The Deathless Experiments

Sometime in the mid-to-early 90’s, an experiment was conducted in a part of the world that was cut off from the rest of the world. The scientists who wanted to begin a new world, people who wanted to stop all wars before they even happened, and save many lives. So they began The Deathless Experiments, and as the name implies, it was to prevent death.

So, the subjects, all soldiers, people, and others with nothing to lose. People who also thought the cause was something of greatness.

There was a total of twenty-five people that were to be subjects. They shared a large room filled with bunk beds for them to rest in, and had two bathrooms for their convenience. They were promised food and water.

This is the first entry of Mariska Angelov, a Russian woman participating in the experiment. It was found in the ruins of the complex where these experiments took place.

Date [EXTRACTED] – Day 1

My name is Mariska Angelov, I am from Russia. I am only thirty years of age, but I decided that since I have no living relatives, and have thus far done nothing extraordinary with my life, I would partake in this experiment.

The idea of The Deathless Experiments is to rid humans of death by putting our bodies through harsh trials, such as exposing us to extreme heat or cold, as well as inducing pain.

I hope this is a success, as I do not wish to die for nothing. This place we are in is very remote and, as such, no people outside of those working with the Experiments. This land is filled with snow, white everywhere. I’m used to such conditions, but I fear those may hamper our efforts here.

If anyone finds this in the future, know that I did not wish to harm anyone by my actions, just in case I unfortunately end up doing so. I simply wish to strengthen humanity as a whole.

I pray to God that this all works.


The text was barely eligible, and the papers were so faded that it seemed they were hundreds of years old. It was one of the many curious things that had been found. The date was extracted for reasons unknown.

During the exploration, many journals, twenty-five in total, were discovered among the ruins. It seemed that the scientists had provided the subjects with them so they would be able to keep their sanity.

Most information that was discovered was so from the writings of those who had partaken in the experiment itself. The next bit was from a man’s journal. He was later identified as Olivier York.

Date [EXTRACTED] – Day 2

Today was one of the hardest days of my life. Put this into perspective, if you will. I am 47, and have worked in the lumber industries in Canada for nearly my whole life. I’ve done manual labor. I’ve done my fair share of work. I’ve been fighting prostate cancer for three years, and I figure that I haven’t much time left anyway. Might as well see if these guys aren’t actually just rambling quacks.

I woke up this morning at eight and we had breakfast. Then, the testing began. At first it was to test hand-eye coordination. Then it was to test our thoughts and emotions. Then they put me in a tub full of ice and ice water. It was awful. Then I was thrown into boiling hot water over and over again, I nearly died. Drowning in boiling water is not fun. They would then put us through various forms of torture, one extreme to another. I’ve never felt so awful in my life.

They treat only the wounds that are fatal.

So I’ve had burns and frostbite treated in one day. One of the guys died. I felt so bad for him, especially because he took his own life by drowning himself in the salt water we had to be dragged into. He was unstable at best, and he couldn’t handle this.

I have his notes. This is all I got from it, since he died on day 2.

Date [EXTRACTED] – Day 2

I am… oh God, why the hell did I even do this in the first place?? This is awful. I hate these damn trials. This is stupid, I never thought that we’d end up in the clutches of a crazed quack. They actually think that they can stop death.  I don’t know why I even took these things seriously. I mean, who the hell do these people think they are?

I came here because I am sick. But I have a wife and son.

Tell them, Mandy and Brad Jefferson, that I love them.


They found his body in a tub of salt water. I barely knew the guy. I can’t believe on day one he quit like that. I really wish I could’ve stopped him. Poor b*****d.

Date [EXTRACTED] –  Day 3

Another brutal day. A man named Robert nearly died when we were put into tanks filled with low oxygen.

Then we were blindfolded and set loose in a huge space downstairs that was rigged full of traps and such, simply to see how well our instincts and senses (aside from sight) worked.

Then we were put into very intense fighting training, as well as things people do in physical therapy, just so our bodies wouldn’t totally give up on us.

I don’t know where in the world I am, but I hope God is listening when I pray to Him.

One journal that was found on a bloody and corroded cot was filled more so than any of the others the search team had found. It was shocking that it went from cover to cover, unlike any other journal.

The most interesting things started happening to the owner, a woman within severe brain damage, named Kathy Frey.

Date [EXTRACTED] – Day 35

I have prayed to every deity I know of.

I just can’t seem to find acceptance for what they have done to me. For the monster they have turned me into, the blood I have shed, the flesh I consumed, and the deaths I have wrought.

