Don’t L3t Me Down (Part-2 Smile)

Days passed while I stayed in the mansion with Kitty. I didn’t talk to anyone before and didn’t have any friends since I was a lonely guy. Kitty became my friend and got close to me but deep inside I knew she was a killer just using me. I wouldn’t mind if she just used me, anything is better than being alone even if it means going to dark places. Her voice was like silk, her eyes were like ice over a lake, and most of all her intention for ending human life was fierce.

A dark night over came the mansion as it started to lightly snow outside. I built a fire in the giant gold fireplace located the cold living room. As the flames took to a roar I heard a scream that came from under me, the scream sounded painful to say the least. I went to Kitty to tell her about the scream but she was nowhere to be found . I slowly made my way to the basement. As I walked the stars to the basement the wood I stepped on was finely polished and clean as a whistle.

I reached my head around a corner to see Kitty standing over a man wrapped in chains screaming with nothing but candles for light. The floor was bloody and from the look of the blood stained floors this wasn’t the first time. I ran over to stop her beating the man in chains, she looked at me over her shoulder and in her eyes I saw the rage she had. I asked her why and with a long silence she replied, “This man is the same man you heard on the phone but this is not my grand father”. I walked over and looked at the man wrapped in chains, he’s face had cuts all over it and his body had stitches from head to toe.

The man had white eyes and was fairly muscular. Kitty explained the man was one of her butlers’ from some time ago and he had betrayed her. When I asked what crime he has done she looked down and said softly “He tried to run away from me…No one leaves me”. My heart sank as I realized what that meant, I can never leave this place or her side for the rest of my life. She picked my head up and kissed me as she said “Look at me and tell me is this what you thought the reaper looked like?”.

After that night I sat by the fire and avoided talking to Kitty, she must understand I need space because she hasn’t tried talking to me. The flames grow dimmer as my mind grows weaker thinking of what she said to me. Kitty came and grabbed my head and lead me to her room that was filled with flowers and life. She explained how I’m tied to her now and as my reward I can live with her and stay in this beautiful place with her or I could walk away. She told me something I’ll never forget for the rest of my life “If you choose to go I will never stop following you”, I kissed Kitty that night knowing I’ve fallen in love with death.

Any sane man would run from this place but if any sane man felt like me they’d understand why I stay. Kitty gave me a list of people I needed to kill over the next week but if I can, bring them back alive. So that’s exactly what I did I kidnapped most and knock the rest out with a bat, I felt terrible doing it but I loved her. I never asked what she did to the bodies when I gave them to her, I didn’t want to know. Every night I heard their screams and felt their pain as my heart ripped into two.

She came to the room with blood covering her and proceeded to take a shower every night. She left the door open so I could see her and she could see me then we’d make love. I had enough of taking people to her and what their families must feel when their husband or father is missing. I told her my thoughts and she sat quietly and told me “If you want to go you can, but I will follow you and anywhere you go I will bring death till I have you in my arms”. The reaper had fallen in love with me, n doubt the most terrifying thing I’ve ever felt but at the same time nothing had ever made me feel this joy.

I walked to the front door and grabbed the handle when I felt Kitty holding me tight softly crying. “Why me? Why have you fallen in love with me?” I said sternly. She replied “You’re a reaper too and that’s why your whole family died and you were left alone, any mortal you get close to will die”. I held her in with a giant hole that was created in my heart with her words. “Don’t let me down…” She said sadly.

  • Elephart

    This story was wonderful and I highly recommend part 1. This series and story is one of the greatest and most emotional I’ve come across. I want to read more so much.

    • Jackson Snooks

      Thank you ! I’m happy and joyed with what you had to say thank you for your feed back

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    Thank You! I made the story based off of a past love but obviously not as crazy lol

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    Thanks for reading!

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    yes but the way things are released on this site can be confusing but it should be out in a few days!

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    These stories could be great, the only problem is the grammer. It kind of throws you all over the place with the quick change in scenes or thoughts.

  • Alexis Peters

    Keep up the good work !

  • Puddin Tane

    Number 3 is missing

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      no it’s not lol