Psycho Beast


New headline on local paper: Mass murderer still on the loose.

A girl survived mass murderer, here is her story.

“It was about, um midnight, and I was in my room, sleeping, when I saw a pair of glowing eyes in the corner of my room, as a voice said, “I’m the wolf and your the bunny, now run.” I run for the window, climbing out of it.” The girl told the reporter, “And then she started to chase me, until the cops came. Then she ran off, into the woods.”

Hanna was a girl, who lived in the woods with her mother. She got spilt apart from her sister at the age of 5. When she was 7, she found out she had many mental disorders, such as, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety. Her full name was Hanna Silver. She never went outside her house, only to get her pills and find her cat. Even when she was taking the pills, see kept seeing things. A tall man, dressed in a suit. She shook it off as just a vision.

By the age of 14, she was able to go out of the house her the first time, not to get pills. She went to a summer home, so her mom could have some time to herself. When she got to the house, she didn’t like it at all. “Happy time summer home.” Was the name given to the place. She shook off her bad vibe about it and went to the door, knocking on it. A man, named Josh, opened it and welcomed her in. She was glided to her room, which she had to share. A girl named Becky, sat on the bed across from hers.

She stared at the girl, not knowing what to do, so she sat down her bag, as she started to read. Becky started to look through her bag, finding stuff from her sister when she was little, “H-Hey!” She yelled, tackling Becky to the ground, beating her up. Josh was at the door, smiling like a loon. She looked up, barely even bloody while Becky laid there on the ground. Josh told her to come with him downstairs. She nodded, following.

He lead her down the stoars, to a lap. Their was a table with a wolf strapped down to it. Another man came up from behind her and pushed her onto another table. She tried to kick and scream, as she was being gagged and strapped down. Josh laugh, hooking up wires to both of them. Hanna had tears in her eyes, about to cry. Josh weren’t over to a switch and pulled it down. Hanna started to scream, soon passing out from pain.

As Hanna woke up in the room where she was before, at the summer home, something was different. Becky was gone. She shrugged it off looking in her bag for a book, when she caught a reflection of herself in the window. She screaned, falling back as she felt something under her. She looked at herself, a tail, and two wolf ears on her head. Josh was at the door of her room, smiling, “How do you like your new features?” She growled at him, “I’m a monster!” He alughed, walking away. She growled, running after him and tackling him to the ground.

He tried to turn around, but she snapped his neck, digging her new claws into his back, pulling out the heart. “This looks yummy.” She said, biting into it. Blood was all over her, as she got up, and went to get her bag, “Time to pay mommy a little vist.” She swing her bag over her shoulder as she left. She looked at herself, putting on a red jacket and zipping it up, going into the woods. She made it to her house, walking inside and up to her mother’s room, “Hey mommy, I’m home.” Her mother opened her eyes and scream, as she covered her mouth, “Shuuu I’m the wolf and you the bunny, now run.” She dug into the chest of her mother, ripping out the heart.

She ran out of the house, laughing insanly. She giggled falling to the ground with blood on her hands. She started to hear static, as she sat up, looking around. She stopped in front of her was the slender man, holding out his hand to help her up. He took her wrist and put a proxy symbol on it. She looked at him, smiling with big eyes. Her new name, was Psycho, Psycho Beast, and she is coming, for you.

  • adam cornelder

    First story that sucked

  • revya

    Lost me at “your the bunny”

  • Desthenes

    Would be better if there wasn’t so many grammatical errors.

  • Mason Heimsoth

    Make more please

  • Mr. Phase

    Not exactly a diamond, and it could have been a lot better. It had its good elements to it but overall me giving it two stars was a bit generous I think. Next time you write a story, jot it down somewhere first then build onto it and some forth. Fox all the errors and proof, done.

  • Walkinglord5

    Slender man slender man all the children try to run. Hey, slendy good to hear about you again. BUT seriously,this guy needs to edit this story because I saw a few errors.

  • Opal Kat

    Eh it was ok. Could’ve been better, but at least it had an OK story line.

  • Simon

    Still one of my favorite crappypastas to this day.

  • Konner

    Logic. Somebody puts wolf crap on you and you autimatically become wolf-ish. And why did Slenderman have to be there? It’s so dumb when people think all the creepypastas work together. If Slenderman met her, he would of killed her if not just ignored her.