The Woods

We moved about a week ago, me, my mom and brother. We move to a place in the middle of the woods, a nice little place. Me and my brother loved it because the woods, we loved the woods. It was favorite place to be. Well, that was until the incident…

It started the second day we lived there. Me and my brother were in the woods playing hide and seek. I was hiding under this big tree that had an empty inside so I thought it would be a good place. I was hiding, then I saw something in the woods, just staring at me, smiling with its huge mouth. It looked like a tall buff man with a top hat and a black suit. It was about fifty feet away.

That night while we were eating dinner, I did not say anything about the thing, but my mom could sense something was wrong. She didn’t say anything about it though. While me and my brother were in our room because we shared a room, he asked me.

“Did you see the man too?”

I got up and said, “So it was real.” Then I heard something outside so I took a peek out our windows. I saw something that sent a chill down my spine. It was him, the guy from the woods, standing on the edge of the woods just staring and smiling at me. I got my brother to see and we both were scared. We went to sleep but we made a deal: one of us had to watch the thing while the other slept. It was my turn for the first hour. He didn’t move, after one hour I woke up my brother and told him it was his turn. We did this until 6 am and then mom came into our room and asked me why I was up and looking out the window. She didn’t believe me though and said, “Come down to eat when you’re done changing.” After we ate me and my brother went out to investigate. We made the mistake of going into the woods…

We went deeper than we have ever gone before, looking for some type of evidence. That was until I saw him only ten feet away from us smiling. Me and my brother were frozen in fear. His soulless eyes staring right into ours. I got the courage to whisper to my brother.

“Run!” I took off running to our house. Only ten seconds after I ran I heard it. The scream I will always remember. The scream of my brother. I just ran to our house and told mom. She said stop lying and get your brother then I yelled.

“HE IS GETTING KILLED BY SOME GUY!” just then we both heard the scream of my brother. That was the last thing I heard from my brother. Two days later we moved.

To this day I still can’t tell you what killed my brother. I just know I will hear that scream inside of my head every night in my dreams… reminding me of what killed my brother.