The Corn Field (Part 1)

“My name’s Jack. I’m a simple man, meat and potatoes, live in a small town, and honestly, I like it this way. Got my own farm, got my peace, I’ve had enough of the cities. I got some friends and relatives around, we get along well, but this happy and quiet circle is not all that there is in this area. We have had some.. incidents, some recent disappearances. My cousin is in the local police and they’ve been looking into it, but my gut says there’s more than just corn at that corn field outside our town.”

2 days ago..

A man on his 40’s was driving his old truck, it was around 11pm, he was crossing a small town called Alem. “Come on come on, where the hell is the highway…” he kept anxiously wondering. As soon as he left the town behind him, there was only darkness, a dark, long road. He saw a sign on the right side of the road. “Route 66? You gotta be kidding me… this f*****g place…”

Not long after and while still driving, he noticed a light on his right. He turned his head, there was a big corn field, too dense to see through it, too high to see over it. There was, however, a light. Could be a flashlight, he wasn’t sure, but it looked like it was moving inside that field.

He looked ahead, trying to ignore it, and suddenly saw a figure right in the middle of the road! He panicked and quickly took a big left turn, getting out of the road… He tried the brakes but it was too late, he was at a high speed, he crashed into a tree.

He had hit his head on the steering wheel, but fortunately only felt a little dizzy, it wasn’t that serious. “What the hell…” he thought. He looked around, it was really dark. He tried to put together whatever had happened. What was that figure? It looked like a human. It was short, wearing a white robe… could’ve been a girl. A little girl? No way, wouldn’t make any sense. Nothing would make sense, really. Maybe he was simply too tired.

He walked back on the road, looked around, tried calling for help from his phone, he had no signal. “Of course… “, he thought. He looked towards the corn field again. The light was still there, moving through it. He crossed the road, trying to get to it and ask for some help. He got in it, it was really thick, but he could still see the light. Hardly, but he could. He tried using his hands to push the corn aside, the light was not far.

“Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?”, he said. The light stopped moving. Then, a second later, it turned towards the old man. He felt relieved, the light had heard him. He received no reply, however, the light started walking towards him. “Oh thank god”, he thought. He kept walking, the light moving too, he was almost there, he was just few steps away, just a few corns in the middle…

And then the light went off.

  • Puddin Tane

    Pretty good for a start. Towards the end, where the man crashed his truck, try combining sentences. It will sound better. How did the guy end up getting off the highway in the first place?