Killers (chapter 1)

HAHAHAHA YES! F**K YES!” Issac yells as he pulls the sharp rusted blade from his stomach. He grits his teeth and chuckles as it slides out his stomach. “S*x doesn’t even feel this good!” He whispers to the trembling woman in front of him tied to a wooden chair. “you’re an animal!” She shouts, Issac moves closer sitting on the woman’s lap “you’re damn right baby girl and im a rare breed too” he whispers with a chuckle. There is a sudden loud creaking noise coming from the basement door. “Oh look who decided to join!” Issac shouts. “Run Hanna go get help!!” The woman shouts, the girl began running as fast as she could but that didn’t stop Issac from quickly running behind her and tackling her on the living room floor. “Please I’m begging you don’t hurt my mom take me instead PLEASE!” Hanna helplessly shouts. “Awe sweetheart….. I’m gonna take the both of you” he whispers  sadistically into the poor girls ear. About 10 minutes later both Hanna and her mother both are in chairs pleading for their lives. Issac pulls up another chair sitting in front of them, “so Hanna sweetheart tell me….how old are you?” he asks crossing his legs lighting a joint. “I-im 15” she answers trying to hold back tears but they seemed to pour out    “why are you crying, doll?” He asks putting his hand on her face” “you’re g-gonna k-k-kill us” she answers stuttering on every word. “Pull yourself together kid, s**t I’m not gonna kill you………right now” he said with a terrifyingly sadistic laugh. He looks down at his watch to see what time it was, “whelp! 10:25 Time to get this party started!” He yells. Seconds later about 4 guys ran in, all of them were rowdy and in all black. “Yes! looks like we fresh meat!” The first guy shouts, he looked like he was well in his 20s like Issac. “My name is Francis as you know this is my brother Issac and these other three are shadow, jack and Ben.” He says pointing at the others. “Can I eat the remains” shadow says twitching his fingers licking his lips looking at Hanna. “Oh! I forgot to mention shadow is a cannibal and he’s not exactly 100% human as you can see by his sharp fangs and his dark as night skin even tho he is a white guy I’m guessing by his hair and facial features” Francis says putting his hand on shadows shoulder. “Enough bull s**t let’s get some blood shed going” jack growls walking up to the woman in the chair grabbing her by the throat. Shadow smiles showing is sharp fangs as he walks up to Hanna biting down on her neck. Issac and Francis pick up two bats and tell the others to move back as they swing at their victims hitting them in the head causing blood to splatter everywhere yet they were still alive. Soon all the brother are taking turns tormenting these poor girls. “Ok boys I have a new target to tackle  and this one is spacial” shadow says smiling cracking his knuckles 

2 hours later……..

“Ladies and b*****s!” Ben said tapping his metal bat on the living room table of the brothers new victims. “I am your host Ben, and these lovely guys over here about to make you wish your w***e mother aborted you, are my brothers!” He said giggling stumbling with a bottle of gin in his hand. The 2 girls try their best to get untied from the metal chair, “hummm Ben I don’t know what we should do first! Make them wish they were aborted…..or make them feel like they’ve been touched by an angel” shadow said pulling on his belt buckle chuckling. “Well I know we’re tied  up and all but he is cute” one of the girls laugh looking at shadow. “Kate! Are you that f*****g high! We are about to get r***d and killed!” The other girl said with tears pouring out, she was a sobbing wreck. “Shut up Becky I don’t wanna die a virgin!” Kate said giggling “ooh I like her” shadow said walking up to Kate. “Nah I came to see blood on my hands and nothing else” jack said with a blunt expression on his face. Issac smiles weirdly  grabbing a pair on pliers grabbing Becky by her hair forcing her mouth to open, “Brace yourself sweetheart” he whispers to her before using the tool forcefully pulling one tooth from the top of her mouth. “Ahhhhh” she screams shaking in the chair. “You are right this is harsh I’m sorry doll” Issac says, then he quickly bashes the pliers into her teeth. A cracking noise was heard  followed by muffled screams and cries. Blood and pieces of Becky’s teeth fall from her mouth, Kate stares in shock in fear as her eyes begin to fill with tears. “Now that’s what I’m talking about” jack says smirking at Becky. “YOU GUYS ARE MONSTERS!” Kate yells while crying trying her best to comfort her sister. “Awe. I thought I liked you” shadow said making a pouting face before repeatedly and forcefully  punching her in the face until gashes appeared. “My turn” jack said pulling a knife from his pocket softy putting the blade on Becky’s face chuckling at her flinch at his actions. Then he deeply jabs the knife into her  stomach, Stab after stab after stab with each thrust he felt more complete. Every scream coming from Becky and her sister motivated him. “This just warms my heart to see my little brother have so much fun” Ben said grabbing Kate by her hair sliding a knife across her throat watching her cough up blood as well as watch it pour from her neck. “Our turn!” Issac and Francis said walking up to the fresh corpses. The boys untie them laying the bodies on the table taking their clothes off. Francis and Issac begin to carve out their names into the girls flesh. Francis chuckles and giggles as if he lost all sanity, Issac don’t the other tears up admiring his masterpiece. ” I am an artist” he said silently, then begins to laugh while tears run down his face. “And every masterpiece must be hung up” Francis said grabbing the rope from his bag. The boys tie the ropes tightly around the girl’s neck hanging them from the stairs for the police to admire once they arrived. The boys then left the house returning home to think about new ways to torture their victim’s.

  • PvssyPopper96

    I’ve seen toddlers with downsyndrome write better than this

    • KTM🔫🔪

      And I have seen better insults than this sweetheart but I’m glad you liked it enough to comment babe😘💋

  • Netor Ananab

    So, chapter one? That’s dissapointing. This seems like a one-time thing- nothing even happens, and it is so poorly written that I don’t want to hear more.

  • Hi_there

    Ahhhh. She’s so scared but good story

  • ∆_R.H_∆

    This was pretty good! Not gonna lie, I liked the part where the brothers are different.

    • KTM🔫🔪

      Thanks so much I’m new at writing these types of stories and the haters aren’t making it any better so thanks for supporting😘💋💖

      • ∆_R.H_∆

        no problem! 🙂 i get how you feel when the haters just get to you, it just brings down your confidence and stops you posting stories or anything up.

  • Simon

    “…I don’t wanna die a virgin!”
    Well, someone has their priorities set…