Scattered Memories

It was a cold and stormy night. I received a commission letter. It was all about a lost kid. I opened the letter and read it:

Dear Mr. Grimmy,

Please forgive my abruptness. I’m your most loyal reader devouring all your works, every incredible stories. I feel sorry for the misfortunes you have suffered. As a private detective, you have got experiences beyond comparison in the field of crime deduction.

Please forgive my presumptuoness, once again. Generally, commissions like this should be intrusted in person. But I could not leave my wife with her illness. Our daughter disappeared three days ago that torture us in these days. I would not trouble you if it had been just normal kidnapping. While her missing was completely out of the ordinary. She was snatched right off her aunt’s empty house in the countryside. Then someone saw her miles away on the same day. At first we thought the witness was just a fake one in ransom. Though it turn out that was the only clue we ever found. Soon we realized that this situation the place she spotted was right near that “infamous Manor”. It hurt us when we found her clothes in the bushes around the manor.

I am not a superstitious person, but something did happen in the manor that no one wants to mention. The response from local police was disturbing. I don’t know whose approval they need before searching the manor. However I do feel the fear through their hesitation. Worse than I suffered, my wife ultimately surrendered to disease without our daughter. Endless as it seems, I could no longer trust anyone either.

So I ask for your help to investigate the manor for our lost angel. I am willing to give up my entire fortune for our daughter. Even if, my God, the worst has already happened, we still hope that you could find out who has done this evil we will pay whatever the price for any clue.

I look forward your respond with mail or telegram as soon as possible. In addition to the portrait of our daughter and the clothing, let the enclosed check indicate my admiration for you. Please use it for your lodging and travel expenses.

Your loyal reader,

James Reichenbach

After I finished reading the letter I saw a portrait of their daughter and I used it as my first clue.

  • Jai Lynn

    Definitely needs a pt2 to this story