When I was very young, I always leave some food under the dining table. My mom asked me about it and I told her that it was for my friend. She lectured me about not wasting food but I still did it for the next few years without anyone in the family knowing it.

When I was about 14 years old, I didn’t know why I was still doing it. I decided to stop leaving food under the table.

That night when I was sleeping, someone was knocking on the door. I checked my phone to see what time it is. It was 3:22 in the morning. Who could be awake at this hour? I opened the door. I regret that I ever opened it.

It was so small. It has no eyes or a nose. Though it doesn’t have any eyes, I can feel it looking at me. Then it spoke, “Why didn’t you gave me my food?” I was horrified. I focused on it more and saw that it has a very thin body. It is wobbling and it is looking straight at me. I am stunned. I closed the door so hard that it might have awaken my parents. Hopefully, it did not. I started crying and I don’t know why. The thing started clawing and kicking at my door. It screamed very loud and my ear started bleeding. It hurts. I thought about opening the door then run to my parents. With the monster’s small physique, I can do it really fast. I decided to do it.

I opened the door very fast but what faced me was not the small monster. Instead, it is something that is larger than my door. It also has the same features of the one before. No eyes, no nose, but now it has a bigger body. It is missing one arm and it has a lot of scars on its chest. I can still feel the monster’s intent gaze at me. All my will to run went down the drain and I fell on the floor. It lift me by the neck and I cannot feel any part of my body anymore. Then it spoke, “Don’t you remember the deal we made when you were younger? Food in exchange for all your lives.” I do not remember such deal. I may have been too young at that time. I can’t breathe. It continued, “This is the first time you did not gave me anything and I will let you go. The next time you’ll do this, I WILL EAT YOUR WHOLE FAMILY!” It let go of me and went away. That night, all I did was cry.

The next day, my parents noticed my bleeding ear. I told them that I just trip on something last night. I was scared that it might kill us if I told them everything. Now, I never forget to leave food under the table. And sometimes, I can feel its hollow eyes looking at me when I eat.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Honestly, it’s written so poorly that it’s nearly impossible to read through. You need to learn the difference between past and present tense. The story was a little creative but there was no plot development at all. It was weird and I liked that, but as previously stated, it was written awfully. Please, proofread before you post…