Cracky Casy and Ticci Toby Pt.2

I could hear the creaking of the old door, at the house of the proxies. It chilled me, but I liked it. Slenderman brought me a new hatchet. It was nice, shiny and had a red handle, reflecting Toby’s orange handled one. I already had on older one in my bag, so I assumed it was just the second, as I was pretty much a female Ticci Toby. He didn’t mind that, and neither did I. He was honestly perfect. Fangirling over him made me deeply want blood. He was cold-blooded, and I needed to become that. Slenderman hinted at it too. He gave me a cold stare, even though his eyes were not exactly present, and every time I received that stare, I gave him a blunt look back, seeming sturdy in his eyes. Well, whatever he has.

“Come little one,” he said, referring to me. Toby looked at me, clearly happy for me to be doing… something.

“This time,” Slenderman said, pausing in speech, then resuming, “This time, your mark is not a smile. I will give you this mark,” he said. I was instantly scared. Toby followed behind me.

We entered this blood stained room. It looked like a padded-for-the-crazy type room until it was lit up. There was a table in the middle. It had blood covering the whole top half.

“Toby, show her,” Said Slenderman. Toby went to the table and turned so his back faced me. He lifted his shirt to reveal a large marking cut into his skin. It looks like Slenderman, but it had its tentacles sticking out from its back. After dropping his shirt, Toby turned and walked towards me. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me close.

“This will hurt. I’m sorry Casy, but to become one of us, you must take this pain and let my leader engrave this,” he said. I shivered at this thought. Toby was saying it would hurt, and he feels no pain, due to that nerve disease or something. He looked at me with a deep, heartwarming stare. I hoped this would end fast. Toby led me to the table and left the room. I felt a blade pierce my skin, but there was none, and my shirt was never lifted. I wailed in agony, just as I did when that smile was carved into my mouth. It was magic how it was done, but it was made into my skin. the sweater unharmed, no blood, but a carving. I exited the room, facing down. Toby ran up to me, placing his hand on my shoulders and asked; “Well?” I didn’t look up, but I collapsed into his arms.

“Hey hey! Are you okay?” Toby asked, but I  said nothing.

“Casy? Hey, are you okay?” he said softly.

“Hahahahaha!!!!!” I broke my silence and began laughing.

“What the-” Toby said, jumping a little.

“YES!” I screamed, continuing, “Toby! Look! I’M LIKE YOU!!!” I screamed again, showing the marking on my back.

“I knew it… this day would come…Casy, I-I… hmmmmmph. I meant what happened between us at your house,” he said, beginning to stare at the floor. I stopped so suddenly.

“That… k-” I noticed Slenderman look at me and leave. He knew we needed our own time. Maybe for the better, I thought then.

“That kiss, yes,” Toby said.

“Toby… you, umm,”

“Casy, please,”

“What? What do you need?”

“Do it again,” he said looking at me, slightly downwards. He seemed so lonely before I came into his life as his killing partner. I didn’t want to see him hurt, sad, alone. After all my dreaming that I’d be as amazing as him, this was the day. I began to wonder, did he love me?

“Toby, you mean ki-kiss you again?” I asked. He nodded. My heart began racing. It was true. I was loved by the one person I dreamed of meeting. my mind was rushing with questions. There was one that stood from the rest in my chamber of questions. How long? How long did he go on like this? And how does he love? He’s not like any normal human. How?

“Toby I,” I began to say, but he began to turn around.

“You don’t love me. I get it,” He said with his back to me. I didn’t run after him because I was sad I let him down, It was because he was wrong.

“TOBY NO!” I called out and ran to him. he stopped and I grabbed his shoulder. Yanking him to face me, I caught a glimpse of a smile on his face before removing his mask. He reached in an held me to his chest. I removed my mask and we kissed in a passionate kiss, letting our self-go to the desires of the flesh. Taking the lead he lifted me above his head, looking up at me. I smiled down at him, and he smiled at me. I placed my hands on his face and pressed my forehead to his. He put me down and hugged me. *CREEK*

“Huh? Oh, that must be hoodie! Oh yeah! First time meeting him. Your gonna like him. He’s awesome.” Toby said, in response to the door creak. Hoodie entered into the hall. He looked a tad demonic. Unlike the kid walking behind him. Hoodie covered his head with a dark blue/black mask with a red painted face on it. he wore a faded orange like hoodie, that was splashed in blood.  He kept his head down, seeming concealed. That kid behind him though, he looked happy. Hoodie passed right by us, bringing that kid into the room I was just in. I knew how it felt to scream that blood-curdling scream he was making in that room.  Toby assured we leave, to give them some time to get cleaned up. Hoodie was covered in fresh blood. This got me excited and thirsting a good kill. Toby gave me my hatchets sitting by the table, next to the old wooden door, and opened the door.