I know my sins are unforgivable, but there is no way for Them to terminate me. They know I have permanent brain damage, and am now a Deathless, with razor-sharp teeth and jaws that rival the strength of a wild animal, and claws like tiny blades.

I can see perfectly in the dark. All of my senses are something you’d only read about or watch on television. I can hold my breath for an hour, I’m immune to most poisons and diseases, and I heal really quickly. I’m faster than a train and as agile as a cheetah. I can climb up a tree faster than you could believe, and it’s the same for rocks and buildings.

And now, as I sit in my bed among the other people like me, the eleven of us who have made it, I wonder what will happen next.

Out of all the others, Mariska Angelov is the only one I really trust and know. I’m a breast cancer survivor and I decided this was just another test I was fated to endure. I know I’ve mentioned that before, but every now and then, my mind wanders back to the days where I wasn’t the person they made me now.

Am I still a person? Do I even have humanity left in me?

I doubt it.

If any god or goddess is listening, please, SAVE ME FROM MY HELL.

Date [EXTRACTED] – Day 40

I killed them. Two doctors. They were “just trying to help” when they came at me with those damn needles again. They were using some special needle that wouldn’t break against my flesh.

The stigma of pain activated my primordial side, and I ripped them both apart with ease, like they were wet toilet paper.

I am now in solitary confinement.

I killed them. Martin Davis and Jack Yingling. They had lives and families. And I am the one who took them away from their families. Stole their lives. They’re dead because of me.

How ironic that they died for the Deathless Experiments.

Now I don’t know what they will do to me. Maybe keep me in here indefinitely.

The question is if they can.

After reading Kathy’s journal, the team went to look in Mariska’s to see if anything she’d written would shed some more light on this case.

However, what they found upon reading her journal was not at all what they had thought of when they thought she’d help uncover more secrets.

Date [EXTRACTED] – Day 50

I know that they think they can stop me. Hahaha, oh no. No, no, no, no, no they can’t!

There’s no possible way to stop me now. They knew that to some degree whenever Kathy lost all her marbles and killed those doctors. They knew, deep down, that the remaining subjects were going to be just like that.

Olivier, Kathy, me, John, Adam, Ava, Sesji, Yvonne, Elizabeth, Jason, and Dan. That’s all of us now.

Ava keeps to herself, and since she started off as a blind introvert, she now seems to have retreated into herself more. Olivier, who came from France and was in the Royal Air Force, babbles incoherently to the corner. John yells prayers and hits people on occasion, breaking a nurse’s arm once. Sesji, from Japan, makes paper maché and paints. Yvonne draws. Elizabeth runs around and scratches the walls. Jason likes to scream in Russian at people and nothing at all. And Dan is in isolation, like me, because he ripped the head of a doctor.

We all do this because we are mad.

But they can’t stop us, we can’t be killed.

We can only kill each other.

Twelve subjects that cannot die escaped when a scientist named Roger Collingwood set the building on fire.

When the team was recovering the journals and other things, a woman on the team named Mary was torn apart like an animal had done it. Beside Mary’s body, scratched in the dirt, were the words “We are the Deathless.”

Original Authors: Raven and Emi (Ravin_Raven)

  • Valndrisa Valikina

    Very interesting

  • Richard Cutright

    As with many other stories on this app, I was unable to finish (no offense intended) due to excessive grammar and wording errors. A few tips would be have someone proof read, and edit before publishing, and use synonyms instead of the same word repeatedly. In particular “a remote part of the world cut off from the rest of the world” could easily become “in a place cut off from the rest of the world” or “on a serect island away from the prying eyes of the world” would be good substitutes. I also noticed your subjects being “soldiers, people, and others with nothing to lose” noteably the “people” being problematic, as the soldiers, and others with nothing to lose are most likely people as well.

    Story seemed interesting, but when i have to take too much time to re read things until they make sense, it becomes a chore. Again, I offer criticizm in the hopes that you will use it constructively, I’m a terrible writer myself (always have a block lol) but am at least a good reader 🙂
    I wish you luck with your next stories, and hope to see your name again in the published list 👍

  • Rose Morrison

    I totally agree with both of you Richard and Rayah. I would have been first to comment, but have been trolled so often, particularly by Zeo, who thinks grammar and spelling are unimportant, that I now never comment first on a piece, but wait to follow others. Sad times we live in.

  • Ana Lucia Gonzalez

    Good story

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    Pretty unique and interesting, but yes with some grammar and punctuation issues. Good stuff overall though!