake.
We both miss you, maybe you and I both need this time apart though.
Just to relax you know! Nothing serious I swear…
Oh god, this voicemail is going to be like 15 minutes long.
Sorry, anyway I love you.
Have fun! I’ll send you pictures later!

08/07/2001 04:04
I know It’s early, trust me I know.
Obviously he’s crying.
This is the second night in a row, I don’t know what’s wrong.
Nothing is helping…
I’ve tried that ok! I’ve tried everything!
No, that’s the weird part.
I asked Mom yesterday if she heard the crying.
She looked so confused, she told me that she couldn’t hear anything.
Which is weird, you remember how small my parents’ place is.
Seriously, I showed you all those pictures!
I’m sorry… I’m just cranky.
You have to work in the morning so I’ll just let you go.
I love you, sleep well alright.
For you and me both.
Good night.

08/09/2001 4:12
I can’t…
I can’t deal with the screaming!
And you couldn’t even bother to answer the phone.
See this, this is the reason I had to leave…
You’re never there.
You’re always “too busy” with that stupid “job” of yours.
Jesus Christ, you’re a writer that’s not a job it’s a f*****g hobby!!
You shouldn’t have let me go, you should have come with us.
But no you couldn’t be bothered to spend time with your family…
G******n it, he won’t shut up!
Please, just stop crying…
That’s all I want, just please stop crying.
Sometimes I wonder… I wonder if we ever should have had him.
I’m going to cut this trip short, I can’t do this anymore.

08/09/2001 14:50
Listen I know you probably don’t want to talk to me right now…
I know I said some really terrible things last night…
Can you just stop and listen to me?
I don’t know what it is, but there’s something wrong.
Can’t put my finger on it, but he keeps staring off.
It isn’t just at night, he’s been crying off and on all day.
You don’t get it.
I asked Mom, she keeps playing it off like there’s nothing wrong.
I heard her walking around all night last night.
She has been up every night but says she can’t hear anything.
Maybe it’s about time we get her hearing checked.
Sorry, probably rambling again aren’t I?
Just know I’m sorry about this morning.
I… I love you.
We should be leaving tomorrow by 2 p.m.
Which you know is probably going to be 3 or 4 p.m.
Knowing my folks.
Ok, see you tomorrow.

08/10/2001 4:01
Something is seriously wrong.
Mom took him about an hour ago, and he hasn’t started crying.
Seriously, nothing.
I’m going to go check on them…
Holy s**t!
They’re gone!
They’re both gone!
I have to call the police.
Her car isn’t even in the driveway.
There’s a note…
“He belongs with us… I did what I had to… I’m sorry”
What the f**k does that even mean??
Oh god.

After a week long search, with a heavy heart we are here to inform you, a car has been found in the bottom of Lake Marrow this morning. After three hours, the dive team made a positive match to the suspect’s car. Two bodies were confirmed dead but the names have not been released to the public as of yet. All of our hearts, here at channel 23, go out to the family of the victim. We can not imagine what they are going through right now. We will update you as the story continues.

  • Rose Morrison

    I can’t find “I’m sorry” part 2 anywhere, help? Please?

    • Rose Morrison

      What a numpty I am, of course I meant part 1! Sorry!

      • If you go to the verryyyy top under the title, it says by LuluRiot (day me) click that and it will take you my author’s page and bring up everything I’ve written. Hope you like it 🙂

        • Rose Morrison

          Nope, that doesn’t work! But, found part 1 through Disqus. That’s good, part 2 is good too, but does need an edit, e.g.) “had what I had to”, which would make it better. I look forward to more.

  • Thank you so much! I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed it. 🙂

  • FredBot Gaming

    This was worth the wait and I can’t wait to see how it turns out Lulu you can write really well…

    • FredBot Gaming

      And really fast for a part 3??? Because I’m hooked 🙂

      • In thr process of writing part three as we speak. And I’m so glad you enjoy my work! 🙂

  • cnraptor

    Part 1 was great, love how you kept certain details from the audience until the very end. I can’t read part 2 though, is it down?

    • Thank you so much I’m really glad you enjoyed it. Part 2 maybe temporarily down because I had to make a couple of edits for things like grammar in spelling but it should be up again within the next hour or two. Again thank you so much for reading and when part 2 comes back up I hope you sincerely enjoy it 🙂