Marry-an-ette Origin – Part 1

If you’re reading this you’re probably wondering who I am. My name is Mary an Ruth, I know it sounds old but that’s just my parents. The year is 2014, and I’m 15 years old. And my story is of my mother and my only “friend”‘s betrayal.

Up ’till I was three, me and my parents lived together happily. When I was four my father left to work overseas, or at least that’s what my mom told me, but as I grew older I realised the sad truth that my father abandoned us. It was quite clear to me when my mom started bringing home her new boyfriend. I didn’t really like that man for taking up all my moms time away from me, but I guess it wasn’t his fault, after all he didn’t even know I existed. I still don’t know why my mom hide me whenever he came by, he had a daughter as well so it made no sense to me.

Mom would often leave me for one or two days by myself to be with him. Sometimes I didn’t even eat anything because it was to quiet. Or at least for a four-five year old. After a while my grandpa found out about it and took me in with him. My grandpa had a passion, animatronics. He’d talk about them for hours, so much that it picked my child hyper brain. He tried making them too, but could only make miniature robot toys, but he wanted bigger. For years I was fascinated by animatronics and even made up one of my own and called it “Marry-an-atte”. My grandpa loved the name as much as I did because it was so close to my name. For years I tried to make “Marry-an-ette”. It was as you could expect, difficult. With all the notes from my grandpa it took me four years to make the base of the animatronic. It turned out well for a 9 year old to be honest. I said, “Grandpa look! I did well for a first timer right?” Waiting for the praise from him not even realising that my grandpa passed away three months ago. For years I continued to make the animatronics as best as I could. Another four years passed, by myself.

Now 13 years old and already made three animatronics as best I could, but the problem was, I had nothing to do with them. I thought it was best to just sell them to someone. I had no use for them, plus I could use the extra money. I went online and actually had them sold by a guy named William. We met at a place with many people. I was young but also very smart, or at least that’s what I thought. William was of course suspicious of a 13 year old selling a very high-tech manufactured products, and I don’t blame him, but I was as serious as he was about this. I showed him the products and proved my worth. After some talking William agreed to buy the animatronics off me.

“If you ever make any more of these give me a call, ok?” William said leaving me at my lonesome.

To tell you the truth I lied a little, I didn’t make three animatronics I had actually made four, but the one I didn’t tell him about was my masterpiece, “Marry-an-ette”. She was my first and best one yet. I never thought of selling her, and that’s because she looked too much like me. When did that happen? After some tinkering on “Marry-an-ette”. I left to go home which was two stories above my lab, which was the basement of my apartment. When I got home I was met with a surprise. My mother was home earlier than usual today. She was standing at the door waiting for me.

“Where have you been?” she asked. I ignored her though. She got mad and said, “Who’s Williams”?

I froze in place. “What”? I said confused like I didn’t know who that was.

“A man called home saying his name was William and wanted to thank you for your services,” with the sound of anger in her voice. I couldn’t blame her though, if a grown man calls your home thanking your daughter for her services, it would seem very suspicious. I on the other hand was practically in my rebellious stage and didn’t care for it. Then she asked questions I had no answer to, and kept yelling at me. Then she said something about how I wasn’t allowed to leave the house, but I was too pissed to listen. I finally snapped and said she should mind her own business and how she’s never here so I don’t have to listen to whatever she says. We went back and forth at each other until I guess she was filled to the brim with rage and said something horrific, something that’s enclosed in my mind even to this day.

She said, “Damn it, it would be better if you weren’t here.” I then heard a small gasp and heard her say something turning around and leaving the apartment, but I wasn’t listening because I was too shocked by her comment. I didn’t know what to say or do, but just stand there. After that, my mom started coming home less often. Two days turned into two weeks. I started making more animatronics out of frustration. Of course I sold the final products to Williams.

“Since this will be an ongoing process why don’t we make a deal?” Williams suggested. “If you keep it a secret that you made the robots-”

“Animatronics,” I interrupted.

“Whatever. If you keep the secret I’ll give you 20% profit I make from them deal?” It took me a second to think. Only 20%? That’s not a good profit, but for a 13 year old it was pretty good. And to the fact I didn’t really care.

“…deal,” I said after thinking about it.

“Good,” said Williams with his slitty smug smile. There our friendship began.

A year has passed and I’m still in business with Williams. I am now getting 37% profit. I’m 15 now and the animatronics were put in Williams shop’s around the state then the country. They’ve become quite popular to be honest, but no one knows it me making because of our agreement. As I was making the animatronics I was also working on “Marry-an-ette” too. She started looking A LOT more like me, but at the same time she became not who I am, but who I want to be. Cheerful, funny, playful… happy. Sometimes I wish I could become “Marry-an-ette” but, it’s only wishful thinking.

One pretty dark and late night I was on my way home from adjusting the animatronics and tinkering at “Marry-an-ette”. And I noticed that my moms car was parked in the driveway. “I thought she was supposed to be back next week,” I said to myself. I walked inside and saw my mothers figure sitting in the living room in the dimly lit room. “What’s she doing?” questioned to myself. I turned on the lights to see her not moved at all, but I also noticed the expression on her face. One like fear but I couldn’t really tell.

“Where were you?” she asked.

“Out,” I said back, not wanting to interact.

“Listen, me and Ben (mom’s boyfriend) are getting married.”

“Okay, so what? You want me to meet him or something? Cuz I won-” I was cut off.

“N-no he still doesn’t know about you,” she said. I couldn’t believe it. She went so many years without telling him about me? I should’ve known.
“So, what are you gonna do now?” There was a long pause.

“Well whatever,” I said getting ready to leave her.

“Why?” she said, sounding like she was ready to cry.


“W-why don’t you just leave?” she said quivering.

“Huh?” I said in surprise.

“Yeah, if you just leave, everything will be fine, right?” I was surprised but also amazed that she thought I even had a place to go.

“Go where exactly?” I said still questioning the situation.

“I DON’T KNOW!” she said screaming. At that point I was done, so I just went to my room. After reading a book for about a half hour, I went to sleep. I don’t know why, I had a sudden urge to wake up. I woke up to see my mom hovering over my bed. Shocked by this, I said, “What the hell are you doing?” to her. She just stood there, I couldn’t see her face since the room was dimly lit. She started mumbling something I’m guessing was leave. I told her to go away, as I was tired, I guess that was the wrong choice seeing as she seemed to get angry. I was too tired to care so I turned over trying to fall back asleep. She wouldn’t leave so I just ignored her.

I was half way asleep when she then shouted, “GO AWAY!” It woke me right up, but again I ignored it. “WRONG F*****G CHOICE!” Before I could realize, I turned around and saw a blade coming down on me. It was too sudden to react. All I could remember was feeling a sharp pain in my stomach and screaming in pain. Even though I was screaming she didn’t stop, neither would pain. She stabbed me many times before cooling down, it hurt so much that I didn’t even want to move. I guess she realized what she had because she then gasped and started crying saying stuff like, “Oh no, oh god.” and “What have I done?” I didn’t get it, I should be the one crying. Next thing I realized was my mom running out of the apartment, leaving me to die.

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