One Man Hide and Seek

My name is Clairissa and the story I’m about to tell you is unbelievable and it goes like this.

Me and my friend Justin were looking on the internet to entertain ourselves and while looking upon the internet, we finally stumbled onto the rituals Ouija boards and creepy stuff part of the internet. There was this one ritual the intrigued me and it was called One Man Hide and Seek in bold black letters. Me being the person I am I asked Justin to click on it.

“You sure you want to read this looks like a bunch of dorky baloney,” said Justin while raising an eyebrow.

“I’m sure it looks I guess interesting like it’s a magnet pulling me towards it to read it,” I assured him.

“Okay,” and then clicked on it. Of course it was what I expected interesting, intriguing and of course I had to try it!

This had to take place at night at 3:00 A.M. because it told that all the demons and spirits will come out until 4:00 A.M. I’m not going to tell you how to do this now but I will later.

“Hey how about we do this,” I said excitingly. I’m going to tell you two thing that you will always see in me: bravery and daring. With out a doubt he agreed. That’s the thing I like about Justin he’s just like me.

“But if we’re going to do this, and it takes place at 3:00 A.M. then I have to spend the night.”

“Alright tell your mom,” I told Justin.

You see, when Justin spends the night we have a drawer with some clothes that Justin can change into for when he sleeps and wakes up in the morning. Justin then pulls out his phone to text his mom. My mom then comes into the room to check on us.

“Everything okay? Do y’all need any snacks?” my mom asked.

“Not now, but can Justin spend the night?”

“Yeah sure just as long it’s okay with his mother,” my mother said.

Justin then chimed in, “She said it’s okay as long as I have a change of clothes.”

“Well we already have that,” I then plasted a smile onto my face. You see with people these days it’s weird for a boy to sleepover at a girls house well me and Justin are tight so it didn’t matter as much and our moms didn’t care.

“Well then have a good night, lights out by 12:00 A.M., Okay?”

“Okay,” I responded. My mom then left the room. I smirked and I gave Justin a high-five.

We began to do he ritual around 2:47 A.M. Since mom said lights out we had to use flashlights and be super quiet.

“Okay so red lace rice uhh and ewwww we need finger nails from each person playing. Yuck!” I said.

“I got three questions. 1, why does this have to be at 3:00 A.M., 2, why do we have to use red lace and 3 why do we have to have finger nails!?” asked Justin I then replied to his questions.

“Okay so the 1 it has to be at 3:00 A.M. because it’s said that’s when all the evil spirits and demons come out. 2 it has to be red lace because it represents the blood. And 3 the fingernails represent apart of us that way it knows to kill us.”

Since Justin is like me he didn’t seem freaked out so he just nodded his head and continued to sew the red lace into the doll.

“Okay so we got everything we need so let’s put this thing the sink with running water take the scissors we jabbed it with and say we’re it quietly 3 times and then after that we go into the bathroom and stab it 3 times and say you’re it 3 times and go I instructed. want to end the game find the doll and surround us with salt and say: one man hide and seek is over,” I instructed.

We then did as I said but I thought it was just a hoax but to this day I know it isn’t. When me and Justin decided to go separate ways we had flashlights some battery’s to put in the flashlights just in case the battery’s in that flashlight ran out and some walkie talkies just to keep in touch. When hiding in the basement I hear something walking above that basement door. Me not jumping to conclusions I thought Justin was just trying to find a hiding spot (BTW the stuffed animal we used wasn’t a stuffed animal it was a life like american girl doll so yippee for me not being terrified).

I was still in tact that it could not be a hoax, so I used my walkie talkie and whispered into my walkie talkie and asked Justin, “is that you walking on the basement?”

“No,” Justin quickly responded.

“Oh crap!”

“What is it,” Justin said anxiously.

“I don’t think this is just a bunch of baloney.”

Thoughts were racing through my head, how is this possible? How did the demon know to posses this doll? As I was thinking, I heard the slightest voice to this day it still haunts me.

“Clairissa I just want to kill you. What’s so wrong with that. I’ll repay how you stabbed me just much much worse now come out come out where ever you are!” It was such high-pitched voice but so innocent like a five-year-old voice.

Thank god I was all the way in the front that way I could make a run for it. I then heard Justin thankfully whisper into the walkie talkie as quietly as he could and say, “You okay down there?”

