Prove It

I have a couple of questions for you. Yes you, the reader. I want to know. How many of you believe the Sun revolves around the Earth? How many believe it is the other way around, Earth around the Sun?

Now, how many people have evidence for your belief. How do you know this to be true? Is it because of what you were told? Does the person that told you have evidence? Or what about the person that told them?

Now think about this. How many things also apply to this? How much of your life are you sure of? How do you know you’re actually reading this? What if you’re dreaming? What if you’re actually a spider dreaming? You are probably denying that last part. But why are you denying it? Is it because you were told that you’re a human, born as a baby human? Who told you? What evidence do you or that person that told you have?

The answer is none. But I told you that. Do you believe me? What evidence do I have? What evidence do you have that is true, or even that I told you that?

You know nothing of this world. Or do you? Can you ever be sure? Think about these thoughts. Or can you even think? Can you have emotion? Is emotion real? What is anything? You don’t know.