Happy Birthday

*Radio News*

Wednesday 20th February 2010

Recent murders have been confirmed. Around 16 have taken place this month alone. Detectives are working on the case but still haven’t an idea of whom the killer is. Although, they have discovered that all the victims were murdered on their birthdays.

Tuesday 28th January 2010

Droplets of cold sadness lashed down onto the glass, echoing a calming sound throughout my room. I sigh, my mind deep in thought, when I remembered that my birthday was in two days. My mouth curved into a smile, but quickly turned opposite. It was my birthday in two days, but it wouldn’t matter. Every birthday was just like a normal day. I was abruptly brought out of my thought, when a screeching argument had begun downstairs. This meant that my dad was obviously home now.

My mum and dad would always argue. And it would always end with my mum walking out, but she’d come back eventually, pleading that she still loved my dad. Although, when I was alone with my dad, that was when my fears grew and the dark shadows lurking in the dark would come out.

Suddenly, my dad burst through the door, almost knocking my skeleton out of my skin. My body backed up against the wall, with my eyes staring into those of a furious man.

“You…” He whispers slowly walking towards me, as if in a horror movie.

“This is all your fault! If you had never been born… Then your mother and I would be perfect!” His voice was a loud and echoing type of voice that when was raised, would create a deafening bone chilling sound. Lanes of sweat were trickling down my forehead. My breathing was increasing as his face came close to mine. He gave me a murderous stare, before slapping me hard across my cheek. I fell in slight pain, while he made his way out of the room.

Wednesday 29th January 2010

I sat at my desk, quietly, while our teacher wrote on the board, which we were supposed to be writing down. Instead, I was doodling on the back of book. The picture I was creating, was of me. In the picture, I was surrounded by my family and they were all giving me colorful presents. I was smiling in the picture, while a few people we’re singing happy birthday.

I suddenly heard footsteps coming towards my desk and I looked up immediately. There, stood sternly, was my teacher with a growl on her face she snatched the picture out of my hands, took a look at it and crumpled it up in her hands.

“Stop doodling and get to work!” She shouted, resulting in everyone turning their heads towards me. My face turned scarlet, while I began jotting down the notes.

After we had our break, everyone sat down in their seats again. Though, the teacher had one of the students with her.

“Class, today is Jamie’s birthday. Let’s all sing happy birthday!”

The class began chanting the song and I just stayed quiet. I guess I was sort of jealous – jealous that no one sang happy birthday to me. People would sometimes asked me what day my birthday was on, but I’d just look away and sigh, saying not till ages.

That night, while eating the small portion of food my mum had gave me, I decided to start a conversation.

“It’s… it’s my birthday tomorrow…”

No response. They both just carried on staring at the TV show. I sighed, a tear drifting down cheek, but I quickly wiped it.

I layed in bed after that, thinking. I was still secretly deep down hoping that maybe someone, just SOMEONE will sing happy birthday to me..

Thursday 30th January 2010

I woke, startled – I had, had a nightmare. My eyes drifted towards the window, which was showing me a beautiful sunrise. Just then, I remembered, it’s my birthday! I have high hopes for today that it might actually feel even just a little bit like a birthday.

Although, I was highly wrong. At school, no one noticed me as always. At home, no one noticed me, as always.

“Why? Why am I not good enough?”

I crumpled up in the corner of my room, rocking backwards and forwards.

“Is it because I’m not smart? I can change that!”

I began to smack my head hard, “will this help?! Am I smart yet?!” My eyes widened as my teeth chattered.

“What now?! Is it because I’m not pretty enough?! Yes that must be the problem!” Without even relising, I had sneaked into my dad’s room, and was now holding a hammer.

“After this ill be pretty and everyone will love!”

My hands forced towards my face, the hammer smashing against my eyes. Though pain was rushing through me, I laughed loud. It was like a drug was taking over me, and I couldn’t control myself. I continued to smash the hammer against my face, then put it down and walked towards the mirror. My eyes studied my swolen, and broken face. Again, I laughed, but this time it was evil.

“I’m pretty now arnt I! Sooo pretty! Mama, Papa, you can love me now! I’m pretty! Come see!”

Echoing footsteps made their way into the room, and then silence. I looked my parents straight into the eyes, “I’m pretty arnt i?” Their face expressions were solid jaw dropped.

“Am I not? Am I not pretty enough?!” They backed away as I walked slowly towards them.

“Well guess what? You’ll pay for thinking I’m ugly!”

And at that I ran at full speed towards them and grabbed both of their faces in each hand. My nails digged into their skin, red liquid rushing out. The sound of their screams were like lullabies.

“Ahh how lovely. Your scared of little me? Don’t worry, I’ll fix that for you!” With each hand, I twisted both of their necks around, snaping the bones inside of them. I listened closely, “Did you die? What a shame.” I laughed, standing up and made my way to the front garden. There, I picked up an axe and looked at it happy. “You need a little red decoration.” I walked away from the house, to find my next victim…

Wednesday 20th February 2010

*Radio news*

Recent murders have been confirmed. Around 16 have taken place this month alone. Detectives are working on the case but still haven’t an idea of whom the killer is. Although, they have discovered that all the victims were murdered on their birthdays.

I turned off the radio and laughed.

“You can try catch me all you want, but you’ll never succeed.” I walked towards a table and picked up my axe.  With it on my shoulder, I quietly walked out the house and began walking down the street. It was a specific house of which my next victim was.

“Happy Birthday To You… ” I began singing slowly as I got closer to my destination, “Happy Birthday To You…” I opened up the back door slowly.

“Happy Birthday Dear Dead One,” I walk up the stairs, and into the small boys bedroom.

“Happy Birthday To You…” I finish the song, as I lean over the boys bed. He shifted a little, and opened his eyes to look at me.

“Happy birthday, ” I whisper, and before he can even scream, I slammed the axe down on him.

“You should have been more greatful, dead one…”

  • Alice150

    Kind of terrifying considering it is my birthday..

  • EmFred92

    It’s my birthday next week…..

  • Alexis Saunders

    ThAt was a really chilling. Great build of suspense

  • 와니

    Nice. I like it.. Good job. Make more like this.

  • Touka

    This was a most fascinating story. It made me cringe quite a bit. It’s interesting how sanity works.

  • Love it, gives me roleplay ideas