Shadows in the Corner

I blamed my imagination when I got scared.

That footstep behind me was me being paranoid and my imagination making the shadow in the corner seem to move

The mirror blinking a second after I did, was my overactive imagination being led to terror after I read to many ‘pastas that day.

All my fear was led by my imagination.

Or so I thought.


It was a regular night. I lay in bed waiting for the lure of sleep to come in.

Eventually, I realized that I wasn’t going to fall asleep anytime soon, So I reached over to check the time.


I sighed and reached over to grab my book on the nightstand. As I reached for it, I thought I saw a shadow move. Assuming it was one of my cats, I mean, I only have 11. I did the typical cat call of, “here kitty kitty.” No cats came from the darkness. I guessed it was a kitten, they are new so maybe they didn’t know to come to me. I got my flashlight from my bed shelf (shelf above the bed) and shined it at the corner. Nothing was there. I heaved a sigh. My imagination was getting the better of me again. So I just ignored it and read my book.


I got bored reading the book so i got my phone and started watching YouTube.


I smiled. Nothing was better than hearing Jacks voice. A few minutes into the video, I happened to look at the corner. Shadows were moving again. I paused the video and looked into the dark for a little bit waiting for my eyes to adjust. I swear that it seemed to be looking right back at me. I grabbed the light again and shone it into the corner. Nothing again. I was to begin to get annoyed with myself. Nothings there I told myself. Then I resumed the video.

A couple more minutes later my eyes wandered back to the corner again. This time the shadow seemed larger, more intimidating. I shone my phone screen at it this time. With the dim light the shadow still loomed in the cursed corner. Only now to my horror I could see the whole thing. I felt my pulse quicken as I looked at its eyes. They were empty. Just dark, empty sockets. This being looked at me and smiled showing his menacing and sharp teeth. It slowly cocked his head, its mouth slowly opening wider to reveal more and more teeth. It started coming closer to bed arms bracing and reaching out to me. I did the last thing I could think of and turned on my phones flashlight. It screamed and lashed out at the small device, knocking it out of my hand. It skittered across the floor and then the darkness swallowed me whole.

I awaken to more darkness.

I waited for my eyes to adjust and took in my surroundings. A bed, a bookshelf, a closet. A bedroom. I tried to get up. 1, 2, 3, oh! Ow! My head… Nevermind. I’ll just stay down here. I groaned when the pounding in my head intensified.

“Hello, is anyone there?” someone called out.

I remained quiet to not cause alarm.

Suddenly a light shone to where I was sitting. I felt the light go through me and notices it hit the wall behind me. It was like I was made of air.

The light then turned off. I almost cried out when I realized that my skin was dark and almost see through. I struggled through the pain and got to my feet, knocking over a framed photo in the process. I glanced at my reflection for a brief moment before the light shone again. Dark eyes, sharp teeth, dark figure. I realized what I had to do. As soon as the light was out I silently snuck up to the bed and grabbed onto the person under the blankets. They screamed out as I did my worst.

The next morning I woke up as a human in flesh and blood. I smiled at the mirror across the room. In the mirror, I had empty sockets as eyes but I knew that no-one else would know what I have done. No-one would see my true appearance due to humans being easy to fool. I was just wearing a costume of the human body of whose soul I stole from that night and left her to suffer the curse until she passed it on.
Have fun sleeping tonight.

Author’s Note: (You do not have to read this.) The reason I wrote this is because I do have to deal with my imagination at night that attempts to scare me. Also, this was my first story so I tried if you didn’t like it.

  • Bella Bard

    I like this story! It is very interesting! And it’s like I’m reading a diary!

  • Nappy

    Great story, through the brief tale you gave us a grounded character we could feel for then twisted them into something to fear. 5/5

  • Cali_Katrice

    That was creepy. Good descriptions. Great job!