This happened when I was about eighteen, nineteen years old. Back then I was very active and lived about a mile away from a park, five or seven minutes by car. I would go there all the time because I’ve always had issues with my weight.

I had been doing this all the way through high school so I never had any problems going there walking by myself.

Granted that it wasn’t frequent, just whenever I needed to relieve some stress. So I had gotten out of high school about maybe two months or three when I started going to the park again.

So this day wasn’t any different for me, except on my way back home, I noticed a blue car slowly moving towards my way. It was actually not a big a deal for me, but it kept following me about a good deal of the way, all the way from the park to less than half of a mile the same way. No big deal either on that as it actually happened a lot too, totally normal, except they had circled twice already.

So the third time I came close to them and asked if they were following me and they just stayed quiet, I noticed there were two people in the car, but one was in the front while the other one was on the back. The driver just smiled and shook his head. “Okay, because if you do, let me know so that I can call someone.” I told them.

I thought that they would then just drive off, and they did. Until they came back a third time, they slowly drove up to me with a non-convincing sheepish smile. “Actually we’re new in town and got lost. We were hoping to get a guide there, can you help us?” The guy asked.

“The two of you?” I asked, wondering if they were… You know, ‘that’.

“What? No, hell no and if you ask again we won’t be nice.” The driver spoke this time.

“Suite yourself, but before you threaten me, remember that you came to me.” I reminded them, noticing a third guy, how was trying to hide himself. “And why are you hiding yourself?” I knocked on the window.

“Who?” The other guy asked, and smiled again when I told them about the third guy. “You caught us, we are just trying to have a little fun with American chicks.” The same guy as before spoke.

“Okay, but you don’t have to get out of the car in order to do it.” I told him, eyeing him wearily.

“Oh, well we are just trying to have fun.” He told me, but I noticed the trunk was opened by someone, a forth guy.

“Don’t open the door.” I told the third guy, “and if you want directions then get to the town hall, they should have some maps there.” I suggested in case they were telling the truth but somehow I really doubt that.

“Why? Why shouldn’t I open the door?” The third guy asked, and got my phone to prove that I was not afraid.

Every once in a while the third guy kept trying to open the door, but I just slam it shut again. “Hey take it easy.” The first told me. The guy from the trunk was slowly also getting behind me.

I looked around and put my back against the wall slowly inching into the front of the car. “Come near me and I will hurt you.” I warned, as I got close to him.

“You won’t.” He smiled, I smiled back and got close to him. Pretending to hug him but instead I kicked him in the balls and got in front of the car. The guy from the truck was behind the first guy but now all four of the guys were outside and there was still one more in the car.

“I grabbed my phone which for a bit made them stand still, I called my sister first no answer all four times I called. They started to become at ease but I really could not have that in case their intentions were bad. “I’m going to call my brother!” I yelled loud enough for them hear. “You see, I’m bad at directions and it’s better to call him.” I smiled.

The first guy smiled back but they inched away, “no, it’s okay.” He smiled.

“Nonsense, you guys need to get some where right? It’s better to get help, you know what happens to foreigners and all in Texas.” I feigned.

“What? What happens?” He asked.

“Man let’s just go.” The guy from the trunk whined.

“Shut up!” He yelled finally getting mad, “not you.” He smiled at me, “now tell me, what happens to foreigners here?”

“Oh, you know.” I pressed for time as I called my brother for the third time.

“No, I don’t.” He told me with irritation.

“Oh, well if your going to talk to me in that tone then why should I tell you?” I argued, it was the fifth time I called. “What?” My brother finally answered.

“Hey, um can you stay on the line for a little bit.” I asked.

“No, I’m busy, what do you want?” He asked. I wanted to tell him but, no matter what I was very… I wasn’t sure how to tell him.

“There are some guys here asking for directions and since I’m bad at giving directions I was hoping you could help them.”

I turned the phone to them, and the first guy just shook his head. “No, it’s fine, we will just go.” The guy told me.

“No, no problem, I mean that is the whole reason you bothered me in the first place right?” I told him.

“Dude are you serious? The only reason I answered was because ***** was worried and wanted me to call you, I’m busy.” My brother complained.

“Just help me out alright! Damn, it’s the least you can do! All I called you for was for help and here you are bitching at me, just help them out please.” I asked, but in reality I was stalling for time.

“Fine, where do they want to go?” He asked me with irritation.

“Where do you guys want to go?” I asked them.

They stood up in shock, “oh, we’re not sure.” The guy told me. And my hopes we’re gone, during the time I was arguing with my brother I was hoping they would leave but they didn’t, the same four  guys were still outside, even the fifth guy was starting to get out. “Can you suggest places we can go?” The guy asked me.

“The casino.” I suggested.

“Oh, cool where is it?” He asked.

“Oklahoma.” I told them.

“Okay, were is that?” He asked.

“About a day’s worth.” I lied.

“Oh, we can’t, we only have two days left.” He responded.

“Why? Where are you guys going?” I asked.

They stayed quiet, “somewhere.”

“Look I’m hanging up, just because you and your boyfriend don’t know where to go doesn’t mean you have to involve me. Look don’t call me back, my battery is dying.” He told me as he hanged up.

Great, five dudes, one phone, only me. And they are way closer then I first left them.

“9-1-1 what is your emergency?”

“Who are calling this time?” The guy asked annoyed, “you know what, here pass me the phone this time.”

“Why? You don’t even know them.” I told him

“Give me the phone.” He grabbed.

“The police.” I told him. His eyes went wide and he dropped my phone.

I went to pick it up but he almost stepped on my hand, “let me grab my phone or I will scream, and since they are the police they will trace this phone and find me. Not only that but their car is blue and the license plate is…”

They left, I was actually glad except he said see you next time. Obviously I shortened the story up, and after that I met them three times since then

Each time with a different story until a girl disappeared. I called the police each time I saw them but no police car came until the a girl was reported missing.

  • IronMosquito

    This made zero sense. It was much too hard to follow, the grammar was terrible, and don’t even get me started on the story itself… You really don’t know how to write a good story. You’ve already submitted too many terrible “stories” to this place, please stop. This wasn’t even creepy.