It Watches – The 8th Sin

Have you ever been alone in a dark room? Maybe not pitch black, or full moon dark, but curtains drawn, Sun blazing, gloomy dark? That’s when it’s the worst. That’s when it watches you the most.

When you wake at night, just shy of 3 in the morning, and there’s no reason for it, that’s because it’s watching you, but it’s worse in the daylight hours. You can feel it watching you. Your eyes are drawn to the closet, but it’s not there… or is it? You don’t know where it is, under the bed, in the closet, or even on the wall above your head.

You may try to look for it, or pretend you don’t notice it. You may even try to leave, but there’s something that draws you in. It’s called the 8th Sin, and it’s knowing. Knowing what lies in the dark, watching you, and yet hidden, never to be watched itself, the 8th Sin is not the creature in your closet. It is the pull of knowledge, the pull of death. After all, curiosity killed the cat, and now it wants to kill you.