“First official mass killing. You ready?” he said, beaming with delight.

“Oh yeah!” I said, receiving the bloody and happy vibes Toby gave off. I was anxious to get to my first victim. I cracked my neck and left the home.

We walked for about 1 hour before we entered into a small ally-way. It seemed closed off, so no one would really find us. we chopped our way into an old, intercept and seemingly disgusting house. It may have been disgusting, but there were clear signs of life. A beer bottle sat next to the warm television. Because it was warm, we knew the victim was still home. We crept around, wanting no loud noises and people knowing we were here. Expecting a sound of footsteps coming closer, we sat and waited. After 3 minutes of silence, I heard a flush. They were in the bathroom. I snuck into the room and stood at the door, hatchet ready to bash into the person’s head. The doorknob began to jiggle. It stopped. I then decided to have some fun. I covered my face more with the mask and put the goggles on, making it imposable to make out initial facial features. The doorknob began to move again and the door slid open.

“Hi, there,” I whispered, grabbing his mouth and wrapping my arm around his neck.

“Hehehe. looks like someone is gonna die today! Who could it be? me? or you? I think you!” I said, emphasizing the “You” I said before. I released my hand from his mouth and reached for my hatchet. Pulling it out, I showed it to him.

“Your demise!” I then cracked out of my throat. Sliding it down his stomach, I jabbed it into his intestine, Letting him bleed out in front of me. I kicked him to face me, and bashed my hatchet into him, the blood spurting out aggressively. I heard a door open to my side, and another where Toby was. I suddenly heard a man try to cry out and I killed the man facing me. Toby rushed to me to find the two bodies I stood over.

“Nice!” he said with a slight laughter in his voice. We ran off. In the woods, we stopped for a breather. There we were approached by a boy. He was wearing all black and he had dark crimson on his hands. Sliding his hands to his back, he pulled out a knife. He began charging us with a dark, stomach-twisting upon apon his lips. Toby willingly took this kill. Smashing his ax into the boys head, the boy fell to face us. He had a deep bubling burn on his face. He carved an X onto his lips and cut off his eyelids. We laughed at the boy and resumed our way home. I was sure I heard a small voice say; “Last chance” and a final breath.

After returning, I already wanted to find my next victim. Hoodie turned the corner to face us.

“Hey,” he said

“Eyyy! Hoodie, how ya been dude?” asked Toby.

“So this is her?” Hoodie looked blankly at me.

“Yeah, Casy is her name. Cracky Casy,” Toby responded.

“Why Cracky?” Hoodie was puzzled, until I cracked my neck, clearly starling him.

“So that’s why,” he concluded.

“Hey, Hoodie right?” I said finally.

“Yeah, I assume Toby’s been talking about me?” he said.

“He said a few things, yeah.”

“Cool, So you’re his girlfriend?”

“I-I wouldn’t call it that…”

“I saw you in the hall. More like heard you! That smacking was so loud, China could hear it!”

“Alright Hoodie, time for you to go!” Toby cut in. He was blushing, only slightly though. He turned to me and assured me not to listen to Hoodie. We would be going out again tomorrow, and eventually find someone Slenderman needed to speak to. But who?

  • KarkatLovr

    I’m so proud of you! I’m hooked and I hope you keep up the good work! Love ya! ^w^

    ~Perianna Terran

  • IronMosquito

    Again, this is too cliché. At least you admitted that your character is a copy of Toby… But that still doesn’t make it good. Also, if you write a story where someone is losing sanity, if you do it right it can be scary. But when it’s “HAHHA LOOK AT ME I’M LIKE YOU GET READY TO DIE HHAHHAHAH” type insanity, it’s just funny actually.

    • BlazerodRed

      Although i am saying this in my own opinion being that… I have a role play character that is londa like this…. Im not a crazy person though!

      • IronMosquito

        So they’re trying to make this funny rather than legitimately creepy? If that is the case, then that’s even worse.

  • Wingman

    I love this. I’m following the story and I love it! Keep it up, this is awesome!