The Crow that Followed Me

Ever since I was a little girl, a crow would follow me.

The thing about this crow is him, only I could see.

He followed me through all of my happy days.

And when I was upset, by my side he stayed.

My crow doesn’t come around often or a really at all.

I wonder if he’s out there teaching other not to fall.

Weird things have been happening since he disappeared.

Whispers coming through the walls only I could hear.

I tried to warn the others of the evil here.

But they just swat me off and decide to steer clear.

That day I found my crow with a snapped neck, now it was out of hand nothing was in check.

I was beginning to think somehow I was cursed because early the next day I walked pass a hearse.

It reminded me of something my crow said many times before.

When a crow in your presence dies, it opens another door.

He told me at a funeral not to pout or cry.

Because if I showed signs of grief, I’d be next to die.

First would come the shadows, then get more extreme with deaths of family members that was not a dream.

I guess what he said had to have been true because it’s not me to die, but mom, it was you.

He said since I cried, I would be first. It was not me, but you, who was in that hearse.

– Spoken by a young girl at her mother’s funeral.

  • skye

    I love this though its sad