Red Feathered Knight

In my town there is a huge old castle that has a dark past. Rumor has it, it housed many skilled black knights. The rumor later goes on to say things of an attack.

The attack took place in broad daylight. They say only one knight did it. A knight with a red feather on his head. The rumor goes, a knight with a red feather was to be executed for treason. The knight had promised to make all the black knights in the castle to fall. At the end he died by blood loss after he killed ever black knight.

Me being the idiot I am, went down there. I was walking down a hallway when I heard something like metal clanging. I thought it was just other people. I find a set of armor with a red feather. I think nothing of it, saying it was nothing. I accidentally knock the armor over. I don’t want to pick it up because I’m too lazy. I decide to pick up the feather as a memento.

I am walking in more of the castle when all of a sudden *BANG*, a door comes swinging open. I feel a sharp pain in the middle of my chest. I feel like I’m kicked down and then I turn around, looking at my chest covered in blood where a blade wound is. I see a pair of feet and I look up, shaking with blurry vision.

I see a knight with red eyes. He reaches for the red feather I have. He puts it on then raises his sword in the air and plunges it into my heart.

Author’s Note: It may s**k because it’s my first story