But Is He Real?

I’m not sure whether to call the police; or my Psychiatrist? I’m about 95% certain the man standing in the corner is real; and is not a figment of my imagination caused by my hallucinations. I’m not hearing any voices like I usually do, and I swear I took my meds this morning.

I’ve tried talking to him, asking why he was here and how he got in, but no answer… then again, that could be caused by his missing lower jaw.

I just want to sleep; but every time I close my eyes, I’m certain he takes a step closer to me.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Make sure to use semicolons properly. They separate two independent clauses that work in conjunction to make a single point, therefore they’re better displayed in the same sentence. As for the story… Interesting concept, but with its bland delivery, it wasn’t very eye-catching.