I then spoke and made sure I was quiet enough for the doll not to hear me, “Yeah I just need to wait to 4:00 or make a run for it.”

And the most blood piercing scream I heard up stairs and from my walkie talkie and the high-pitched voice spoke again.

“Oh I forgot to mention a few of my demon friend came along to late now to save your little friend in fact I won’t try to kill you, he is now possessed I let him do the job I don’t wanna get my hands dirty.”

“Show yourself!” I said out of fury.


That doll, I wouldn’t even call it a doll, that thing can around the washing machine (which was in the basement where I was hiding behind) came around it. It was a horror view you’d never think it was a doll before, it had blood piercing eyes with the scissors into two except that thing must have sharpened them because it was like a cutting knife. And it was hovering. I then hear the basement click shut. With my stupidity I tackled the doll.

I fought the doll for the knife/scissors and with my best might I then grabbed the things hand and pulled the knife/scissors from the things hand. The way the thing was holding it cut its hand and it let out a blood curdling scream. This gave me enough time to grab the other knife/scissor from its hand (I’m just going to go with a knife now). This all happened so fast I forgot that the basement door clicked shut for some reason. But I hear nothing but, at the corner of my eye I see red and a tall bulging body. I then turn to see what it was.

With what I saw was like the doll piercing red eyes and its hovering body I then adjust to what I’m seeing. The thing was right it was Justin possessed the doll is done screaming and smirks at the sight of Justin. The thing then hovers over to it and says something I can’t say but I’ll try to spell it, “mosoda no threese,” and the last word I knew: attack.

I figured since Justin was possessed and he didn’t have my DNA or anything he didn’t know who to kill or what to do. Justin the opened his mouth open so wide. So wide it almost hit his stomach then begins to walk towards me growling as if he was hungry. For a faint second I remember something. Something from what we read from the instructions and it went like this: you have to survive until 4:00 AM at 4:00am spread the salt around everything anything that’s possessed alive anything used to kill you and whoever is playing with you and say, “one man hide and seek is now over”.

I then check my watch 3:59 and after that I ran around the basement waiting out the minute until 4:00 A.M. it felt like hours but the thing with Justin were hovering so they were slow. It finally was 4:00 A.M. and the doll went limp and Justin fell to the ground unaware of what happened I told him everything and I spread the salt every where the knives the doll. Me and Justin saying the chant together the doll went to dust and so did the knife.

I’m surprised my mom didn’t wake up but she is a heavy sleeper and she has ear plugs in so thank god she didn’t wake up.

Sometimes I still see those piercing red eyes staring at me at night. I try to tell my mom that some demon is stalking me but she tells me it just me paranoid and that it’s not real. But I learned one thing in life: you can’t kill what isn’t real.

  • The Great Corrupter

    This honestly isn’t very good. But don’t get discouraged, keep practicing and writing. I believe you will get better.

  • Sontax

    please learn to write

  • SymphoBro

    couldn’t make it past the first paragraph, so here’s something to help you write better. I don’t think this is an actual grammar rule, but if you want your writing to sound better, do not use the same word or phrase more than once within the same paragraph (with obvious exceptions such as “the,” “a,” “i,” or other common little words.) I do not need to read “on the internet” three separate times immediately after each other while you are explaining the same, single basic thought. There were also a few grammar errors to correct as well. I’m thinking you may be an esl, since i have seen a few of my friends write like this. If that’s the case then you are getting the main point across that you are trying to, which is an accomplishment in itself, but you need to correct a few things to make your creative writing actually readable.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    The story itself was very interesting, but I think the main problem here was adding more descriptive details and like Symphobro pointed out, don’t be repetitive. Your story has to flow. You’ve got a great imagination and that’s a great starting point. Keep practicing!

  • Simplicity

    I had a very hard time reading this. It wasn’t because the story itself, but the grammar and misspellings.
    Example: “Me and my friend” should be “My friend and I.”

    You should keep practicing your spelling and grammar.

  • Creepyguy999

    I couldn’t finish it. The Grammer is awful in this story. Don’t feel bad and just keep trying. Trying adding apostrophes though as it really lacked and never put me or I then the friend’s name. Always go Justin and I. Also don’t repeat words over and over again as it pushed the reader away. I seen it first when Clarissa and Justin we’re on the internet and you repeated it three times. Just say it once to get your point across.