Nightmare Land

I was always a Kirby fan, I had Kirby plushies, clothing, and all the games. But one day, my mom sold Kirby’s Dreamland, after a few days, mom gave me some money to buy a new game. So, I went to the local game store, I walked in casually and asked for the copy of the Kirby’s Dreamland for the Gameboy Classic. The cashier gladly gave it to me with a comment I remember vaguely.

“About time someone bought that, the last person to played it ended up dying two days after returning it.” I left without saying anything, being overly excited.

When I got home, I got my got my Gameboy Classic out and inserted the cartridge. The games intro was normal but, when I opened the game, there was a game already saved. The person had 66.6% of the game finished but, the file wasn’t called File 1, it read “Nightmare”. I was surprised but curious so, I selected the file. I wanted to finish the game for the person, I was excited about playing the game but when the game loaded in, I will never forget what I saw.

The sprite for Kirby was demonic and grotesque, it had blood on its hands, cut open in multiple areas where you could see its insides, its brain was showing with his skull broken, its eyes were black and red with blood dripping off of them, and worst of all is its smile with sharp points and covered in blood. Once I was done examining the sprite, I saw something in its blood covered hand, it was a knife covered in blood. I was about to vomit when, it looked at me and said, “Move or DIE!”

“What the hell!” I yelled. The weirdest part was that the whole game was in color instead of black and white. I did as the demonic Kirby said, I picked the Gameboy up again and played. I saw the first enemy of the level, I walked up to it, pressed B. Kirby then slashed at the enemy causing it to stop then, it started crying, then, its guts spilled out, letting the body fall to the ground and bleed. I grabbed the trash can at the end of the bed and puked.

When I looked back at the game, Kirby was in a room, a science lab, it had posters with the anatomy of all the enemies and Kirby. Kirby was just staring at me. The light flashed on screen then flicked back but, it was different, he was in the same room but, there were dead bodies around him with their intestines removed and hanging out. One of them was normal Kirby.

“You killed the real Kirby!” I yelled.

“No, I am the real Kirby,” it said, now I was really freaked out because, if this thing could see and hear me, it might know where I live. The light flickers again, now the Kirby anatomy poster is covered in blood. Then I looked behind it, there was writing on the wall that read, “Welcome to Nightmare Land” then my bedroom light started to flicker.

I heard a laugh from behind me, I turned around as fast light. I was in shocked as I saw it sitting right next to my pillows, next to a bunch of ripped up Kirby plushies. I almost died that day, I ran out of my room, ran to the fire pit in my backyard, threw the game cartridge into the pit and burned. When I burned it I heard it scream violently then stop. I am glad that it is finally over but, I still feel like that there isn’t anything that could explain that. Last night I heard something while I was sleeping, it might be coming from under my bed.

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    It was… Interesting. Worth a read, at least this once. But the protag better understand now not to get the game linked with death in any way.