June The Abyyt

Author’s Note: This story contains themes of violence, abuse and other suggestive themes. Reader discretion is advised.

It was dark and cold as the echoing sound of a leaky pipe drips down on the cold cracked cement floor as dim ceiling lamp flickered, the light slowly going out. The only light there was besides the small bit of sunlight seeping in from the small bordered up window. June, who was forced down there by her abusive parents was crying, her body burning as fresh bleeding gashes scatter her body. This poor five-year-old being abused, her parents Kara-Anne and Rowan Marie angry at this ‘demon’ they made. Them being extremely Religious would do this to her, only bringing her upstairs to have these meetings with a priest to cure this child of the demons that possess her. Although some of them who came to ‘help’ June before always said that her ‘power’ was like a blessing, serving as a strength to the family then a burden. Once the two parents had the priests stop trying to help, the abuse only got worse. Well, her parents had no sympathy. They would beat and torture her, even going as far as considering about removing her kidney to get extra money. Luckily they had enough heart to not do such a cruel thing. They would keep her down there, no sunlight or anything, only feed her rotted food and scum once every five days. These people didn’t see this poor child as human. They seen her as a blood hungry monster that should be punished for stepping foot on earth. To them, she wasn’t even their priority anymore. But she couldn’t control her strange power however. It was like some kind of disease coming and going sending her into a blank state of panic. Words flooding her mind “you’re a monster”, “no one could ever love you”, “does it hurt, demon?” This sensation surrounds her almost as if she was in an ocean sinking into lukewarm water. Like hands pulling her down, vectors if you will. Her eyes switching from a crimson red to black to blue in a matter of seconds, like it was a glitch in her system. Like she is one with her mind but her body isn’t her own.

The powers only got worse with age. As her mind and body matured, the vectors grip grew tighter. Amongst hitting her early teens her anger became a lethal reason for the vectors to act up. People took notice on her skinny and underfed body shape. The bags around her eyes and the scars so they just like her parents would toss her looks of hate. They would go as far to call her ‘Zombie’ in the play yard, and even tossing her stuff the school dumpster. One time they threw her jacket in the school incinerator during a blizzard. “Zombies don’t care about the cold, right?” They would say to her. Because she had cried so many tears, she could only feel the red hot anger taking over than sadness. And as for the teachers, they wouldn’t help this bullied and abused girl.  Not even the guidance counselors. When she told them how she felt or how she was being treated, they would just ask: “well, did you do something to make them do that to you?” This sickened June to her very core. Only adding fuel to the fire. The worst of it all was in the 8th grade. During a historical video in her world history class, one of her ‘classic’ childhood bullies came over to her desk. Now this wouldn’t have bothered our brunette ‘zombie’. It wouldn’t have bothered her until he grabbed the grape soda she had beside her and dumped it all over the top of her head, staining the shockingly new white dress she was wearing. Naturally the others laughed like the kid told a dirty joke. Infuriated, June’s eyes switched color like a blinding storm, she began to hyperventilate. The others never seeing her eyes do this before all shut up. Except for the bully. When he turned around he had gotten a broken and bloodied nose. June was seated and her hand wasn’t red. Suddenly the fire alarm went off and water from the alarm came down, making the projector catch fire. The other children fled in a hurry. All except June and the other. The fire spread from one part of the room to the other, as June made her way to The bully. He being pummeled by unseen hands.

About a week passes after the incident, no one seeing June anywhere after she put that bully in the hospital. Each time she had gotten angry, her unforseen powers had gotten stronger. She became cold and distant to her classmates. They have feared her, like she was a dictator. Everywhere she went people still saw the burning ember from the incident way back when at her feet.

Hitting her high school years, June and her vectors became second nature. She hardly even noticed her glitching eyes or her invisible “hands” holding her upwards. Why? Well it’s because she, for the first time in her life, had finally made a group of friends who knew about her abilities and respected them. They knew that she never asked for them. Why blame the innocent than the guilty? It was a few years in to living with her adopted Korean family. June had regained her gentle soul, the ice surrounding her heart melted. Though that didn’t mean the teasing never stopped. Girls would hide behind the lockers and would gossip about her In between other subjects. Men would give her looks when she passed and stick their two index fingers behind their heads symbolizing demon horns. Of course, after years of abuse and trauma this was all but child’s play. Why should she pay them any mind when she knew she had people who cared about her for who she was?

