My Ghost Heart – Part: 3 – Legion

“A sacrifice?… didn’t we already do enough?” I said angry. Dan just looked around and with a long pause the screen typed “I can sacrifice the Pokemon… it might be enough”. We gave over our Pokemon one by one just to see the ghosts tear the apart, one by one. The grey box typed “That counted as sixty percent of the sacrifice needed to get your friend back… a body part would count another twenty percent”.

Dan looked down at his broken leg and the screen typed “I can give you my leg… “. I looked down at my hand and closed it in a fist “I can give you my arm… that should be enough” I said shaking. The grey box turned to a flash as a saw a Pokemon that looked like a legendary Pokemon but glowed blue on the inside. It had a Pokemon call that sounded like many voices screaming all at the same time.

“We are the ghosts that haunt you, we are the ones who broke your leg, we are the ghost in the game, we are many… we are Legion” The Pokemon typed. The words the Pokemon typed had a faint glow under every word and flashed on the screen ever so slowly. I thought quick and felt my spine shake until I saw an option in the menu, leave game. I looked at Dan and he nodded, I pressed the button in hopes we could leave the game we finished.

The screen flashed and the screen exploded as Dan appeared on the ground next to me with his leg bleeding bad. I took off my shirt and wrapped his leg up then held him crying saying “We made it buddy we got out”. Dan smiled and looked down at his leg “I can’t feel my leg… what do we do now?” He said. The wind stopped and the crickets went silent and a short pause after the screen flashed with thousands of ghosts coming out of the screen taking my arm and stealing Dan’s leg.

We screamed as the ghosts ripped into our skin and took our limbs we had sacrificed to Legion. The ghosts bit us and teared at our skin then just vanished. I heard the wind start again and the cricket’s chirp again as I heard my parents scream and run into the tree house. My sight got blurry and faded as I saw my parents run to us with utter terror in their eyes.

We woke up in the hospital and told the cops we got attacked by a hooded man who ran down the street. If we had told the truth they wouldn’t believe us, no one would. I got a mechanical arm and Dan got a mechanical leg, it was a struggle at first but we got use to it. We got bullied a lot for our disability but we kept fighting and by high school everyone got use to us, the game cartridge was never found.

Dan and I got invited to a Pokemon party where everyone would play Pokemon together and have a blast battling each other. Dan and I went but Dan never played Pokemon and remembered what happened to him in that game, real or not he wouldn’t do that to another person. I got really good at the game and never had any of my characters faint or even one lose of a Pokemon. The hours got late and we headed up to the attic to find a place to battle, there was only four of us left.

Roger and Dan linked up since they wanted to battle, I convinced Dan to try it out. They started their games up and logged in while a girl Kim and I sat and watched. When the game flashed so did the room. I disappeared with Kim and noticed woke up inside of a game with Kim by my side.

Everything in the game was very real and my taste, sight, touch and smell were all the same. I asked “What kind of game did Roger have Kim?” with my eyes staring at the floor. She looked at me and started to cry “It was just a black cartridge and we heard the story but wanted to see if it was real so that’s why we invited you” she said. I felt my heart drop and my fears from all those years ago start creeping into my body.

I heard Dan screaming at Roger but couldn’t tell what he was saying because he was so angry. I looked down and felt a small chill enter the room with everything going dark. Kim ran by my side and held me asking me what was going on but deep down I knew exactly what was happening. A voice that sounded like thousands of voices said “We missed you my friend… What shall be the sacrifice this time? A heart? A limb? A head?”.

  • Kasaba

    I really liked it

  • Yolonda

    That was a creepy one. Wow.

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    Ok, but who would bully someone with CYBORG LIMBS? That is cool!