Suppressed Truth (Case Three: Breakthrough)

I’ve been investigating this for a while, but I would never think that an incident would occur so close to me. There was a news report of a “crazed maniac” badly injured during a car crash. I had a feeling this was connected to these “Suppressed Truth” cases. After figuring out where she was, I decided to falsify being a reporter to get into the hospital room to report what’s happening with the “maniac”. Here’s what I got:

Voice 1: Hello ma’am, I’m here to ask some questions.

Voice 2: Ok…

Voice 1: Did you know you were walking in the middle of an intersection?

Voice 2: Yes, they told me to.

Voice 1: Who did?

Voice 2: Them…

Voice 1: I’m going to need you to explain more.

Voice 2: They have told me things that I have never realized before. They-

Voice 1: Who are “they”?

Voice 2: I told you already.

Voice 1: No, you told m-

Voice 3: Get out.

Voice 1: Excuse me?

Voice 3: You are lying to her.

Voice 1: Lying?

Voice 3: Yes, we don’t like to be lied to.

Voice 1: Well, I’m sorry th-

Voice 3: You are not sorry, all of you are dishonest.

Voice 2 & 3: Dishonesty is punishable by death.

(Ripping, screaming, and fluids spilling)

Voice 1: Holy s**t!

Voice 3: The only thing honest is death…

(Mixes of voices)

(Audio ends)

Her face still horrifies me: her jaw shattered and broken, her skull collapsed in, her face became broken and torn in the matter of seconds. She only used her hands to do that to herself. She killed herself, just like that… No hesitation, no resisting, no second-thoughts, nothing. It wasn’t until a few minutes later when “you-know-who” arrives to clean up the mess, and purge the filing on her.

With all of that aside, she was talking in 2 voices: one was hers, the other one was similar but not exactly right. It was if the voice you think with was audible. Her arm had multiple cuts, the other was gone. From what I can gather from this, it’s like the voice in your head is coming out, and telling you things that is stuck in your conscience or that you “suppress”. It tells you these things like it’s “honest”, but you believe it. And it punishes you for going against it, since it’s always honest and true. I guess why it’s called “Suppressed Truth”, but I still need to figure out how it spreads, and more information on this. I am far from done with looking into this: people cutting their arms off, mutilating their face in almost a blink of an eye, killing themselves, all because of this “voice”, if that’s how you could describe it. I’ll log back on when I have more information on this.