Mr. Sweets

“Who IS Mr. Sweets???” – Online thread

Moderator: @baebby


@Wyckd entered chat —


baebby: welcome to my parlor, @Wyckd 😉


Wyckd: Thanks, @baebby


Wyckd: What exactly is this discussion for, Em


Wyckd: I mean @baebby


baebby: im going to get to the bottom of this whole Mr. Sweets business of course


Wyckd: Just what is the “Mr. Sweets business”


@heartland entered chat —


baebby: hello @heartland


heartland: Hello. You guys heard of him too?


Wyckd: @baebby has, I haven’t


Wyckd: Who is he


baebby: well, about a month or two ago, the first post was made online


baebby: the post was on a reddit thread listed under urban legends


@urban entered chat —


baebby: the entire thing was just a guy talking about how he received a message on his phone late one night before he passed out drunk


baebby: apparently the message talked about him getting back at his ex wife who had just left him


baebby: once he said yes he got home to find a piece of candy waiting on his kitchen table


baebby: after that he said his ex wife and her husband left town


Wyckd: Oh god


heartland: Yeah, and since then there have been tons of claims to similar stories.


urban: Have any of you ever had an encounter with Mr. Sweets


heartland: @urban what do you mean by encounter?


urban: I just wanna know if anyone here has gotten his little message


urban: The one where you say yes and he sends you some candy and your wish is granted


Wyckd: I feel like I would remember something like that what about you @baebby


baebby: no I never got anything like that


baebby: not even when I begged him to make me pass that last test


Wyckd: Which one


baebby: the physics one


Wyckd: Oh god, I hated that


Wyckd: Acutally, can he make anything happen


Wyckd: *Actually


urban: Yeah, supposedly


urban: There are only a few stories so I don’t know the full extent of his abilities


heartland: Gosh, @Wyckd, you seem pretty curious. Have a desire for Mr. Sweets to fulfill?


Wyckd: No nothing like that


Wyckd: Although he might have had a hand in getting me my prom date


Wyckd: Jk


baebby: wow @Wyckd


baebby: you used an urban legend to get a prom date


— legendz entered the chat —


Wyckd: Like I said just kidding


baebby: who’s the lucky fellow


Wyckd: That’s for me to know and you to never find out


Wyckd: We aren’t even going to prom anyway


Wyckd: We’re just gonna hang out instead


heartland: You two seem rather close, @Wyckd and @baebby.


baebby: yeah we’re besties, irl


urban: That would explain a lot




baebby: what


Wyckd: What the hell


urban: Not cool, @Wyckd


Wyckd: Em, listen it’s not what you think


baebby: SHUT UP KATE


baebby: WHAT THE F**K!?




Wyckd: We are, please just try to understand






urban: guys, come on, let’s calm down


heartland: @legendz, where did you get that?


baebby: it’s probably f*****g Michael


baebby: why don’t you just leave


@baebby has kicked @legendz from the chat —


baebby: so any other great news for me tonight


baebby: you know Kate I have already had enough s**t with school and the fact that I’m barely passing any classes


baebby: I didn’t need this too


Wyckd: Listen, Em, it’s not what you think


Wyckd: It was when you and him were broken up earlier this year, I’m sorry


baebby: is that what you did all those times I asked you to spend the night and you said no?




heartland: Listen, both of you, I may not know you guys that well  but this isn’t something to make a tragedy over


urban: Yeah, come on guys, listen Emmie, I’m sure Michael didn’t mean what he did


Wyckd: Wait, @urban, how’d you know her name


urban: that’s not important Katherine


baebby: Oh my god, Jeffrey, is that you?


baebby: what the hell?


baebby: god its like i dont even know you people


Wyckd: Em, I’m sorry for what happened


baebby: no im done


heartland: @baebby, this is nothing to go haywire over. Please don’t do something you’ll regret.


urban: Just hear Katherine and Michael out, Emmie


urban: Please


baebby: Oh god


Wyckd: What’s wrong?


baebby: Katey, im


baebby: im so sorry


baebby: it was just way to delicious and i was way too mad


urban: Emmie, what did you do?


@Wyckd has disconnected from the chat —


heartland: @baebby, what did you do?


baebby: nothing


baebby: all i did was eat the candy


baebby: i thought mom got it for me


baebby: i never thought


@baebby has logged out —

@urban has been kicked from the chat —

@heartland has been kicked from the chat —

  • mrsoul

    Good Pasta but can someone explain me the ending cuz i cant understand it

  • ∆_R.H_∆

    Awesome post more. I so enjoyed this.

  • SkullNboNes

    Great concept, I liked it

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    Wow that’s awesome! It got goosebumps while reading the end!! xD You should definitely write more like that ^^

  • Crucible King


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    He ate the candy and wished Katey dead