Drifting in the Unknown

I’m drifting into the unknown once again. I wake up white walls, white walls is what I see in a 360 degree angle view, it’s quiet here no noise at all actually. I stare and try to walk around. I’m walking nowhere. I speak, “Hello? Anyone here? Can anyone hear what I’m sayin?” in that same breath. The white walls are bloody all of a sudden. Blood everywhere running down my peripheral view.

I smell the iron in the air. I hear the ceiling above me starting to crack. The walls starting to shake and shrink before my own eye’s. With my heart pounding, I fall to my knees. The floor beneath me is rising with hot thick blood. I feel like I’m trapped now. Neck high in this not so white box anymore. I’m starting to tread in the blood, not knowing how long I’d be stuck treading.

I kept a steady pace. I hear different piercing laughters in all directions. I smell burning flesh, and heavy smoke in the air. I hear a voice, nothing like I’ve ever heard before. It whispers to me, but I can hear it loud as ever. The voice says, “Welcome. I’ve been waiting for you for a very long time, son.” The box with white walls now almost full to the top. I’m gasping for breath, smoke appearing through thin air. The smoke choking me out. I feel my body sinking down into the blood thinking I’m dying. I’m basically inhaling blood and smoke. I’m stuck. I take one last breath and close my eyes as I stop treading. I’m being pulled to what it feels like by millions of hands around my body at once.

I wake up into my normal state of life the one I well know. I’m still gasping for air thinking to myself, “Oh just another bad dream again.” I go to get out of bed but I can’t move. I’m stuck paralyzed in my bed. The lights dimmer than usual which is odd because I don’t recall my light-switch to have a dimmer. I look up. I’m stuck staring at the glaring red eyes on my ceiling for a while then I feel heavy breathing behind me. The eyes are now developing a supernatural demonic face I haven’t seen before. It smiles at me as the rest of this supernatural beat up body is taking form. It reaches out to me with this black decayed arm full of open wounds, gashes, maggots, and larva, crawling around in the cuts with a palm dripping discolored blood.

“Take my hand boy, I’ll take you to where you wanna be. You just have to trust me. Take my hand.”

I start to pray out loud at it. I hear it mocking me laughing and speaking in touges then resorts back to english. It is saying, “God can’t help you boy,” right then, my bedroom door opens, but as it opened it whispers looking right down at me. “I’ll be back with company,” smirking with a terrifying smile it disappeared. I can move again. I turn my head to look who it is at my door. It’s my cousin coming to wake me up for work. He asks, “What’s the matter?” I said, “Just another night of the Unknown.”


  • Garrett Rasmussen

    Experienced this some time in july in the summer of 2018