Girl From Deep Web – Pt. 1

One day, on a windy night, I was sitting in front of my fresh new computer, surfing through the internet. I was trying to search for a hard disk to buy with a low price. I tried eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and other websites but the prices were high as f**k.

So I asked my friend,

Me: Hi, bro.

Gurv: Hi, man.

Me: Do you know how to get a cheap price for a hard disk from any available websites on the internet?

Gurv: I don’t know, bro. You know that hard disks are not cheap.

Me: Yeah, I know.

Gurv: But, there is a way to get any kind of hard disks for a very freaking low price.

Me: Where? What’s the website url?

Gurv: What I mean is that you have to use the deep web.

Me: The what?

Gurv: The deep web. You know what’s deep web, right?

Me: I know what deep web is, but are you saying that I have to use the deep web?

Gurv: Yes and I will guide you.

Me: You are crazy, bro. Well, guess I have no choice but to use the deep web.

Gurv: Don’t worry, bro. I will protect you.

Me: Why should you protect me? Is there any threat?

Gurv: Yup, the hackers.

Me: Holy freaking s**t! I can’t believe I’m doing this. but you know what, I’ll do anything to get a cheap hard disk.

Gurv: So let’s get started.

So my bro, Gurv, helped me to get me into the deep web. He said that I can’t use any ordinary browser. There is a browser named Tor. He said, “Only Tor browser can get you into the deep web. Also, don’t forget to close the windows and lock all doors. You are going to do the impossible.”

After a few clicks and flicks, I managed to browse the deep web and I found many kinds of horrible stuff that were available there such as r**e pictures and videos, live killing and torture. So I ignored the horrible stuff and went straight to what I was looking for, a cheap 4-Terabyte hard disk for $30! I remembered that the normal price for a 4-Terabyte hard disk is $100.

So I purchased the hard disk. It said that a guy will send the package to me at a place that I set up to meet. Gurv said that I can’t use my address or the hackers will know where I live and they will track me down and make me their victim. I went out from the deep web safely with the help of my friend. But, before I shut down my computer, I found a file.

The file named ‘you will be drowned.txt’ freaked me out. I hesitated for about 3 minutes. After my hesitation, I bravely opened the text file and something happened. Something bad, obviously. At 3.33a.m, my computer was hacked and jammed. I can’t use it at all. The desktop just vanished and what’s left was a black screen.

Then, 5 minutes later, something came up. A freaking tab. The tab was named ‘die in 666.exe’. I was like, “Wtf?! a satanic disturbance?!” That time, I thought I was going to die and get killed by a freaking demon. But instead, some bloody words came up from the tab and it said, “I wanna make a deal with you, jack.” “Holy freaking goodness, that is not my name, you son of another demon!”

Then, the demon used my speakers to talk to me and it’s a girl’s voice.

Demonic girl: Hi. I don’t know your name, ok?

Me: So why should you know my name? It’s not important at all.

Demonic girl: Oh, I’m so sorry. My name is (distorted audio) (distorted audio).

Me: What?

Demonic girl: I’m (distorted audio) (distorted audio continued for 1 minute)

Me: Ok! How about I call you ‘Jess’.

Demonic girl: Oh yes! That’s a freaking good name! I like it very much!

Me: So, what do you want, Jess?

Jess: Well, I want to make a deal with you or should I say a help.

Me: You want my help?

Jess: Yup. Could you find a body of a girl that just died, maybe a few seconds ago.

Me: What do you want to do with it?

Jess: Because I wanted to experience being a human and maybe I can hangout with you.

Me: yeah, sure. Sweet!

Jess: Ok, I want a s**y body.

Me: Well, I’ll try.

Yup, I got a girl (pretty much a demon) from the deep web.

Then, Gurv interrupted me.

Gurv: Hey boy! What’re you doing?!

Me: What?! I did nothing.

Gurv: No, no, no. Did you just talk to a demon?

Me: How did you know that?

Gurv: Duh, I can remotely control your computer from my home to guide you earlier. Don’t you remember?

Me: Ouh. So should I trust this demon?

Gurv: Why not? You don’t have a girlfriend, right?

Me: Right… well, see you later.

Gurv: Yeah.

and so, my mission begins.

Author’s Note: The story will continue soon because I think it’s too long…

  • Leezanne Hupe

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • Angel

    This is a nice set up!!! I am excited to see where you take this!

  • Temi Amiel

    I like the concept…drop pt. 2 soon😏