Psychsune Miku

I don’t know if you’ve realized this, but… Miku is a psychopath, it’s clear as day! This comes from my point of view, LEN’S POINT OF VIEW! I have personally seen her murder people, and as her mostly present friend, I have seen her murder people! Do you remember Lola? Well, reasoning why she’s retired… Miku killed her! Remember Bruno? He’s dead because of Miku, whoever pisses her off the most, she’ll kill them! If you never realized why they’re always near each other, it’s because they’re brother and sister. Miku always steals Gakupo’s katanas and uses them to commit her crimes! Gakupo doesn’t know that she’s doing this, but she also always wipes the blood off before she even brings them back to him, so there’s that!

I have decided to do a field study with my best friend, Piko to get the job done, or at least I hope he can get the job done, let’s hope, only hope! “Okay, I got the camera!” Piko says as he walks into my room with a camera and a bag of Cheetos, “Good Piko, I got the ice cream!” I say as I pull out a box of vanilla ice cream with two spoons, he runs over and hugs me, then we both sit down in front of the window, eating our junk food. Soon enough, Miku runs out, searching for her next victim, I then rapidly hit Piko on the shoulder and whisper-yell, “Get the camera out and let’s go, we need to prove to everyone how she’s a psychotic murderer!”

“But Len, I’m still eating the ice cream!”

“One more scoop, and we’re off!”

“But it’s SO good!”



He shoves a scoop of ice cream in his mouth, then we run all the way to where she is… the park! We follow her around, quietly, just to make sure that she doesn’t know that we’re right behind her, because if she does, we’re dead meat! “Who is next? Who is next?” Miku asks herself, walking around in a hectic matter, Piko then accidentally bumps into a bush! ” Who was that? Show yourself and you won’t die, show yourself and you’ll stay alive!” Miku yells to the bushes, Piko does not show himself, then Miku turns around to see Piko, “Utatane Piko, I should’ve realized that you were out for me ever since your twelfth birthday!” Miku then takes Piko’s belt and wraps it around his neck, Piko then chokes, this is my cue to run, I get as far as the apartments, then I run in, but soon enough, Miku pins me to the wall!

“Len, I swear, don’t tell anyone, and I’ll stop!”

“Why do you do it?”

“Because of you!”

“What do you mean because of me!”

“Because I can’t get to you!”

“What do you mean?”

“Date me or die!”

Her face then becomes a reddish-yellow, and her eyes lighting up with blood, I then say, “You’ve already killed my friend, so I’m doing everyone else a favor, kill me, and leave everyone else alone!” Miku frowns, then does an evil smile and says, “If you insist!” she pulls out a knife, and the craziest thing happens. She falls down on the ground, and finds out, she was given an evil disease that goes around the Vocaloids. It started off from Oliver, and was passed onto many others. If you do own a Vocaloid, and you love them dearly, provide anti-virus on your computer, and a firewall, then, they won’t get it. The disease leaves in fires, thank you, and this is Len Kagamine ending this scary, yet true story.