My Grandfather

When I was younger, my grandfather was filled with energy, he was a pretty nice guy, he cracked jokes, and god, were they funny. This was all over 6 years ago.

My grandmother died, and my grandfather, was so alone at his house. He had to go to the hospital, he needed someone to take care of him, and the nursing home wouldn’t take him. Well they did for a day, but then they made up a story about him hitting some other old woman there and knocking her unconscious. What a load of s**t. So now, he is acting horribly. I knew when people go old in the movies they would go insane, but this was ridiculous! He would see cats and dogs, and once even thought he saw my grandmother. He knows she’s dead, I hope he remembers, anyway. He started smooshing and playing with, rather than eating his food.

One day, I went into the hospital to see him. It was close to closing time, but I begged because I haven’t seen him all week. They e****t me to his room, there he is, he looks like a skeleton, but him being him, he was watching family feud. He sweared up and down he felt fine… There’s no way he is comfortable like this, he looks like bones, I grabbed his hand, trying to tell him that he’s not okay! But, his hand… It was cold, and felt like if I gently tugged it, it would just come clean off. I look at him, he’s smiling saying he feels fine. I grab the nurse, she grabs his hand, and screams, she tells me that ni hand has ever been like that before. She felt his heart, and said it was beating. To my surprise, it really wasn’t! He was looking at us asking what we were talking about, and that he feels like he just aged backwards 60 years. I told him that he was starting to scare me. His smile grew bigger than any smile I have ever seen before, he drops it 2 seconds after, and looks like he is about to cry. His arms are twitching, his head looks like it’s about to fall off, its leaning right and his neck didn’t even look like a neck anymore, looked like silly putty.

The nurse puts her hand on his chest. As soon as she does that, I hear a loud crack, like a bone being broken, I ask her what the hell that was, and she feels around and replies that it seems to have been his ribcage coming out of place. A second more of feeling around, she looks back and says how his ribcage is surrounding his stomach now, and his heart is just hanging by one little cord. His lungs didn’t even exist anymore, his face twisted into painful expressions, and his fists clenched, breaking his hand in the process, I grab his arm. I feel like I can start stretching his skin, I do so, and rip off some of the skin on his arm, though my grandfather don’t seem to be in pain, nor does any blood come out. His bone looks exactly like how his skin looked, his skin was wrapped tightly around his bone, he screamed in pain as the nurse starting poking him in the stomach. His jaw just fell off, again no blood came out.

I’m terrified, the nurse called the doctor to come over, she escorted me out and the doctor began a surgery to save his life, 4 hours later, I was woke up. I fell asleep at the 30 minute mark, since it was late, at 1am, the doctor woke me up, and looked at me. He grabbed my arm and brought me over, he had stitches on his stomach, he wasn’t dead, but he was asleep. The doctor silently showed me images of the stomach open, instead of blood, there was red dust, he explains, in a pained and slightly shooken voice that his blood seems to have turned into dust, and gathered in the stomach and toes.

My grandfather, looks like utter s**t. The doctor said I’ll have to see him tomorrow, since it was really early in the morning, I fell asleep, and woke up at 12. I went to the hospital, his body didn’t seem to exist anymore, instead, his brain was completely removed, and put in a clear container. A camera lens was attached, and so was a computer. I asked what happened, they explained he kept telling them to remove him from his body, because it hurt him too much. They did an experimental procedure, and it worked out just fine.

I was so confused, I thought this only happened in movies. I was horrified, I asked my grandfather what the hell is wrong with him under my breath, expecting no answer, but I heard a mechanical sounding voice, similar to my grandfather, telling me just wanted to board a different vehicle. The voice laughed, I stared at the brain, wondering what just happened. He started cracking jokes like he normally would. I couldn’t take it, I cried, they put my grandfather in a glass container like a f*****g display case. I was glad he was at the very least alive, but I couldn’t take this, I was baffled this could even happen.

I ran out of the hospital, and as I ran out I heard my grandfather’s new robotic sounding voice asking me if it was something he said, I cried some more. I started my car, and turned on the radio to try and forget about it. Over the radio, I heard a voice, it was my grandfather’s stupid robot voice asking if we should talk about it. I got home as fast as I could. I jumped on my bed after I got home and cried myself to sleep. My TV turned on after I woke up, the damn computer voice was asking if I would talk about it and that he would explain it more so that maybe I wouldn’t be as scared of it It if I knew how it worked. I had to turn it off, it turned back on though. I unplugged it. Finally it was gone. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with that doctor, that hospital. I turned on my phone, but it was a picture of my grandfather begging I return, and that he misses me. There was no way this could be happening, I cried out, looking for answers for something to explain why this is happening. I look over, and see my grocery shopping list. Eggs, rope, boards, nails, milk, water, sprite, wait, rope… I went to the store and bought the rope, and a chair. I was setting it up, I was crying, I couldn’t live with this, knowing my grandfather is a brain in a pickle jar. His voice, was on my TV again, telling me not to do it, and to visit him.

I sighed, grabbed my jacket and went out the door, drove to the hospital, when I arrived, they took me to the room. I looked at my grandfather, crying slightly, he told me that even if he isn’t around, he helped prove that this surgery was possible, proving that he helped out society, and by me not doing anything about it, helped the medical system. I reply in a dark tone, so you think you’re helping? They used you as a Guinea pig. And he couldn’t reply, after a second, he starts apologizing that I have to deal with this, and a second after, he doesn’t reply ever again, he died. I went home and plugged TV back in. I hear his mechanical voice once more saying, “I’m sorry.”

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    You, uh, need to use a few more quotation marks. In the end it’s… Very confusing, unless you’re like me and edit things automatically as you read them.
    Other than that, pretty good. “Remember, everything has an end. And there will always be a new beginning.”