End My Depression

She is 13. Depression visits often. She wraps herself in a gray blanket like a cocoon, sitting in a dark corner. Her eyes staring off into space, unable to sleep.

“What are you sad about?” Depression asks.

“I don’t even know,” says the girl, tears starting to drip down her face.

Her pale skin. She is scared and doesn’t know it, she doesn’t know why.

People tell her…

“Be positive. Put on a smile.”

“Try harder to be happy.”

Nobody asks why she is sad. Nobody asks what happened. What drove her to be so depressed. Why she wears long sleeves everyday now. Why she sits quietly in the back of the class. Why she barely talks anymore. Why she has no appetite anymore. Why she hides in her room everyday with the windows covered. Why she talks to herself, mumbling under her breath.

Maybe that’s whats causing it. Maybe that is whats causing the pain she is going through. The fact that nobody really does care. Nobody is really there for her. Nobody wants her around.

Or… maybe she is just doing this to herself. Maybe she can choose to be happy, no. Maybe she is just pretending, no. Maybe she is begging for attention, no. Well then, maybe she’s just crazy.

But that’s just it. She is. She is crazy. Her depression has taken over her mind. Over her actions. Over her thoughts. Over her. She isn’t herself anymore. She is someone else. She is trapped, in a never-ending nightmare. Her depression.

  • Leaf

    This deadass sounds like someone begging for attention cuz if good sis was that depressed she would’ve hurt herself terribly, made an effort to seek help, or straight out killed herself.
    And don’t @ me about “not being depressed” bc I am and I know what it Is to be this way.
    If you wanna make a good story about being depressed, don’t make sound like the “depression” literally everyone says they have nowadays but that’s a strangers opinion bby yaint gotta listen uwu

    • Jexica

      Thank you for the feedback. So basically this isn’t the full story, it’s only part one. And I just wanna say that, even if you do have depression, not everybody deals with it the same way and even though you don’t feel exactly like this, several other people do. Not everybody feels the same exact way with depression and some feel more depressed than others. But just because someone is more depressed than the other doesn’t mean that person isn’t depressed. And you don’t know the full story. Part 2 coming uwu

      • Puddin Tane

        Write what YOU know. As you said, it’s different for everyone. As I told Leaf, I’ve been through just about every phase of depression. I haven’t abused illicit drugs or alcohol during any of my depressed states. So, there is that. But I have been through the rest of it. Psych ward, meds, suicide, self harm… whatever. As I said, write from your personal experience. Hope you get better soon.

        • Jexica

          Thank you. And yea same here. But incase nobody knows who this is about, it is about me and what I’ve been going through.

    • Puddin Tane

      Depression is different for everyone. I haves with it since I was 1e and am now 55. I’ve been through all phases of depression, including the suicide. I’ve done that so many times I lost count. There is also the physical aspect of it. Ergo, the long sleeved shirt. Covering up possible cutting. Don’t be so quick to judge.

      • Jexica


  • Bonnie Manz

    There really isn’t anything scary about this story.

    • Jexica

      It’s not meant to be scary. And yeah this is creepypasta, but it’s basically more of the scary thoughts in her head. I’ll post more about this to better understand. There is a part 2.

  • Aly Greg

    Honestly, the fact that this topic is about depression, it’s horrible enough. It might ne different for anyone who experiences it, but this story is just one of the nightmares of this condition, especially when nobody cares to understand and help.

  • Ray Ramirez

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with that, it’s a rough journey and different for everyone that has to deal with it. I hope a better future awaits you, I liked the story by the way.

    • Jexica

      Thank you ♡