Everything seemed fine. Her world seemed to burst with color and light after everything turned around. Good grades, a high GPA and everything. She and her friends would travel every weekend to different places in the city. Hah! “What a turn of events” she would always say to herself. She was blessed to have discovered this peaceful times. For a time, she had forgotten her powers. That all changed drastically. Gym class, third period of senior year. The FBI and SWAT had suddenly reared their way to her school because of a suspected murder of a fellow student. The others, taking this opportunity, pointed their fingers at June. The story of her had spread from town to town so without second thought,they held up their arms at her. June, pleading innocent started to back up. One of the cops being a newbie and reckless fool pulled the trigger of his gun. June ducked, knowing that she was going to get struck down. When she didn’t feel the stinging pain of led piercing her body she knew something was up. When she opened her eyes, there right at her foot was one of her friends with a small hold right through her jugular. She was in too much awe to even speak. Her heart began to pound like drums of war. Sweat glistened down her face down to her chin. Not even her tears could save her. She was dead.

As the blood from her neck spilled down to her shoes, she continued to watch. Her breathing kicked up and her heart began to beat faster. Covering her mouth to prevent wails she panted for a good five seconds. And then she stopped suddenly. Her hand clenched tightly around her mouth and her eyebrows furrowed in fury. After a good long silence, she spoke. “Oh?” She asked. “So just because one person stands out from the crowd you think its ok to shoot first then ask questions?” Her tone of voice was different now. Sure she had gotten angry before, but never has her voice sounded murderous before. Not even when her teachers room caught on fire. June growled and her eyes flickered. There it was blue-red-blue-red-blue-blue-red. Then suddenly they stopped at a different color. Like it was a one of those wheels that people bet on at a casino. The color was scarlet. A deeper shade of red. Suddenly the room paralyzed with fear. The police man who shot was shaking the most out of all of them. His lip quivered as he tried to form a sentence. After countless struggling he said only one word. “I–” before being beheaded on spot. The billions of students who had saw fled the building fled in a panicked terror. The officer’s head rolled around the room being kicked by rattled students. As his body dropped and the blood spurted out, the officers and SWAT took up the signal to shoot. Bullets flew in a straight line all towards June. Oddly they all bounced back right at them, like they ricocheted off of a titanium wall. The doors and windows locked as one by one all the shooters fell lifeless. Each dying in a different and gruesome way. One had his throat ripped out by the broken leg of a table going right threw it. Another had their head mutilated by bullets seemingly placing themselves towards their heads. Another, his head severed by a bleacher falling on him when he was down.

The bloodshed didn’t stop for hours. Not until everyone had been turned into minced meat. Once June had woken up from her psychotic coma, she let out a shrill gasp. Not out of just fear but out of excitement as well. She had mutilated a third of a squadron of police and SWAT. The others either passed out from fear or had killed themselves. She felt powerful, like she was the superior one for once. She was what people had made her out to be, a ‘natural born killer’.

June took her friends body out to a local grave yard not to far from the school. She had so much she wanted to do in life. June remembered how badly she wanted to be a researcher. Find a way to cure cancer, a leader for a new revolutionary movement. She had even promised to help June find out who or what she was. Now she would never know. And her friend would never know what the world would be like in future time.

After the word of the genocide had spread June was already gone. Like she had disappeared, almost like a ghost who had been exorcised.  As requested by the government, June’s adoptive parents were executed, leaving her alone once again

I sat on my couch in my little apartment,reading articles about the one they began to call “June the Abbyt”. The local news was on, presenting some breaking news alert. “June the Abbyt, young serial killer from Columbus high had just struck yet again!” The reporter exclaimed. “Due to reports from the next door neighbor, she killed the mother and father of two siblings who had seemingly been abused by the two. They youngest saying that she “set them free.” They siblings are currently in a hospital and will be sent to relatives to live with in the next state over. More on the case coming later.” I set down my phone and giggled. My giggle turning into a maniacal laugh. After calming down I slipped my hood over my head and smirked. ” ‘Bout time people began to learn my name!”

What is an Abyyt?

An Abyyt (pronounced: Ab-It) is a first born human with supernatural abilities that come into their lives. You can describe them as ‘fae folk’ or whatever you wish, but they are far from the fairies from Celtic lore. They possess an array of abilities such as healing fluids. However these fluids cannot heal the already deceased. Their eyes can also change color. The color responds to whatever emotion they feel and how much of it they feel responds to to shade of it. The stronger the emotion, the deeper the color. Abyyt have an unseen force behind them that helps them in tasks and have minds of their own. It’s only June who calls them vectors.

No one knows exactly what happened to the Abyyt race. And June is the only know case of them to resurface in 300+ years after the Salem witch trials.

  • Faith Thompson

    Interesting read.

  • Puddin Tane

    This needs serious work. It is missing punctuation and the sentence structure is hurting, bad. I can’t say about grammar as I won’t finish reading it. The only thing going for it is the advisory at the beginning of it. Thank you, by the way, for that much. At least I was warned.

    • just a nerd

      It may not be perfect but it’s not nearly as bad as most of the stories on here. I noticed mistakes yes, but in no way did they take away from the story or make it unreadable in my opinion at least.

  • just a nerd

    Really good story, reminds me a lot of a show I’ve watched with the “vectora.” Would love to read more maybe a prequel with more of her race.