The Smile Maker

Do you know why there are psychiatric patients with smiles on their faces all the time? Those walkers of the shadows who always have a grin behind their hoods. Those monsters who howl at night, causing the world to panic, but they sit back because all they can do, is smile. I make those men, women, children, I make them smile, they don’t know who I am yet, neither do you.

I am the Smile Maker, I am the one who creates those kids with cut wrists and frowns to finally give up, but instead of dying like the ways you all think, they rise higher, bringing a smile on their faces. Like I said, they had no idea of it happening, or the fact that I am the reason why it did. But I take their shattered souls and rebuild them into monsters, breaking their minds and making them follow. No, they’re not loons, their zombies, finally seeing through your blind spots in your society, walking only at night with a smile on their faces. So rise my children for they will watch you in the streets, in the forests, and they will fear you, and if they put you away, locked up, don’t fret, because it is corrupted, festering with injustice, unfair that you walk with smiles, but they turn their backs to the ones with frowns, the ones with anger shot in their eyes, and the ones on the verge of breaking.

I see them, walking, down the shaded streets and alleyways, no more my children will you have to wallow in the dark. Rise as I make you, rise like your brothers and sisters, the souls who smiled before you, and before them.

So might I tell you to watch out children, I am here, I am real, I am coming for you, and I won’t give mercy. I am coming for you.

  • Jonathan Jared Lichtenberg

    I am affected by the smile maker.