Please Don’t Ignore It

If you have ever been home alone before, you may have heard sounds like claws against your house.

Some people may get scared, others will ignore it. BUT DON’T IGNORE IT. That will make it more aggressive.

You need to somehow let it know that you hear it, by either simply saying, “What was that?” or scratch the part of the wall where it was clawing at.

This particular creature is kinda like a child with an adult attitude. It doesn’t like to be ignored.

If you do ignore it, then you should expect the creature to be clawing more aggressively, screeching to the top of its lungs, banging on your door, and seeing someone or something moving in the shadows of your home.

If any of this happens to you, you must remember to stay INSIDE!! If you do go outside, you are done for.

The way for the creature to stop is to hide, then it will think you left and will try to go find you.

The creature may take the voice of a dead relative to try and lure you out of the house, but this is only if it can see you, and you have ignored it for up to an hour.

So just remember, DON’T IGNORE the creature, or it’ll make you wish you were dead.