Sam the Sociopath

Sam was your average kid, his family moved because everyone had disliked them. There new house was small and was in a nice seaside town. Sam’s first day wasn’t good as a boy punched him in the face. Sam was use to being bullied, he was born in a bad town, after all the bullying he wasn’t sad as he suffered from sociopathic disorder.

As soon as Sam walked through the door he heard his mum scream “how was your first day.” Sam didn’t respond. His father worked until 10pm on week days so Sam rarely saw him but loved the time they spent together.

Sam had black hair with deep blue eyes, he wears black clothes. He is a very artistic kid that likes to make masks and hats with unique patterns that varies from simplistic to complex.

Next day as he was waiting for the bus he saw the kid that had punched him and was filled with rage but he couldn’t do anything. When the boy who was named Aaron got close he threatened Sam. Sam didn’t listen until Aaron pulled a knife, not wanting to die, Sam grabbed the knife when a voice in his head said “make him pay.” Sam couldn’t resist the feeling and Sam stole the knife before plunging it into Aaron’s neck.

The voice told him to run before he know it he was in his room. Still holding the knife he put on a metal mask; the mask was a simplistic design with devil horn on both sides, but down the middle was a colour difference on the right was a brick red colour and on the left was a deep blue the same as Sam’s eyes but over the eye holes was red glass.

At that moment he heard the door open he know he couldn’t be seen with the knife that’s when the voice came back and told Sam to attack his own mum. As he came out of his room his mum was surprised until Sam ran at her. He stab her and smiled as he watched the life drain from her face. He went to the garage to get a gas can and then poured it everywhere before striking a match and setting it alight before running to the forest.

  • Chara

    Jeff The Killer much?