Men in Black

Sometime in the mid 90’s, rumors claimed that there was a terrorist organization going around kidnapping people and performing certain human experiments on them without their will, torturing them and doing whatever it takes to successfully complete their gruesome experiments to make a super human who could resist extreme heat/cold, have strength to even lift up a heavy objects and even have improved senses. Read the journal of a man who gets kidnapped without his will along with four other subjects.

This is a journal of a man named Alexander Angelov, from Russia. The journal was found when the terrorist organization was finally found but something was quite wrong..

October 5, 1965

My name is Alexander Angelov, I am from Russia and I am twenty-five years old. I never really believed the rumors until I got kidnapped by a group of  unknown people hiding their faces with mask to protect their identity.

I was just walking down the store to get some groceries until I saw a mini-van with at least 3-4 people, they walked down to me and I tried to escape but they injected my hand with some drug that made me lose consciousness. Everything was black, my head was spinning and my eyes closed instantly.

I woke up in a cell with some other inmate, it is like a prison with bunk beds and we are given a journal to write our experience as we go on with this journey. I tried asking my inmate about what happened to me, but he was confused as well.

It seems like a really scary situation, I do not know what will happen to me next. I just hope God helps me stay alive as I go through this harsh journey.

If anybody finds this journal in the future, please stay aware of your surroundings.


October 6, 1965

I found out there are five inmates in total, one of them being me. All of them are just as new as me, on the first day we were not given any food nor water and one of the inmate was taken away from his cell. I felt so bad, he was literally screaming to go back to his family and live his life again but these people are terrible and without any help we will never be free.

As of now, I do not think anybody even knows our exact spot. It feels like we are in an isolated area, I also had a chat with my inmate to take away our loneliness, he talked about how he was missing his family and how he just wants to survive.

I do not really know what is happening with the inmate that just got taken away but all of us could hear him screaming like they were somewhat torturing him.


October 8, 1965

I and my inmate are severely dehydrated and hungry along with other inmates that were captured and thrown away in other cells. Yesterday, they injected a drug on all of the inmates and after that drug took place none of us could sleep even one bit. I tried my best to stop them, but they had a group of men holding me down and a creepy surgeon who had a smile on his face while injecting me along with my inmate.

I could see some guy recording us, it seemed like they were broadcasting this to the whole internet. I repeatedly tried to ask them who they were, but they had no response at all but one of them started laughing and said, “You thought the rumors are fake? We are your worst nightmare, we are broadcasting this to the whole internet right now and nobody even knows where you are so stop trying because you will get the opportunity of turning into a super human!”.

I kept thinking about that line over and over again, until one thing finally caught my attention. They are actually performing experiments on us, and I hope I am not the next one any soon nor is my inmate because I have developed a pretty close connection with him.


October 10, 1965

I can barely move, the feeling is like I am slowly being tortured to death without any food, water and they keep injecting this stupid drug that takes away my whole sleep!

Yesterday my inmate also my friend got taken away, I feel pretty sad and lonely, depression is capturing my mind and I am slowly losing my life. I could not resist the urge to open his journal, but when I read it, I started crying because he wrote about how he loved his family and how he wanted to go back to his old life.

I guess the total remaining inmates are three, I do not know how long we will survive but a time will surely come when we will finally get our freedom and that would be death itself.


October 13, 1965

No outside communication, nothing. It feels like this drug is keeping me alive even if my body wants to die. All three inmates were taken away during these days and I am the last one remaining, I am happy because death is near and it is coming to me although the extreme torture I would need to go through could be worse.


October 15, 1965

They finally took me to the experiment room, but when going they showed me a room where my inmates were actually alive but they seemed different. All of them showed abnormal behavior like scratching the wall, eating their own flesh and  blabbering random things.

I am pretty sure that I am the one next in line, however during this experiment I lost one of my ear and I can barely hear. They put me in a huge empty room where it was fully noise proof and I could not hear any voice at all, it felt like my body left my soul. Suddenly I could hear some loud buzzing frequency, it got louder by the minute and my ears starting paining, I kept begging them to stop but it was terrible and I wanted to just leave my body and end the pain.

They finally stopped the buzzing when my ear drum finally burst, now I am just a person with one functioning ear.


October 17, 1965

I can’t take it anymore! They say I am one of the successful inmate who has actually made through all these torture but today was worse, I really want to take off this drug so that I can just die already!

They took me to some room and strapped me to a chair and starting spinning it in a really fast speed. It kept going round and round, I could not bear it but the drug’s effect was the thing keeping me alive, the world was spinning so fast and I felt so dizzy but I never went unconscious.

They stopped the experiment when I vomited blood, but with the drug I felt so different. It feels like I am gaining strength and my wounds are healing so quickly, my other ear has also started to function again.

October 19, 1965

I am finally free, but I actually feel like a monster hungry for just ripping people. I can’t sleep, I don’t feel any thirst and I have no urge to even eat anything. They told me it was my final experiment and this time the drug was  going to take permanent effect in my body.

After they injected the drug, I started having seizures, I was finally losing consciousness and my heart rate was finally going down. It felt like time was going slow and I was finally near death until I woke up after some time.

I was still strapped to the chair, but the people there seemed pretty sad as they thought I died, but in reality I was alive. I got rid of the strap in an instant and it felt like I was SO STRONG.

The security guards started shooting at me, but nothing was affecting me it felt like I was immortal. I ripped each one of them one by one, took their body parts out literally like a monster and I also released the inmates. They themselves started attacking people and eating them alive, the broadcasting room was attacked as well and the people who were watching from the internet were surely horrified.

I may be a monster, but my journey will never end. I will take down these organizations and make them pay for the damage they have done to me, but unfortunately my journal has to leave my life therefore I am leaving it here for the people that find this journal and at least know my experience.